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    A Life Redeemed at the OK Kids Corral

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    Delores was born & raised in the ghetto of Milwaukee, WI. At the age of 6 she was raped by a couple of the neighborhood boys, one of which she had a crush on. He then convinced her that that’s how you show love. Her sexual abuse continued she was 16 not only by the neighborhood boys but her brother and father as well. On her 16th birthday her father “sold” her to his best friend.

    She was then sent to an all-girls school and when it was time to leave she had the choice to either go home or foster care so she chose foster care. Her foster family taught her what real love was and that sex did not equal love. Sadly, once she left she ended up in relationships with alcoholics and abusers.

    She ended up getting married and had 2 daughters but the marriage ended badly and she went through a horrible custody battle while she was pregnant with her son. After going totally broke and now with a baby to care for she fell into her old ways and started working in exotic clubs. During this time her father introduced her to what soon became her pimp. Delores found herself close to death on many occasions, once by knife and another time by a gun in her face but God spared her life from being taken. Her change came when she found out her son was being sexually abused by her pimp’s nephew.

    Her real change came when she realized she needed help for her and her son and at that time there wasn’t help for the issues they were dealing with. That is how OK Kids Corral was started. She met with challenges in getting it started and was ready to give up but she felt God’s prompting and didn’t give up.

    Delores has an Associate in Arts degree for Accounting and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

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    Show Topic:  Ok, I admit it, I'm an Addict! Now What? Treatment, thats what! We'll discuss the various treatment options, and modalities available depending on the level of abuse. We'll also discuss why some options are better fits than others based on personal circumstances, and issues presented. What are some of the barriers to accessing treatment?

    Show Segments:  Happy Recap, 4th and Morales, Show Topic, Recovery Support Time.

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    The answer to; Is it ok to question God?

    in Christianity

    How the writers of the Psalms give an example of asking God honest questions.

    As a believer in God, is it ok to question Him, maybe even challenge Him about what He is doing in our lives and in the lives of others? 

    Sometimes we look around at the world and wonder, “how can God be letting this happen?” Or we look at our own lives and wonder, “why would God put me through this?” 



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    Then @ Now..Chuck C at Ft Sill OK 8-10-1975

    in Spirituality

    Patterned after the typical format of an open meeting in a 12-step group, the show will be a speaker meeting.  Guests will be from AA, NA or AlAnon and will share their perspective on what they were like, what happened and what they are like now.

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    How To Make Homestead Wine... and why it's ok to drink it.

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    This week's topic is homestead wine making and my guests are Micheal Bunker and Richard Grossman.  Because the topic of christians drinking alcohol is sometimes controversial, we will spend the first hour discussing what the bible actually says about the topic as well as the history and importance of agrarian drink.  The second half of the show will cover the "how to" of homestead wine making. 

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    KiwK&J~ Krystal on OK Cupid & Zoosk Dating

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    Texting, sexting, and finding matches....the world of internet dating as discovered by Krystal. Who, mind you, has been out of the scene for 10 years. Oh, this is HILARIOUS.

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    A 14-year old takes on the NSA, and torture is apparently a-OK

    in Politics

    Tonight on CTSQ we'll be joined by Brandon Keibler, a 16-year old who was instrumental in launching a national organization to protest the NSA...at 14. We'll ask him about why he got involved, what keeps young people out of activism, and what inspires him to keep going. 

    We'll also cover the latest news on the torture report, police brutality, an awakening in rock music and more, with your hosts Matthew Trivits, Dan Johnson, and Joseph Lemeiux. 

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    American White History Month: It's OK To Be White

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    The 'Liberal Left', the mainstream media and other so-called progressives want you to believe that the people of American White History Month are racist - with the only reason, in their minds, to substantiate their claims: The members of American White History Month are outwardly expressive of the pride that they have in their White Heritage. Fortunately for us having a White Heritage, there are organizations on the forefront of the movement to lend a powerful voice to our cause: The American Freedom Party, the Republic Broadcasting Network, American White History Month and Prepare To Take America Back. I'm James Royster, your Host and the Voice of American White History Month and I urge you to gather your family together and join me this Sunday, December 7th at 7pm CST when I welcome two very special guests on the show to discuss this, and other, relevant and important topics. Joining myself will be James Kelso, the host of the American Freedom Party Report on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Mr. Kelso is also a on the Board of Directors of the AFP. Also joining myself this Sunday evening will be Bill Bohart, also on the Board of Directors of the AFP and a representative of AWHM. Mr. Bohart is a Constitutional Moderate.

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    Celebrating The Holidays. Is It Ok For Christians? OPEN FORUM

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    During this time of the year, there are many debates about whether or not Christians/believers/followers of Christ should "celebrate" traditional holidays. Many wonder if the putting up a Christmas tree is wrong in God's eyes, while others wonder if celebrating Thanksgiving is pagan. 

    Some have asked the question, "Why do Christians celebrate pagan holidays but don't keep any of the HOLY DAYS listed in the Old Testament. Are we supposed to keep those rituals in 2014? Were there such holidays as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Halloween in the Old Testament? 

    What's Your thoughts on the situation? Do You celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween? Why or why not? Do you keep the feasts/Holy Days of the Old Testament? Why or Why not?

    Tune in to this OPEN FORUM ~

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    Is it ok to End your Life if you are Terminally Ill

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    Today we will be discussing " The Right to Die" if you are Terminally Ill. Is it ok to end your life physician assisted? If so, then why did "Dr Kavorkian" go to jail? Isn't it the same thing? Tell me what you think, as we explore together, whether or not " It's ok to end your life" Dial in with your questions or comments live on air at (646)478-5651 at 6:30pm tonight. Let's tal

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