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    Try Other Occupations

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    Job Search is difficult. Job Search is discouraging because it is difficult. Job Searchers have to be better prepared to find a job. Here at Work for Life, we can help you prepare to get hired!
    We want you to open you mind and try other occupations. If you  believe you do not qualify for other occupations, we can prove you wrong. Give us 30days, and listen to 21shows during that 30days and you will be working within that 30days. Guaranteed!

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    Try Other Occupations, Not Poverty

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    Job Search is difficult. Job Search is discouraging because it is difficult. Job Searchers who are prepared and who are go getters get the better jobs. Prepare for a job search. Prepare to interview. Prepare to do followup. Here at Work for Life, we can help you prepare to get hired!
    Open your mind to other occupations. If you believe you do not qualify for other occupations, we will prove you wrong. Search by Industries, Fortune 500 Companies, Job openings, Careers, Specific occupations. Search ALEC Corporations, Companies Exporting America. Commit to 30days. Listen to 21shows during that 30days and you will be working in less than 30days. Companies are hiring. Find a job, or HELLO poverty!

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    Ep 12 Topic Shameful Occupations VIP Sean Francis-Coleman Speaker Pro. Counselor

    in Entertainment

    Today we are going to talk about some shameful occuoations. Not what you're thinking however. :-)

    Our special guest is Speaker and Professional Counselor Mr. Sean Francis-Coleman of Pittsburgh, Pa! Of course I have some other news and stories for you. I want to apologize for the site not being up. We are undergoing some instruction. Please like me on FB Deanna D. Dias and follow me on Twitter @Daressia_D and IG @daressia.

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    Episode 5: Occupations

    in Comedy

    Tonight we interview some of our friends, from different occupations and see what it's like to be in their shoes and cause we sure wish we were them lol.

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    Charlita Schuster, Music in Motion, Dance the Dream in Disney World

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    Ms Charlita Schuster, Founder/Artistic Director of Music In Motion School of Higher Dance Education, works wonders with young people who desire to pursue a career in dance or related occupations. She is also proud that 5 young students were invited to dance at the Dance the Magic at Disney World. The students and the mothers who accompanied her were Yalena Anderson, 11, and Luz Anderson-Santiago; Markeymar Carbile, 11, and Ralna Jackson; Aniyah Baptiste, 11, and Debra Mason; Brianna Bruce, 12, and Terrie Brow-Rawlins; and Trinity Cupid, 13, and Glenda Cupid.

    Ms Schuster has always been closely associated with local youth. As Founder/Artistic, Ms Schuster is the guiding force behind this institution providing professional dance training to the children of the Virgin Islands.

    Returning home after the birth of her first child, Ms. Schuster began her dance career on St. Croix as a dance instructor with St. Croix Street Theater. She moved on from there to share her love of ballet with her beloved island through her own school, and Music in Motion was born.  For 30 years, Music in Motion School of Higher Dance Education has not only produced fine dancers, but has saved children’s lives by keeping them off the streets. Her institution not only instills focus and self-discipline, but it also brings forth positive attitudes and values. The students of Music in Motion School of Higher Dance Education have thrilled audiences in performances at many different venues across the British and US Virgin Islands; Puerto Rico; the Eastern Caribbean; and Denmark.

    Visit Music In Motion School of Higher Dance Education.

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    NOVEMBER 2014 WEEKS #3 -&- #4 REVIEWED: (PART 5: Frankenstein, Cyborgs, Robots)

    in Current Events

    On this ongoing series of episodes, we pick it back up at TOPIC #14: FRANKEN FOODS & FRANKENSTEIN FEATS with SHOCKING STORIES such as POISONS IN YOUR GROCERY BASKET; ILLEGAL WHALE MEAT ON THE MENU; TRICLOSAN IN SOAP/SHAMPOO/TOOTHPASTE CAUSES CANCER; WHOLLY MAMMOTH TO BE CLONED IN SOUTH KOREA; etc... Then we inject ourselves into TOPIC #15: HUMACHINE AGE OF CYBORGS & ROBOTS & THE MAKING OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST, with a STARTLING STORY ABOUT SWEDISH PEOPLE GETTING MICROCHIP IMPLANTS INSERTED INTO THEIR HANDS with EMILOTT LANTZ getting one in her RIGHTHAND!! From the ROBOTICS MOVEMENT, we hear again from Billionaire Elon Musk warning why he is SCARED OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & TERMINATOR ROBOTS; MIND-READING CARS OF THE NEAR FUTURE; SELF-DRIVING CAR updates; ROBOT REPLACEMENTS for many future occupations; HUMANOID REPLICAS OF HUMANS CALLED GEMINOIDS in Japan... Then at TOPIC #18: OBAMA THE HISTORY MAKER we talk about the "BAD OBAMACARE LIES = 666" and "BAD OBAMACARE TAX = 666" from the NEW EMPEROR OF AMERICA, Barack Obama! Record Number of Homeless; Half of Florida Households in financial trouble; $18 Trillion National Debt under Obama is DOUBLE NOW WHAT IT WAS BEFORE HE TOOK OFFICE and he was such a Hypocrite condemning Pres. Bush for the $9 Trillion National Debt! The sumerian code reveals that "a Big DEBTS, B.H.Obama = 666"... We were warned about all this and now its coming to pass, as warned!... STAY TUNED! STAY INFORMED!.. GET IN THE KNOW!... ENJOY THE SHOW!...  

