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    Mass Poetry Festival , Rita Dove & Richard Blanco

    in Current Events

    Mass Poetry Festival is taking place from May 1-3 in Salem, MA. There is still time to register and participate in this great literary event. Listen to find out about the headliners, workshops and other fun activities at the festival.

    About Mass Poetry Festival

    The Massachusetts Poetry Festival showcases nearly 100 poetry readings and workshops, a small press and literary fair, panels, poetry slams, visual arts, and open-air performances. Panel topics range broadly from the state of poetry, poetry and gender, book publishing, and modernism in contemporary art, to the Common Threads Reading, where contemporary poets with Massachusetts ties discuss their literary connections. More than 150 local and nationally known poets engage with thousands of New Englanders each year.

    The 7th Massachusetts Poetry Festival takes place May 1-3, 2015, in historic downtown Salem.

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    in Health

    Holistic dentistry also called biological dentistry, biologic dentistry, alternative dentistry, unconventional dentistry, or biocompatible dentistry is the equivalent of complementary and alternative medicine for dentistry. Holistic dentistry emphasizes approaches to dental care said to consider dental health in the context of the patient's entire physical as well as emotional or spiritual health in some cases.

    Although the holistic dental community is diverse in its practices and approaches, common threads include strong opposition to the use of amalgam inmaterials in dental fillings,nonsurgical approaches to gum disease, and the belief that root canals may endanger systemic health of the patient through the spread of trapped dental bacteria to the body. Many dentists who use these terms also regard water fluoridation unfavorably.

    Many practices and opinions among alternative dentists are criticized as not being evidence-based by the mainstream dental community and skeptics of alternative medicine in general. Generally speaking, such dentists charge far more for the same dental treatment compared to mainstream dentists, as they consider themselves to be providing special care.


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    From Ferguson to Crimea: What Are The Connecting Threads?

    in Self Help

    Live on air! ADVICE & READINGS!

    At times we all need practical as well as inspirational advice or guidance. So whether its a mortgage question, a business start-up, a relationship, a child...whatever you are dealing with and need support for you are not alone!

    Looking for advice or answers to your greatest challenges?

    Carole Gold and Steve Clark have a remarkable and rich combined treasure house of professional and personal experiences that allow them to address whatever is on your mind and provide you with insights and solutions that can move you to the next level of your own genius or new depths in your personal relationships.
    Steve is a former Marine Officer, Wall Street International MarketsTrader and Lead Generation Marketer. Carole is a Lawyer, Mediator, Author and Intuitive. Both are parents and... both are here to not only take a higher perspective look at world events but also to bring things up close and personal by taking your questions on-air about difficulties or decisions facing you in your life at this moment.

    Take this opportunity to speak directly with Carole and Steve and receive guidance and clarity that you'd pay thousands of dollars for privately!!

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Become an Earth Angel - Sonja Grace Mystic Healer

    in Spirituality

    Sonja Grace was destined to write Become an Earth Angel: A Guide to Finding Your Wings to assist those emerging souls who are searching for answers and hoping to discover their path of service and their spiritual connection to the divine.  Through her own extraordinary case studies, Sonja reveals what it is like to do the work of an earth angel and how she has used her gifts to locate missing people, conduct long distance healing and council a myriad of international clients. Readers are taken on a journey into the angelic realms.

    Mystic Healer & Energy Surgeon, Sonja Grace offers healing, counseling and spiritual processing, Sonja channes and communicates with the divine. She sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world.  Her ability to read and clear the karmic threads to past lives helps clients heal lifetimes of patterns.

    Sonja Grace is the author of Become an Earth Angel: A Guide to Finding Your Wings and Angels in the 21st century. She has two new film series Earth Angel and Earth Ways. She offers private healing sessions and spirit communication sessions.



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    News Potpourri and Social Woe-for-Me (and maybe you)

    in Lifestyle

    Straight talk on a number of things that have happened over the last two weeks or more, and a look at some of the threads in our social fabric that has your host, "The Voice", at times worried, other times confused, and most of the time ticked off.

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    Let's Talk About It, Random Topics. CI - 713.955.0709

    in News

    Tonight 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood will be discussing not only the latest cases of Police misconduct & blantant murder of our BM but I want to throw out there what I feel would be the most effective message to send to not only LE but to all gov principalities of America as an appropiate answer to a problem that has plagued BM since the W1 showed up on OUR LANDS. Now I doubt seriously if my suggestion will be done but if it where it would send a message to racist WA that B/M's lives do matter. And we have had enough of watching our men be MURDERED without the murderers getting the same punishment 4 that crime that the rest of us do. Will also be addressing some hot topic FB post-threads that get the most ?'s an responses. If time permits I want 2 touch on a subject that I did not get 2 dive in2 on last week show which is the epidemic of B/M heterosexual & bisexual havin sex with non BW & the DANGER sistuhs put ourselves in when we lay with these brothers who are unknowingly spreading aggressive forms of CANCER & disease 2 us without even our knowledge. Bcuz most of we do not do a good job of screening males sexual behavior b4 we choose 2 lay with them. Hosea 4:6 of the Holy Bible an even though the African American has had possession of this often loved and hated manifesto we still have not prevented ourselves and our families from being literally destroyed right b4 our very eyes.Y? What is it that we just are not gettin? We are the most church goin ppl we no. We luv 2read all the HOLY books that have been given 2 we. So why is it that our spiritual condition has worsened and our Blk relationships almost ruined 2 the point of we are now asking, "Can We Fix Our Issues In Time To Save Our Race?"

