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    Energies for October

    in Self Help

    Join us tonight and find out about the enrgies for October. Learn tools to flow with the changes instead of fighting them. 

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    Montego Bay Pride Set for October 25, 2015

    in Current Events

    Nicholas Snow welcomes LGBTQI Activist Maurice Tomlinson, who hails from Montego Bay, to preview the October 25th, 2015 Montego Bay Pride, and to dicuss the cultural and political context in which the event is taking place.  Visit the Montego Bay Pride Facebook Page.

    The recent historic Jamaica Pride that took place in Kingston was an unqualified success. With public endorsements from the mayor of Kingston and the Minister of Justice, it is clear that the forward march for the full liberation of Jamaican LGBTI people is unstoppable.  However, some persons from Montego Bay and western Jamaica were not able to participate in Pride Jamaica because of financial and other constraints. Many members of Jamaica’s LGBTI community are still only able to get entry-level positions because of SOGI stigma and discrimination. Therefore, they had limited time off and resources to travel to and stay in Kingston.  A team of dedicated and motivated local Jamaicans are therefore organizing the first-ever Montego Bay Pride on Oct. 25! The team is led by internationally recognized LGBTI activist, Maurice Tomlinson, who also hails for Montego Bay.  

    Visit NicholasSnow.TV for videos, and NicholasSnow.com for everything else!  This episode's main sponsors are Desert AIDS Project and Lulu California Bistro.


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    From Paul McGuire - On tonights show I will talk about the exploding economic problems, what is coming in Sept -October and beyond, potential of WWW III over CURRENCY WARS, terror attacks, the plan to destroy America and the need for true Christians to get in the game repent, pray, intercede and believe God in faith for His supernatural power after they have repented and MORE!


    Also, I have a brand new 3-DVD FALL of AMERICA  and WHO WILL STAND IN THE GAP  for your Hagmann listeners it is at a special price normally I sell a 3 DVD set for $60.00 I am offering this to your listeners at a big discount!  which features teaching from prophecy, prayer meeting, the prayer and visuals and teaching on what is really happening in our nation and how to fight spiritually and stand for righteousness peacefully and with WISDOM!  Also, practical preparation.


    I want to mention the Babylon Code as it deals with the current financial crisis and economic crisis and they can buy it now and it will be shipped to them in about 2 weeks as it is being released.  There is a storm of publicity about this book already and Charisma Magazine is doing a cover story on it in the September 2015 issue.


    Lots more - I believe the power of God is going to move! and I have lots of intense information.


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    New Music Inferno w/ Immune, Another October, AyOH, Chrysalis!!!

    in Music

    Immune - Rock band from Los Angeles,CA...New single "3 Feet Deep" out now..New album out later this year..Check out their music tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/ImmuneMusic

    Another October - Pop/Rock band from Grand Rapids,MI...New album "Prefix" out now..Playing Launch Music Conference this April in Lancaster,Pa..Check out their music,tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/AnotherOctober

    AyOH - Rock/Pop/Soul band from Chicago,Ill...New album "Dangerous Questions" out now...Played SXSW this past weekend..Check out their music,tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/ayohmusic

    Chrysalis - Rock/Metal/Experimental band from Barstow,Ca..New album "Focus On The Center" out now..Played with Orgy this past weekend at Orgy's CD release show and headed out on tour until April 5th then May 1st to the 21st...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/ChrysalisBand

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    October: Car Accident Awareness Month

    in Podcasting

    Did you know more car accidents occur in the Month of October? October is a good time to ensure car safety by getting a vehicle checkup in addition to being more cautious. But, what if you do beome involved in a collision? Get inform starting with Car Accident 101.  Join me, ESTRA today in a discussion about basic knowledge to know after being involved in a car wreck.  

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    Sam and Caroine Speak to Hannah Isabella Robinson

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we speak to Hannah Isabella Robinson who is the founder of Black Country Shadows as well Setting up a new team with our very own Sam as well as a few others which is called Nocturnal Ghostly Investigations, we ask hannah how she got into the world of the paranormal and what she would like to achieve in this field we shall also be discussing the event which is happening on the 10th october at The Block In Burton to raise funds for Take The Cake Productions and who also do Scariest Places The most haunted spoof.




