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    Radio Show: Love Notes from Hell: Addictions and Obsessions

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    The other forms of addiction besides alcohol, food, and drugs.
    Steps you can take to begin your journey of healing.
    How to increase your self-confidence by acknowledging your desires.

    Background and Guest Information:

    When you heal spiritually, you transform.  When you transform, you are no longer in bondage to anything.  We cannot see what our negative habits are doing to us, only what they are doing for us. In other words, we think they enable us to do more and be more, but we are in denial about the toll they’re really taking on our bodies, our relationships, our finances, and our souls.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Roy Nelson as they discuss the spiritual solution to illuminate and heal the underlying causes of addictions.

    Roy Nelson is known as “the last resort” for those who cannot stop their self-destructive habits.  Living with a violent, alcoholic father drove him to pursue a life of distraction by any means possible – until he conceded that his self-imposed hell was killing him. It was then that he had a profound experience that changed everything.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play in your hormone and skin care health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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    "November Nights" - