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    Diane Ouimet (Dayvi Ma) et l'art d'aimer inconditionnelement

    in Health

    Diane Ouimet se confie à YogaPartout, elle nous dit tout au sujet de l'amour inconditionnel, le don de soi: http://www.o-yoga.net

    Une blessure sérieuse au dos l’amènera à se tourner vers le yoga et la méditation.
    Dès lors, un immense changement s’amorce dans sa vie.
    Son amour pour le yoga l’a amenée à compléter plusieurs formations en yoga et en méditation
    Depuis 2007, Diane  partage avec les autres toute la beauté du yoga. Professeure attentionnée, décoque uvrez cette âme unique nous parler, vous guider, vous rassurer que le yoga ne consiste pas seulement en une posture ou deux d'exercice.

    Le yoga c'est tout pour Diane Ouimet et elle le rend bien

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    JabberHockey - Game10. Score: OGA KNOWS

    in Sports

    It has arrived. The first OGA Playoff Qualifying Curve (PQC) indicator (Game 10 of the NHL 2010-2011) season has been played by all 30 teams. What does our ORRacle tell us about post-season play? The OGA Scoring Line will examine the teams' performances early in the season, measured against our proprietary (PQC) and let you know who is already eliminated from the post-season play. And who is in. OGA Knows. And you can too. Join us for our bi-weekly, all-hockey talk show, JabberHockey!

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    JabberHockey - The OGA Road Trip 2010

    in Sports

    MOVED TO WEDNESDAY NIGHT for this week only! Our normal Tuesday affair comes to you live Wednesday, December 22nd so the OGA Scoring Line can complete our travels home from games featuring Non-Traditional teams around the country. Barns have been visited in Philly (hosting the Sharks), Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Dallas since our last show and we are ready to spend the whole hour sharing. And ready for your calls! Join us Wednesday on JabberHockey!

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    JabberHockey - Anniversary of OGA RoadTrip the First

    in Sports

    This week, OGA's 1st scoring line revisits the OGA field trip to NYC to catch 5 games in 4 days. We'll also discuss the games2watch, our weekly fantasy roundtable, 'FanFantasy'and as always, our take on some team's early indications of qualification (or elimination) from the 2010 playoffs. Yes, it's early. But OGA Knows. Please join us!

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    OGA Fantasy Pool LIVE DRAFT!

    in Sports

    The On Goal Analysis 2009-10 Fantasy Hockey Pool broadcasts the First Round of the draft. Featuring hockey bloggers from across the NHL's cities, OGA will open JabberHockey with a fantasy draft special edition. Tune in and join us as each 'GM' picks and pontificates on the 'why'.

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    The Cosmic view with Shankari the Alchemist

    in Spirituality

    Aloha Ke Akua! The Cosmic View with Shankari goes live from Bali & Hawaii at 3pm Hawaii time. Always full of laughter wisdom and love.
    This show is sponsored by Shankari.com. As we prepare for Nyepi in march we encourage you to check out our oga oga video from our 2012 Nyepi celebration on Shankari.com

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    DDP Radio featuring DDP & Arthur

    in Sports

    A very special show, after the worldwide attention that DDP YOGA and Arthur have recieved he's on the show to talk about everything that's happened in the past two weeks. DDP will also be here with many updates about the happenings in the world of DDP OGA

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    JabberHockey - The Lost Episode

    in Sports

    OGA Road Tripping - Finally. Winter Classic, too. The Jabber is back tonight!

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    Aging Resourcefully: Debbie Davis: Elder Place

    in Health

    Debbie Davis of Providence Elder Place is our guest this week. We will discuss Elder Place's programming: Who is eliglible, the services that are available and community outreach. Join us on Monday, October 10th at noon, PST for our conversation with Debbie Davis.
    APN interviews a wide variety of experts in the field of aging services.  Our programs invite you to join us in the process of discovering all that progressing through the life course entails...in a fun, and yet experienced way.  Join Adult Placement Network every Monday at noon PST for Aging Resourcefully!

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    JabberHockey - The Next Episode

    in Sports

    More details to come - but the OGA Scoring Line will cover our fantasy gripes in FanFantasy, current news in our Open Ice Hits Round-table and the IN/OUT days of our PQC as well as hockey in the non-traditional market. Join us Live on Tuesday!

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    JabberHockey - The Hangover Edition

    in Sports

    Join us for an expanded round-table this evening in our Open Ice Hits when the OGA Scoring Line discuss the latest news lighting up the lamps around the NHL. Topics include: The New Jersey (WTF?) Devils, Hat-Trick Saturday, the European Hangover and how the Blackhawks may have shed enough weight over the summer to shake the dreaded Cup Hangover. We'll get an update from The Colonel on our Playoff Qualifying Curve (PQC) along with some non-traditional thoughts on growing the game. Lastly, we'll spend time analyzing and complaining about the start of the 10-11 Fantasy Hockey season in FanFantasy. Should be lively. And yes, in keeping with our theme, drinks will be served.

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