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    Special Guest tonight! Cinnamon Moon!

    in Spirituality

    Walking the Path of the Feather, Cinnamon is dedicated to her pathwork as a Spiritual Coach and Clairsentient Reader. She is a shaman/Medicine Woman, Non-denominational Minister, and author. Her book, *A Medicine Woman Speaks* presents a shamanic overview of spirituality alongside eclectic comparisons of the common threads that run through various nature-based traditions. Cinnamon has been a radio show host on Blog Talk Radio for over 7 years. Her program, CinnamonMoon At Night, airs each Monday evening at 7pm central. Along with a wide variety of guests and topics, her focus is on sharing insights into spiritual development, metaphysics, the authenticity of the inner spirit, NDE’s and the Afterlife, and much more.

    She has passionately walked a path of service for over 45 years both teaching and giving readings to clients around the world. Known for respecting the rights of privacy, all her sessions are held strictly confidential. Many have written testimonials as to what her teachings have brought them. (Available samplings are in the coaching services section.) As a spiritual coach she embraces all paths and traditions in a dedication to assisting others who desire to know their inner spirit and discover the spiritual path that resonates for them. She comfortably shares the sacred mysteries and assimilation of the experiences that come along with them. She assists as they learn to weave energy as co-creators through a deeply intimate relationship with the elemental forces, guidance, Totems, Creator and Mother.

    Rosie will be accepting calls the last hour of the show.  Call in early for the queue fills quickly.  The call in number is 1(714)888-7516.

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*


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    Really Early Morning with Kp 4-9-15... "The Mauna Kea (Mauna a Wākea) Adventure"

    in Education

    Show link: httphttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/04/09/really-early-morning-with-kp-4-9-15-the-mauna-kea-mauna-a-wakea-adventure

    Talked about (among other things I may have left out):

    Most of the items in “A Brief Mauna Kea (Mauna a Wakea) Update“.

    My own “gets” about the significant roles that volcanoes Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Hualalai play in the energetics of the planet.

    Importance of finding one’s own path in all of this awakening business, and using Higher Discernment.

    Releasing the “ego desire” to judge others with “alternate” views (of very likely, the same thing).

    The “explosion” of postings at GoodETxSG’s forum.

    MP3 download link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/04/09/really-early-morning-with-kp-4-9-15-the-mauna-kea-mauna-a-wakea-adventure.mp3

    [Pre-show notes: “”The Mauna Kea (Mauna a Wakea) Adventure” is an appropriate title for this, although I’ll likely cover a few other things, like the GoodETxSG/Corey upsurge that’s been going on.”]

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    Welcome to Radio RF 2: Introducing the Hosts

    in Religion

    Today, we will be interviewing each other and introducing our individual backgrounds and ideas.

    Our GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/phgu34
    Radio RF DiscussionThread: http://www.religiousforums.com/threads/radio-rf-discussion.174064/
    The Beatdown: https://www.religiousforums.com/conversations/the-beat-down-under.243449/

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    Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie Hipsky

    in Self Help

    What inspires you? There are a lot of things that can provide inspiration – seeing other people accomplish great things, seeing other people overcome adversity, even the sheer beauty of nature can remind us just how lucky we are to be alive. So are you ready to be inspired?

     You came to the right place my friends! Our guest Dr. Shellie Hipsky has been named business woman of the year by The Women’s Small Business Association for her business “Inspiring Lives, LLC.

    Dr. Hipsky is a Professor, an Author, and President of Inspiring Lives, & Global Inspirational Speaker.

    Dr. Shellie Hipsky has been inspires people internationally with her personal life story and the stories of the amazing people in her book “Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet.”

    She had inspired lives through her TV show and her radio show empowering women. She is currently working on her upcoming book “6th Common Threads” based on 100 interviews with women internationally. I am honored to be one of those women.

    Dr. Hipsky has been working the runway modeling for charities, such as the American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen, the American Red Cross, The Pittsburgh zoo charity and much more

    Dr. Shellie she has been awarded entrepreneur of the month, rising Star award volunteer award, inspirational woman of the month, travel woman of the month.

     Please help me welcome my friends and our great guest Dr. Shelley Hipsky

    For any question or inquiry, please contact us at: YourLifeNow.info

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    Jackie Lapin of Conscious Media Relations -Marketing and Publicity for Your Book

    in Self Help

    Jackie Lapin, professional marketer and publicists has released her new intensive and comprehensive marketing materials which will help you market your products, your speaking engagements and your books.    Join Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, with Jackie Lapin and unweave the many threads of selling yourself and becoming known.   

    About the Guest:  Jackie Lapin has developed a marketing company which supports those speakers, writers, and product creators who are expanding peoples' consciousness.   Conscious Media Relations, a media relations agency specializing in all matters relating to mind/body/spirit and conscious living--with its signature radio media tours introducing authors to more than 3,000 radio hosts who are seeking interviews in personal development, spirituality, wellness and inspired living. Her clients have included Don Miguel Ruiz, James Twyman, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Eric Pearl/The Reconnection, Denise Linn, Marie Diamond, Janet and Chris Attwood, Hay House, New World Library, Sounds True, Silent Stay Retreat & Hermitage, AgeNation, Make a Stand, Higher Brain Living and others.

    Dr. Carol Francis, Clinical Psychologist in Los Angeles Area, author of 10 books all about evolving your life to heightened levels, and radio show host, aims to bring quality interviewees who will detail ways to bring the next level of success to your goals and daily strivings.    DrCarolFrancis.com.  

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