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    Planet Zorg #59 -- Nov 8th, 2015 part. 2

    in Entertainment

    We continue our convo from Nov 8th, 2015

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    Planet Zorg #59 -- Nov 8th, 2015 part. 1

    in Entertainment

    Zorg Returns to discuss Politics, make Predictions, and Piss off Liberals

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    Planet Zorg #58 -- Oct 25th, 2015 -- Part 2

    in Entertainment

    We continue our Oct 25th discussion.

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    in Spirituality

    Join Rev. Guy N. Larsson, Licensed Spiritual Healing Coach and his friend and colleague  guest co-host Lady Cass, Reiki Master and Author,  as they delve into discussions regarding their passion for Energy Sculpting, Spiritual Healing and Conscious Creation. Guy and Lady Cass believe that the basis of all healing ...is spiritual in nature. They facilitate a core belief sculpting process that is a blend of healing modalities that they have found to be very powerful and empowering. Join our recently changed format and time, An Energetic Lunch!! We will enjoy a lunch time discussion...OCCUPY RELATIONSHIP and more specifically Occupying Relationships as they change, which they all do!! ...being present and aware of the energy we create and "occupy" in all relationship are key to our spiritual growth. What does it look like to Consciously Create ALL of your relationships?? You are invited to join in to listen share and discuss!!! Take the time to feed your mind, body and spirit!!! We intend to share tools and create an energetic road map to assist our listeners to manifest the life they dream of and most certainly deserve. The show will be fun and informative and hold the space for real change and spiritual growth!!  

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    Goa, actress Stefanie Powers, Friendly Planet travel

    in Travel

    National Geographic International (now FOX) producer, Dawn Drew, has been to India more than 100 times and she recently spent three months filming around the country.  Dawn says that each visit to India offers something new and that travelers should go beyond the iconic attractions for an authentic travel experience.  We'll also talk about the state of Goa--the popular resort that you may not have heard of.

    Actress Stefanie Powers, best known for her role as Jennifer Hart in the television series "Hart to Hart", leads a double life, one in front of the camera or on stage and the other as a chamption for animal preservation and protection.  She started both interests at an early age.  When she was 15 years old she took to the stage but her love and protection of animals started with a rat named Petey much earlier.   Stefanie helped create the William Holden Wildlife Foundation in memory of her long-time partner and she supports animal conservation efforts of several other organizations.  Stefanie also continues her craft on camera and the stages around the world.

    Friendly Planet Travel is a popular group tour operator that we first became acquainted with during a trip to South Africa for our honeymoon.  We discovered the amazing price points that Friendly Planet offered for a great value.  Apart from the competitive tour prices, the mission of Friendly Planet and its backstory reflects courage, love, luck and transformation.  We spoke to founder, Peggy Goldman, about how travel helped her heal and reinvent herself following a divorce and loss of her son.

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    planet geek review mad max the videogame

    in Entertainment

    i review the new mad max game for ps4 and xbox one

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    Fake Rage- Smacks of Occupy

    in Politics Conservative

    This week two University of Missouri administrators were forced out of their position due to a supposed hostile racial climate on campus. A story of a swatika drawn with feces ni a dorm was spread through campus as well as supposed sighting of the Ku Klux Klan.  I student went on a hunger strike until the head-naaster was replaced or resigned.  All of this was to highlight the racial injustice and White privledge problem in the country.  I even took quite a FB lashing from some because of my postion when a majority of the UM football team decided they would not participate in football activities until the headmaster was replaced or resigned. 

    As the week worn on stories about how some of these stories were exaggerated and some downrigh lies started to come out. When video of student journalist being bullied and physically turned away from the #concernstudent1950 tents on campus were released even more questions were asked about what was going on here.  I have my theory but you are going to have to listen to the show to find out what it is.. 


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    Planet Zorg #57 -- Oct 4th, 2015 Pt. 1

    in Entertainment

    Zorg returns to discuss why everyone should be armed, why Obama sucks mooseprick, and why Hillary should be in jail making dildos.

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    The Keda Katfish Saga: Planet Oshay Edition

    in Fun

    By now everyone that is someone knows about the "Keda Redbonee" mystery death by way of car accident. If "Keda" is a real person, RIP but inquiring Planetary minds want to know exactly how Shalah and Deacon are the only two people that know that she was "in a crash, on life support with a son with broken ribs and subequently died". Many Planetary sleuths have searched high and low to find out the truth to this sordid mystery. Tune in for tonight's episode of "Was there ever really a Keda? Inquiring minds want to know".

  • Planet Zorg #56 -- Sept 20th, 2015 pt. 2

    in Entertainment

    Zorg talks about that muslim kid who built a clock that looked like a bomb and other things.

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    Planet Zorg #56 -- Sept 20th, 2015 pt. 2

    in Entertainment

    Zorg talks about that muslim kid who built a clock that looked like a bomb and other things.