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    HEY FATHEAD! You guys play Great Blues

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    The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso welcomes FATHEAD's band leader Al Lerman to the stage on the next Frankie and Johnny Music Hour this Monday, March 8th at 8:00 pm est.
    It's been a long but steady climb since FATHEAD's debut gig in 1992, and the band has been tearing it up on the North American festival circuit ever since - winning over new fans every time they play - making FATHEAD one of the country's top roots acts. Signed to the world renowned ELECTRO-FI RECORDS' imprint, the band has won two JUNO AWARDS (Canada's "GRAMMY") for "Blues Recording Of The Year". Their latest release is called "WHERE'S THE BLUES TAKING ME", (available February 2010). That they have been described as a Blues Tour De Force comes as no surprise. Georgia-raised lead singer JOHN MAYS has had a storied career that began in the Southern gospel tradition, crossing over into Doo-Wop, R&B and Blues, not to mention a stint with the Godfather Of Soul JAMES BROWN. Hooking up with band leader AL LERMAN (harp and saxophone) in Toronto some years later, FATHEAD's core has remained constant since forming; offering ace musicianship, soul stirring harmonies and incendiary live performances. The writing tandem of Lerman and bassist OMAR TUNNOCH has produced a large body of work that has enjoyed time on the US, European and Canadian music charts. Guitar ace TEDDY LEONARD and iconic drummer BUCKY BERGER round out FATHEAD's sound, infusing elements of funk, soul, and R&B into their strong blues backbone. FATHEAD is truly an original band with a sound immediately recognizable as their own. They have a ball wherever they play and it shows!

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    Field of Greens- Sunday October 4, 2009!

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    Suzanne Welander joins Co-Op Central for highlights on Field fo Greens Festival

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    Recipient of the "Visionary of the Year 1997" "The Humanitarian of the Year 1999" and "The Visionary of the Decade 2000" Awards, Dr. Effie Chow has for over 40 years been working to integrate Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine. Toward this goal, she founded the East West Academy of Healing Arts in 1973 in San Francisco. In 1988 an arm of that organization was established within the Academy to promote research and clinical work in medical Qigong. I

    n 2003 she was appointed by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago to their National Task Force on The 21st Century Initiative on Life and Health. In 2004 she was invited to join the 15 member international Advisory Board of the CAM Health Expo, and in 2005 - the 20 member Advisory Board of the National Library of Medicine - Asian American Health Website Users Group. In 2006, Dr. Chow became an Associate of AHA! Ventures Int'l.

    In 2007, Dr. Chow joined the Editorial Board of the Boardroom Inc., Bottom Line Women's Health Publications, and Editorial Board of the prestigious new "super peer-reviewed publication, "The Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes". In October of the same year, American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine honored her as one of the "Pioneers and Leaders of Oriental Medicine in the USA".

    Please visit www.QigongMasters.com to watch the video versions of some of our episodes.

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    Prepare now for Economic Collapse

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    Are you ready for the Great Recession of 2011–2012? The coming crisis should be no surprise, for we all have had plenty of advance warning. If it is a surprise, blame those chat-show economists who have become so politicized that they ignore the truths of their own science in order to acquire celebrity. Nor should we forget those politicians who deliberately suborn national interest for the security of zero-sum pork-barrel politicking.

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    October 17 My Life My Soul Talk Radio...

    in Self Help

    Join us at 11 am EST as we continue the discussion on domestic violence in the congregation!

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    Ruth and Steve White on Conservative Mom's Radio

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    America hailed the possibility of bringing to the highest office in our land our first black President. The crowds were wooed and swayed by the charisma of Barack Obama and he took the political landscape by surprise. Well what was not known that America could have elected it's first truly Christian Conservative black candidate as well. Ruth White ran as an Independent in the 2008 Presidential Election as a stealth candidate. Although she appeared on national syndicated TV with with Bill O'Reilly, many of us had no clue that such a candidate existed. Ruth White now is a partner with Conservative Moms for America and we will share her story tonight as she and her husband joins us as our special guest. Ruth is a compassionate, intelligent woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. Tune in tonight and find out how this couple can juggle life in the fast lane, and there personal lives at the same time.

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    'Beauty Talk Classic': Beauty Talk with Sam Fine

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    Tune in tonight at 10pm for a Beauty Talk Classic interview with Sam Fine. We interviewed Sam for the first time back in October of 2009, tune in and enjoy. We will be back next week at 9pm EST with another awesome guest and episode.

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    Discussing all sports:NBA,NHL,MLB,NFL,COLLEGE BASKETBALL&FOOTBALL,TENNIS,GOLF,& other sports related topics/news with my co-host Vincent Turner & other surprise guests

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    WTF Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Join us as we discuss people, places, things and events that make you wonder what the...? This and more along with a surprise here and there, just to keep it interesting! You never know what you're going to hear, so join us for the mild to the wild to the unexpected! Visit our MySpace sites and read our BLOGS prior to the show. Register with BlogTalkRadio and participate in our chat room while the show is on LIVE!

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    The Appetizzer When Your Not His Main Course Virtual Book Release Party

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    Join us for fun, music, givaways, and a exclusive chat with Author Ni'Cola.

    Three girlfriends with three totally different lives, or they think……..
    Yazmin and Trey have been together for five years. Enjoying her life as a stay at home wifey, the couple is expecting a set of twins. Their life could not have been any more picture perfect, until the day that Yazmin was involved in a hit and run accident. Scared for the life of her babies, Yazmin damn near goes into shock after she attempts to call Trey only to be greeted by his wife of the past ten years……
    Monae and Malik have had a drama free long distance relationship for the last two years. Malik is a Marine, and is stationed in San Diego. They both have an understanding that once Monae graduates from UCLA, they will have their dream wedding. Planning an intimate surprise party just for two in his apartment, Monae discovers that she is not the only woman waiting for “her” man to come home……
    Knowing that Devaugn is in a relationship, Nia simply don’t care. He is the ideal man, and Nia is convinced that if she works hard enough, she can show him that she is all the woman that he needs. Stephanie will be a thing of the past and Devaugn can start taking care of Nia and her three children full time. Or will he…….

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    On The Corner Hosted By Bryan Sanders

    in Poetry

    Join Bryan as he talk Philip Pomper as they discuss his book Lenin's Brothers

    Philip Pomper is the William F. Armstrong Professor of History at Wesleyan University . He has written and edited nine books, including The Russian Revolutionary Intelligentsia. He lives in Middletown , Connecticut .

    The gripping untold story of a terrorist leader whose death would catapult his brother—Lenin—to revolution.

    In 1886, Alexander Ulyanov, a brilliant biology student, joined a small group of students at St. Petersburg University to plot the assassination of Russia’s tsar. Known as “Second First March” for the date of their action, this group failed disastrously in their mission, and its leaders, Alexander included, were executed. History has largely forgotten Alexander, but for the most important consequence of his execution: his younger brother, Vladimir, went on to lead the October Revolution of 1917 and head the new Soviet government under his revolutionary pseudonym “Lenin.”