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    October Rage, Rock out of NSW, Australia

    in Rock Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes October Rage, a fantastic Rock band out of NSW Australia.


    October Rage was formed by brothers Nick (vocals, guitar) and William (bass) Roberts in late 2008. Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, they quickly gained notoriety by supporting Bon Jovi on their Circle Tour at sold out shows in Sydney.
    Now with new additions to the band Kai Chambers (drums) and John McMullen (guitar, keys) October Rage are currently tearing up the USA on their Fallout, Dust and Guns release tour. 

    Headfirst Entertainment: http://headfirstentertainment.com

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    10.07.2014 - F.U.O.K = F*****d Up October Knowledge

    in Education

    The Agenda: F.U.O.K = F****d Up October Knowledge

    Yep, that's right! The weekly talk will be all about the Illuminati's FUOK or
    F****d Up October Knowledge!

    Wow---October has only been in session for 7 days, and so much is happening! Good things and bad things, all packed into one big mixture. It'll be one hellova show. Don't miss this show!

    1) Last Week's Recap (09.30.2014)
    I'll use more time with the recap since last week's show wasn't recorded all the way through, due to some technical difficulty out of my control.

    2) October Fest - Why does the Illuminati cherish October?
    (what is the Illuminati?)

    3) Astronomy & Astrology - How the Illuminati uses these charts and why

    4) The World Series (baseball) - The irony in this year's game

    5) Numerolgy - Why it's imperative to the Illuminati.

    6) Watch Hour - Current Events

    7) Conclusion

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    in Fun

    HONORING THE 1ST FRUITS OF JOTU & GEMS! In our October Fest Kick-Off

    And to celebrate 6th months on the air this show is in honor of YOU my guests & Supportive Listeners! I have taken something away with me and so have our listeners with all the amazing segments on the show. You all have lifted, inspired, empowered, and your testimonies have been the reason smiles, believing in oneself again and new hopes restored has taken place in the lives of those that have tuned in and still tune in to listen to your awesome true life events.

    I invite friends, family to join in the celebration as I honor each and every guest that has been on the show. Lines will be open for comments, shout outs, and feedback is welcome. Call in 646.378.1552

    I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks to each and everyone who partook in the show. I look forward to making it to the 1 year mark and hope! ONE MILLION THANKS TO ALL THE 1ST FRUITS OF JOTU & GEMS!

    I am proud to be your host and have enjoyed each and everyone! I stand and live by one of my personal qoutes,“We’re doing it better because we are doing it together” ~ TyLeishia Douglass 2014 All Rights Reserved.

    Follow me on twitter @1LadyLoveBug

    I hope you all have enjoyed the show as much as I have and I hope to continue on to bring more great guests as we stay steady on our journey's together and affirm to achieve every one of our goals by being supporters one to another.

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    in Politics Progressive



    FDR Too Direct Aim At The Then Ruling 1% Economic Class In America - The Financial Titans By Declaring Mid-Way Through His 32-Minute Speech At Madison Square Garden In New York City On October 31, 1936:


    "They Are Unanimous In Their Hate For Me And I Welcome Their Hatred."


    FDR Went On Further To Say That A Government Comprised Of Organized Money Was No Better Than Government Compromised Of An Organized Mob.


    FDR made it clear that His New Deal Programs Would Not Be Rolled Back By The Republican Monied Class But Were Here To Stay.


    He Declared:  "We Have Only Begun To Fight"

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    Golden Age Of Radio Series Jack Benny "Sorry Wrong Number" October 17, 1948

    in Comedy

    Golden Age Of Radio Series features the amazingly hilarious thoughts of Jack Benny with this episode titled "Sorry Wrong Number". This episode aired as thousands turned their radios on the night of October 17th, 1948.

    Jack Benny (born Benjamin Kubelsky February 14, 1894 - December 26, 1974) was an American comedian, vaudevillian, and actor for radio, television, and film.

    Widely recognized as one of the leading American entertainers of the 20th century, Benny was known for his comic timing and his ability to get laughs with either a pregnant pause or a single expression, such as his signature exasperated "Well!" His radio and television programs, tremendously popular in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, were a foundational influence on the situation comedy.