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    October is breast cancer awareness month; ladies have you had your Mammograms?

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    October is breast cancer awareness month and I will be speaking to you directly ladies.  I will be giving out stats and information regarding breast cancer.  This is a special edition of I AM BEAUTY radio.  I want to inform, empower, motivate and educate.  Ladies please take care of yourself.

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    A Conversation with Gallery Owner Diane Waterhouse

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    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by September co-host Mary Maxam. Today’s show features a conversation with Diane Waterhouse, co-owner of Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, Ca. The gallery offers work by artists who reflect the highest standards of quality and integrity within their chosen fields of painting The gallery is about to celebrate their 30th year anniversary! Join us to find out more about the gallery and how they go about finding new artists and talent. 

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    Meet Regina Holliday: Curator The Walking Gallery

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    On the November 26th, 2014 at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific we chat with Regina Holliday the curator of The Walking Gallery and the emerging Center for Arts and Healing.

    More about the Center:

    The center will have a gallery space available for rental, classroom space for art, music, fitness and dance. The building will initially have two bedrooms and one small studio/apt for artists in residence, recovering cancer patients or visiting patient advocates. The building will also have a gathering space that will assist community socializing and learning through play. In addition, our goal is to host corporate retreats, conference events and health camps with many of the major voices involved in the participatory medicine. The Center will host The Walking Gallery of Healthcare’s annual gathering.

    For more information on Regina click here and for more information on the The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing see: 'The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing A project by Regina Holliday' on Medstartr. 

    More on Regina's efforts via HealthInnovationMedia.com/

    Join us for an fascinating chat with an amazing women tirelessly committed to making a difference in the lives of us impacted by disease, illness or trauma.


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    Energies for October

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    Join us tonight and find out about the enrgies for October. Learn tools to flow with the changes instead of fighting them. 

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    October Rage, Rock out of NSW, Australia

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    Tonight Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes October Rage, a fantastic Rock band out of NSW Australia.


    October Rage was formed by brothers Nick (vocals, guitar) and William (bass) Roberts in late 2008. Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, they quickly gained notoriety by supporting Bon Jovi on their Circle Tour at sold out shows in Sydney.
    Now with new additions to the band Kai Chambers (drums) and John McMullen (guitar, keys) October Rage are currently tearing up the USA on their Fallout, Dust and Guns release tour. 

    Headfirst Entertainment: http://headfirstentertainment.com

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    Art Sisters: BRAVE - One Year Anniversary Gallery

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    Art Sisters Collective, formed in 2013, is a sisterhood of Black female artists where paintbrush meets passion. Consisting of Ameerah K, Nebulus Flair, and Shanina Dionna, Art Sisters are reshaping the art scene of Philadelphia. The Art Sisters held their one year anniversary gallery, BRAVE, on October 25th, where their journey was put on display.

    Though their art styles are different, when brought together, they all share a similar story. BRAVE let these three artists put their fears and that which makes them uncomfortable on display, showing that sometimes one's passion can also bring about doubt and uncertainty.

    Art Sisters will discuss their expectations of the event, their most memorable moments, and how the Art Sisters Collective has help mold them into growing artists.

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    Bernadette Chlebeck Carpe Diem Gallery & Kevin Hunter TBFS Radio

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    About Carpe Diem Gallery - located in the Historic Downtown of Anoka MN, is owned and operated by Bernadette Chlebeck. This is a 20 year dream of Bernadette's that came into reality in 2014. 

    Where ever we live, work, learn, and play Carpe Diem Gallery will connect the art lover with the artist who crafts high quality art made to enrich any space. A wide variety of art work, in a range of prices, will provide for a fun and unique shopping experience that will Seize the Day.

    "This is the biggest leap of faith I have taken, but opening my own gallery has been the most exciting and fun chapter in my life" 
    - Bernadette

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    October: Car Accident Awareness Month

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    Did you know more car accidents occur in the Month of October? October is a good time to ensure car safety by getting a vehicle checkup in addition to being more cautious. But, what if you do beome involved in a collision? Get inform starting with Car Accident 101.  Join me, ESTRA today in a discussion about basic knowledge to know after being involved in a car wreck.  

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with Karen Lorene, owner of Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery

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    Our guest on Metalsmith Benchtalk on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 3:00 pm PDT/ 6:00 EDT is Karen Lorene, gallery owner, author and jewelry appraiser.

    Please join us for this live interview and participate by creating a free user account at Blogtalkradio and logging into the chatroom with questions or comments. We also monitor the Whaley Studio's Facebook Page for your imput.

    About Karen:

    Karen Lorene, in retail for 40 years, is a member of the International Society of Appraisers and a Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. For six years she appraised on Antiques Roadshow. She has a double degree from the University of Washington in fine arts and education. She specializes in appraising studio jewelry, jewelry art and Victorian jewelry.

    For those interested in beginning a retail business or have a business and need a different point of view, Karen Lorene, owner of Facere Jewelry Art Gallery, has written a history of the business: Building a Business, Building a Life available through the gallery or Amazon.

    More information on the publications produced by Facere Jewelry Art Gallery relating to the world of jewelry - both antique and modern jewelry art - is available at Lorene Publications.


    About Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery:

    Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery shows the work of 48 jewelry artists: northwest, national and international, as well as antique and vintage jewelry. Facèré is located in the City Centre building at 1420 Fifth Avenue between Pike and Union in the heart of downtown Seattle.


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    Domestic Violence " October is Awareness Month" , Are You?

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    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month....how much media attention have you seen this month?  Are you advised of programs or activities in your community to help you become aware of what it looks like?  Have you seen any colors of purple circulating to bring up the question of why this color is being worn?

    Let's talk about it and how you can help bring awareness one person at a time!!!


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    HONORING THE 1ST FRUITS OF JOTU & GEMS! In our October Fest Kick-Off

    And to celebrate 6th months on the air this show is in honor of YOU my guests & Supportive Listeners! I have taken something away with me and so have our listeners with all the amazing segments on the show. You all have lifted, inspired, empowered, and your testimonies have been the reason smiles, believing in oneself again and new hopes restored has taken place in the lives of those that have tuned in and still tune in to listen to your awesome true life events.

    I invite friends, family to join in the celebration as I honor each and every guest that has been on the show. Lines will be open for comments, shout outs, and feedback is welcome. Call in 646.378.1552

    I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks to each and everyone who partook in the show. I look forward to making it to the 1 year mark and hope! ONE MILLION THANKS TO ALL THE 1ST FRUITS OF JOTU & GEMS!

    I am proud to be your host and have enjoyed each and everyone! I stand and live by one of my personal qoutes,“We’re doing it better because we are doing it together” ~ TyLeishia Douglass 2014 All Rights Reserved.

    Follow me on twitter @1LadyLoveBug

    I hope you all have enjoyed the show as much as I have and I hope to continue on to bring more great guests as we stay steady on our journey's together and affirm to achieve every one of our goals by being supporters one to another.

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