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    Occult Conspiracy Theories In Pop Culture

    in Spirituality

    Join Your Hosts, Modern Witch & Psychic Jake Taylor & Philosopher & Hoodoo Practitioner Sister Grey, Live Sunday, May 24th at 7pm CDT for HMS Radio, A Radio Show For Those Interested In Hoodoo, Metaphysics, and Sorcery. This Week We'll Be Discussing Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Occult Practices. Is There An Elite Secret Society Using Witchcraft To Brainwash The Masses? Are We Under The Spell Of The Hollywood Machine? Listen In To Find Out. Call (516)387-1463 To Ask Questions Or Talk With The Hosts

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    Abuse of Women in the Occult: Who is Accountable?

    in Culture

    Tune in for a round-table discussion about the abuse of women in the Occult.  Who is responsible?  Who is the Victim?  Shouldn't women be held accountable?



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    KNIGHTS TEMPLAR: International Order of Gnostic Templars--Sir Mark Amaru Pinkham

    in Religion


    Sir Mark Amaru Pinkham is the author of The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom and Conversations with the Goddess, and The Truth Behind the Christ Myth. All three books reveal startling information which, until now, has been concealed or has been taught solely to advanced spiritual seekers and mystery school students. Sir Mark is now making these teachings available for everyone who is interested.

    His 4th book Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Water of Life is now available - released July 2004!

    Sir Mark is the Founder and Director of the The International Order of Gnostic Templars and its related schools: The Seven Rays of Healing School and The Mysteries of the Goddess Wisdom School.

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    Shibboleth Knights

    in Weight Loss


    Learn today about one of our fastest ways to lose weight. Today I will go over how Shibboleth Knights can do that and help you reach your goal weight.

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    Occult Symbology in Our Popular

    in Politics


    We discuss the Occult symbols in our popular entertainment industry as well in the foodstuffs, that scores of people all over the world buy on a regular basis.



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    Onyx Knights Paranormal Radio

    in Paranormal

    Join Brian Sons as he delves into the paranormal world of ghosts, cryptids, and extraterrestrial life.

    Tonight is open topic!

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    Friday FARcast: Google, Transhumanism, & Occult Apocalypse with Isaac Weishaupt

    in Paranormal

    In 2012, Google hired researcher, inventor and all around big brain, Ray Kurzweil.  Kurzweil has been a Moses of the virtual relams, prophesying "The Singularity," a moment in the future, where artifical intelligence outstrips human intelligance with Ai thus becoming conscious of itself.  Shortly after Google hired Kurzweil, they began to buy best of breed robotoics and cyber intelligence companies.  To date, Google's motto has been, "Don't do evil."  Google founder, Larry Page has expressed that this quaint little coloquialism might be a tad out of date and somewhat limiting to the current state of Google.

    On today's show, we'll be talking with Isaac Weishaupt, who is an independent researcher, leveraging over 20 years of study into conspiracy theories, symbolism, and how they relate to popular culture. He uses his background in systems engineering to guide his curiosity as he explores theories and occult symbolism on his website, IlluminatiWatcher.com.

    He's  authored several books on these subjects- from his Stanley Kubrick film analysis "KUBRICK'S CODE", to the beginner's guide to conspiracies "A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS, AND POP CULTURE", and also the hip hop conspiracy book "SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC".

    He is also the author of; "THE TRANSHUMAN AND OCCULT APOCALYPSE: HOW GOOGLE WILL "SOLVE THE PROBLEM" OF HUMANITY" which makes him the perfect candidate to pull back the curtain of Google and Ray Kurzweil.

    Please join us for two hours of insightful and revelatory discussion.


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    Cosmic Awakening Show- True Stories of the Templar Knights with Richard Presser

    in Spirituality

    Join hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken as they interview Dr. Richard Presser. Richard will discuss the challenging time we are in and how it relates to the precession of the equinoxes, including what the shift in consciousness means to humanity. We will uncover the dark forces and what is being done about them in this galaxy as well as the cosmos. Richard will explain how the shift affects more than just Earth and last but not least we will find out about the secrets of the Templar Knights and what they did in their time to help humanity now.

    excerpt from Richard's Templar website: The Templar Knights emerged around 1119 and, with powerful protection from the Catholic Church, became an extraordinary force for transformation in Europe. They became very wealthy and also brought forth mechanisms to protect pilgrims of any type, whether they were traveling to the Holy Land or elsewhere. They also transformed the nature of trade within Europe.

    What is not so well known is that these individuals were deeply spiritual, deeply mystical men who were responsible for the building of the Gothic cathedrals in Europe, for purposes that, for the most part, are completely unknown to the public. Even though these imposing buildings are seen to be great bastions of the Catholic Church, they were built on ancient energy sites well known to the Druids and those who went before them, and they represented powerful tools for spiritual initiation and growth.

    Read more about the Templars here.

    Richard's main webiste is The2012countdown.com.

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    Antimatter Broadcast Occult Empire Free Your Mind Conference 3 Retrospective

    in Radio

    Occult Empire Episode 014

    FREE YOUR MIND 3 CONFERENCE ... In Retrospect

    with Bob from Cincinnati

    Occult Empire takes a look back at the recent Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, PA this Spring. As the Gathering got underway, the old tape recorder appeared and up-close talks off stage are found with Mark Passio, Jay Parker and Fritz Springmeier...You will be backstage at the Alternative Research Community's Premier Event in 2015....Plus, a brief topical look at 20th Century Egyptian Scholar R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz's Occult Findings...only on...

                                 Antimatter Broadcasting

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    Witchcraft symbolism exposed: Secret symbols with occult meaning revealed

    in Prayer

    Today we will comtinue discussing symbols. Satan has snuck into the music, movies, government, basically all around us with many symbols that have hidden demonic meanings. Today we will pick up where we left off in our journey discussing how these signs have entered into the church. Please children of God as always, I do ask that you pray for discernment so that it may be revealed to you what exactly is going on in the world today. The antichrist will show his face soon, we must be alert, armed and ready!

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    thoughts on arkham knights

    in Video Games

    There been more talk about the batman game plus there been talk now they want push it for holiday. They having more problems while then been making the game and there working out the bugs on it. They did say this is the finale game for arkham games. But there been talk they want bring in superman in the game at the end. And maybe to world finest game. I think they should have game come out around the same time when batman superman movie comes out. If it true if man of steel comes in at the end. There been so many talk about the game. But if u heard any thing about the game call in and share on what u heard. People been waiting for This games and also been trying guess on who the knight is.