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    Sandra Bland's Death: Suicide or Foul Play

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    On July 10 2015 Sandra Bland was stopped by Texas State trooper Brian Encinia for failing to signal a lane change. The traffic stop ended with Bland being arrested for allegedly assaulting Officer Encinia. Three days later Bland was allegedly found hanging in her Waller County jail cell. As more and more information is being released to the public about the death of Sandra Bland many are beginning to question the circumstances surrounding her death. Rumors are swirling on social media threads that Sandra Bland may have been a victim of foul play. Join us tonight as we discuss the information that has been released to the public so far on the death of Sandra Bland. The call in number is (347) 850-8390, then PRESS 1.

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    BelVaspata World Radio: Inspiration from Christina

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Belvaspata World Radio. Airing Saturday at 7pm est. This week we are inspired by our wonderful guest

    Christina Trevino. Christina is a Belvaspata Grand Master and long time student of Almine. Christina shares her love of Belvaspata and the Angels, also the miracles and magic of walking this journey with Almine. Please join us for this sacred hour.

    Klihusat-erachtu-savit - In reverent appreciation of the details, and with the timeless perspective of eternity, do we weave the luminous threads of a reality of deep peace. Divinity Quest #3.

    To learn more about Almine please visit www.spiritualjourneys.com or Belvaspata www.belvaspata.org.

    Praise,Love,Gratitude and Trust








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    Independent Everything: LIVE with The Heartless Bastard ~ Jacee (PsykoMusik)

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    Jacee was born and raised in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Now resigning in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  He thrived at the arts, mainly focusing on painting and drawing.

    In 2008 he discovered music.  This became a new venture and quickly a new love! He has worked with many local artist from the MD, DC, VA, AND PA areas.

    At the start of 2013, he began working exclusively with PsykoMusik.  He has since had a major impact on the team. His loyalty and work ethics are part of what keeps the threads together.

    Jacee is featured on Voice’s song “Nightmare” on the album titled: HallowQueen (Dec 2013) / "Smoke Screen & Mirrors" on the album titled: Hybrid Doll (Jan 2015) / "Feast of Flesh" on the album titled: Belligerence (Feb 2015).

    Focusing on the Alternative/Rap/Hip-Hop style of music, he got inspiration from Trina, Ludacris, Dawn Richard, and Lyfe Jennings.

    His first video released for the single “Change Your Life Ft Voice”  is featured on the album, “Two Evils” on January 18, 2015.

    The  “Two Evils (Deluxe Edition)” will soon be released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other Internet sites for your listening pleasure.

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    Strippers & Activists - The Dr. Umar Johnson scandal

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    Stripper Exposes Dr. Umar Johnson Causing Him To Lose One Million Dollar Donation – PHOTOS/VIDEOS

    Stripper Exposes Dr. Umar Johnson Causing Him To Lose One Million Dollar Donation - PHOTOS/VIDEOS | AskKissy.com - By Kissy Denise http://askkissy.com/2015/06/stripper-exposes-dr-umar-johnson-causing-lose-one-million-dollar-donation-photos-videos/#ixzz3d9JU9WpC

    A Stripper Caused Umar Johnson to Lose a One Million Dollar Donation


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    What does the future hold in store for Freemasonry?  Freemasonry will prevail. Of that, there is no question.  But it will not be in the form we know it today.  Today, our thinkers spent long hours considering the source of change. In an unguarded moment, over the centuries, our history has had effect perhaps most surprising of all.  We can trace our roots back 300 years. Our culture and philosophy links us to the greatest empires and remarkable thinkers. Threads fine as spiders web tie us with the strength of  a covalent bond to a powerful past. Our apprentices as good as they may become, face the challenge of brilliance.

    And so the forces impacting on us today are forcing us to realize that we do not have popular appeal to refill our ranks. As smart as we are, we have not be able to solve the riddle of decline with answers that are not exactly wrong but so far, always incomplete.

    We are fascinated by what is taking place. And when we ask ourselves why, we see effort that is mediocre, insufficient to satisfy the promise of excellence.  And they we stop. Isn't that a most remarkable thing!  

    Great ideas cannot be killed deliberately or through negligence. History has taught us when great and powerful cultures have lost the ability to overcome their smugness, they have faded.  But not so, Freemasonry.  We, who are neurotically obsessed with the feeling we are sinking are coming to a point of realizing, it is not 'that we are doing anything wrong' it is that we are beginning to realize we must rely on ideas to make our culture successful.