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    Try Other Occupations & get a job

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    Prepare for job search and get a job. Strategies work. Waiting for that call is the road to poverty. Be better prepared starting now. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Here at Work for Life, we help you prepare to get hired!

    Open your mind. Job search by  occupations, industries, or companies. Believe you do not qualify for other occupations? WFL aim to prove you wrong! Give us 30days, listen to 21shows during that 30days and get a jobs in less than 30days. Money back Guaranteed! You have nothing to lose. It's all Free! Try government jobs. Try Federal jobs. Popular Careers for 2012

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    Life Lessons presents Pre-Occupations, a new series on pioneering women

    in Lifestyle

    Pre-Occupations is an inspiring show about pioneering women in show business. Hear the story of Laureen Ong, Cable TV Woman of the Year, juxtapositioned with Julia Morgan, architect of the Hearst Mansion.

    This show is brought to you by Gracefully Yours greeting cards and journals. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for special discounts.

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    Myskillsmyfuture.org, Get Help Here and Get a Job in Less Than 30Days

    in Jobs

    What's your excuse for not having a job? A bad economy? No skills? No money for jobsearch? No transportation? No one is hiring? No one will hire you because you have too much education? America is in an economic boom. Companies are experiencing the boom in their profits. Workers must experience it in their paychecks and savings. It starts with America getting back to work. The one thing you need to get a job is a sincere desire. You have to be strong. Take the rejection. Brand yourself and live your job search out loud.

    Click here to visit the place you can get everything you need to get a paycheck in 30days is at your fingertips. You will need to put your boots on the ground. You will need a job search plan. You will need to turn your skills into up-to-date occupations. You will need to find job possibilities in your area. You will need a resume. You will need to do a good interview. you will need to turn militayr skills into civilian jobs. You will need help landing that 1st job ever. You will need to learn how to pass test. You must might need to decide what you are best suited to do. Visit the link above and change your life forever, starting today.

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    Occupations By Industries is One Way to Job Search

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    Job Search is discouraging because it is difficult. A prepared job Searcher gets the job. Work for Life prepares you to get hired!
    Search by Industry. Top industries to search: Office staffing, Tourism, Education, Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Health Care, Home building, Retail Food, Hospitality.  Companies that Outsource US jobs. Companies making the most money. Companies getting big government contracts. ALEC Companies paying Elected officials to write laws to benefit companies.
    We want you to open you mind and try other occupations. Hiring picked up in July. If you  believe you do not qualify for other occupations, we can prove you wrong. Give us 30days, and listen to 21shows during that 30days and you will be working within that 30days. Guaranteed!

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    Learn How to Land a Job on Day 260 of USA's Economic Boom

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    Today is the 260th day of the American Economic Boom. If you don't believe in economic booms, ask somebody. If you don't know what an economic boom is, you better ask somebody. How about asking your elected official? Profit margin levels are out the roof. Corporations are investing because people have the money to spend. The stock markets are on a bull run. Today is the 260th day of the 2014 year of action. 300 corporation CEOs promised the President to hire Americans this year. Print your list here and go get hired. A paycheck awaits you. Your own business awaits you. Freelancing your skills from your home awaits you. There is one thing about the American economy. There was more people who clamped down on spending, than there was people without money to spend. Now those with money are spending again. Those without jobs & without money can now go out and get jobs, freelance again, or even start your own businesses. You can learn how and land the job in less than 30 days or you can not learn how and continue to crash. The advice you need is mine to give. The choice is yours to receive. Once American regains a full workforce, there will be far less chaos in America. When Americans are happy we pass it on. Time to get those jobs and pass on happiness guys.

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