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    LateNight Salt Asylum: Seas Versus Oceans Continues

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    Russell continues Seas vs Oceans

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    Join us on Sunday 6/8/2014, as we cover the weeks news in review for Jamaica. We will also be discussing the article from June 4th from the Gleaner entitled "Don't count hub chickens before they are hatched" An interview with Rodolfo Sabonge, fomer excutive V.P. of Planning & Development for the Panama Canal Authority and Associate professor and researcher at the Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua.

    We will be playing Know Your Jamaica & Fun unknown facts at the top of the hour. Join in the fun!

    The second hour of the show we will be talking about World Oceans Day. This years theme: "Together we have the power to protect the ocean". We want you to tell us what that means to you and how we go about doing this together.

    With Hosts: Ray Fitzgerald, Aven Peralto Nichols & Steven Smith

    Our Web Site:http://www.noportongoatisland.com/

    Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/groups/no.onportgoatisland/

    Petition to say NO! port on Goat Islands/PBPA, Jamaica: http://chn.ge/1ecZdCO


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    Calling for oceans of violet flame this Earth Day!

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    Calling for oceans of violet flame this Earth Day, to transmute the pollution of fire, air, water and earth and inspire creative solutions in the consciousness of all who can respond.

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    Aquatic Wetline Special: World's Oceans Day 2014!

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    On this special episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex and Aquatic Doctor Russell Sakay will be celebrating World's Ocean Day! Russell will explain what this day is and the importance of this day for our world's Oceans!!!!! If you love Oceans, then you will want to tune in this show! Learn how to preserve our oceans and keep them nice and bright!

    Feel free to call in at 347-989-8142 dial 1 to ask questions or share your thoughts on the Oceans!!!


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    Green Talk Live "The Oceans: Their Demise"

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    Tonight on "Green Talk Live & More" the topic of discussion is the oceans. With so much damage being done to the planet and its oceans, who knows what the future of the oceans are and if it's not bright, then what does that say about the future of mankind? There's no denying that the oceans are crucial to our existence and tonight on Green Talk Live, the Chefs will be breaking it all down.

  • Invisiblity, Hover Boards, Hidden Oceans and Video Gaming!

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    In this second episode of Legendary Radio, Jake Curnow will be discussing more video game related news right at the beginning of the show, but will also cover recent news such as the theory of oceans "hiding" inside of the Earth, scientists creating real life hoverboards, invisibility, finger print cloning and the hollow earth. Jake will also be talking about possible future guests that he would like to interview on Legendary Radio and talking briefly about some of their work.

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    Interview With Jim Holm Of The Clean Oceans Project

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    Their mission: To eliminate plastic pollution through research education and direct action.

    The Clean Oceans Project (TCOP) is a 501c3 marine environmental non-profit organization in Santa Cruz, California with a vision of an ocean free of plastic pollution. Our scientific response to plastic accumulation in the oceans locates plastic debris concentrations, removes it from the environment with minimal impact and processes it into fuel to run the operation. TCOP programs begin with education and training to create efficient and effective teams for future expeditions to document and remove plastic from remote environments.

    Jim “Captain Homer” Holm has over 30 years in the maritime trades on various configurations of sail and motor craft including private luxury yachts, sport fishing vessels, grand prix racing sailboats, marine research vessels, square-rigged training ships and fast rescue boats.

     He has crossed the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, transited the Panama Canal and voyaged between California, Hawaii and Pacific islands including French Polynesia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand and the Marshall Islands.

    His management experience includes developing and operating acclaimed marine environmental educational programs for clients including O’Neill International and Monterey Bay Aquarium as well as building and managing rental housing in California and Arkansas and conducting successful fundraisers for Autism in Santa Cruz, Ca.

    As Director of “The Clean Oceans Project” Homer assembled the technology and techniques to locate and harvest plastic debris from the marine environment and recycle it into fuel to power the operation.

    Homer has been involved in watersports since youth and is an active surfer, paddler, sailor and diver and has emergency medical training.

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    Duane & Eva ~ (WE) Worldwide Educators - Two

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    WE ARE WORLDWIDE EDUCATORS. WE Are Here For The World. WE Provide a RealEducation that surpasses all others. WE have many WorldWide Educator Groups on Facebook and 'You' are welcome to Join US. WE have a RealEducation setup for those who would like to be a part of our WorldWide WakeUp with The ALLSolar Research Vessel Project. See 'ALLSOLAR RESEARCH VESSEL' on YouTube and Facebook.
    WE work with The ALLNatural Environment that Supports ALL of US.

    Test The NU-U Sessions

    Regression and Body Types,

    Blood Moons - Cataclysms,


    Emotional Attachments,

    Insincerity - Wants, Desires,

    Apathy - The Day The Earth Stood Still, Invasion of The Body Snatchers,

    Worldwide Educators - Facebook Groups,

    Life on Earth,

    Back to the Moon,

    Creation/Simulator - Deception/Control,


    Recognizing Experiences,

    NUNowness of The IS,

    The Sun Shining - Reality,

    The ALLIS,

    Taplining - Astral/Emotional Body,

    A RealSide Experience (RSE) from our NUFriend - The Matrix,


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    The Romance Bookmark with Renee Bernard presents: CJ Matthew

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    Love, laughter and romance are the touchstones of the Bookmark and we're happy to meet CJ Matthew, author and new friend to our listeners and readers everywhere!  Her debut paranormal romance suspense novel, Blood Tide (Dolphin Shore Shifters, #1) looks amazing and I love the premise--Blood Tide features a pod of shapeshifting dolphins that pose as humans to protect the oceans at any cost.  Let's face it.  If anything needs protecting (besides me when there is a spider in the vacinity), it's probably our oceans. Listen in tonight and meet a new original voice in paranormal romance and add CJ Matthew to your "try and buy" reading lists!

  • DEANNA J Cartea with Mellow Pop Music for Your Enjoyment

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    DEANNA J Cartea will make your ears relax and slow the hectic pace of your life.  To all my friends across the oceans this is for you.

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    Scott Mcewen  has done so much it's unreal, I'll post all of it on the event page.Scott McEwen (1961- ) is a trial attorney in San Diego, California. Scott works with and provides support for several military charitable organizations, including the Seal Team Foundation.Scott’s interest in military history, intense patriotism, and experience with long-range hunting rifles, compelled him to accurately record the battlefield experiences of Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in United States military history. M “American Sniper is the inside story of what it’s like to be in war.Jake and Jeska- Jake is a Veteran of the US Navy Seavees.

    Jeska was born and raised in Two Harbors, Minnesota. She grew up singing in the church and found the power of music at a young age. After high school, she pursued a cosmotology career but put her life on hold to raise her child. She is currently enjoying motherhood and the ability to pursue her music.
    Jake and Jeska have only been performing a short while, but there is no doubting their musical chemistry and desire to inspire. They have an Americana style to their music with a soulful sound.

    Veterans Voyage 360 seeking sponsors and contributors for the first-ever solo, non-stop, and unsupported journey across three oceans around the world by human powered rowboat in January 2017. The purpose of this epic voyage is to raise awareness and resources for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment and rehabilitation. These two devastating conditions, sometimes causing the break-up of families and Veteran suicide, have risen to epidemic proportions since 9/11 and the War on Terror. Twenty two wonderful men and woman who have served their country faithfully are taking their lives each day. This is far above the National average, it is unacceptable, and it has to be stopped.

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