    What can we do within the limits that define us culturally? Main stream thinking doesn't seem to work.   What comes to my mind is a need to unlock secrets of that small core of exceptional thinkers with vision. Simple. 



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          Get ready to thump because STANKFUNK is in the house.  Ya'll know where I'm coming from.  Production is mad skill, effect is menu filled, and entertained YOU WILL BE FO SHO.  Eric McAlister is StankFunk74 up in this piece and ya'll know it strong.  The 3rd longest running show with the same host (at least 1 host the same show) on the JKN.  Funky feelings and nappy threads to fill the room of sound with feel, get it?  Fill the feel, or feel the real - (junk jargon)


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    Philosophy Profile: Neo-Epicurianism

    in Religion

    Today we will be discussing Neo-Epicurianism with RF member Mequa.






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    This Granny is proof you're never too old to pursue your dreams!

    in Entertainment

    Hey y'all...it's Tuesday and y'all know I LOVE Tuesdays! Join me as I interview Christian, wife, mom, grandma, blogger and published author, Margie J. Harding. Marjie is a published author of Bible puzzles, children and teen books that can be found on Amazon and a blogger on two different sites, Daily Threads on margieharding.com and HeartSong on margiejharding.blogspot.com. Her story will compell you to reach for your dreams no matter your age!

    Our musical guest is Julianne Marie...singer/songwriter of Gospel music.  We will be enjoying her song "Joy" from her album that can be found here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/julieannemarie. Also follow her on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCseJxIdyXEuvW6mLUNZ5pdQ.

    Our #AskMamaChar segment will be answering an email from a wife who wants to celebrate her anniversary with her girlfriends and not her husband (yeah...y'all don't want to miss this one).

    As always you can find me at MamaChar.com and on all social media @MamaCharBlessed.  Be sure and send your questions in for the #AskMamaChar segment.  Your email will always be answered and your question just may be answered on the air!

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    The Times They Are A-Changing, Or Are They?

    in Culture

    Anastasia and Jack pick up the threads of an earlier program,  The Times They Are-A Changing, reflecting on it as they see this perspective almost one year later.  Anastasia and Jack pick up the threads of an earlier program,  The Times They Are-A Changing, reflecting on it as they see this perspective almost one year later.  

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    Mothers in the Driver's Seat-WorkSimply's Carson Tate on Tamara Leigh's TrendOn

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    How does a #Mother find time to #WorkSimply and #LiveFully wth so many demands on her? Is #WorkLifeBalance a unicorn dream for exhausted moms?

    On our special #MothersDay show on #TamaraLeighsTrendOn we'll feature the guest blog wisdom of #WorkSimplyauthor and speaker #CarsonTate along with my own "The M Curve Adjustment Model - A Mom's Guide to Adjusting to the Seasons of Life." 

    #TamaraLeighsTrendOn #Fashion #Maternity tips from new mom #KateMiddleton after the big news thiis week of the arrival of #HerRoyalHighness baby #CharlotteElizabethDiana

    Check out Carson Tate's full post on our blog at TamaraLeighLLC.com:  http://tamaraleighllc.com/mothers-its-time-to-put-yourself-back-in-the-drivers-seat-by-carson-tate-guest-blog/

    And my article on @UrbanDial: http://urbanmilwaukeedial.com/2013/07/24/threads-maternity-fashion-rules-to-make-you-feel-like-royalty/

    Follow us @tamaraleighllc; @heidifeemster; @thecarsontate

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    GLP Eye for the Baned Guy + Reverse Speech Redux!

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    *To be BANED is GLP slang for BANNED. Use your brian before asking me what it means again you morans.*

    Apparently rianna's dress is getting a lot of attention. What does it really mean? Does it symbolize something being born, or has something been aborted? "Something's cooking." 

    Some BALTIMORE REVERSE SPEECH. In that "we gave them space to destroy" speech, the Baltimore mayor says in reverse "Please, you forgive our riot." No kidding, tune in to hear that one. 

    (Possibly) Some of tonight's threads:

    *People are training to KILL YOU everyday

    *As if men weren't getting feminine enough, they are now selling male bras and panties. WTF is this shit.

    *Sloppy: CNN Accidentally Leaves up Link Showing Swat Team Actually Killed the Two Texas Gunmen

    *Space radiation makes mice confused and lack curiosity, bad news for Mars mission

    *when is someone an adult?

    And more!

    Please be sure to visit http://doomcollective.com/blog/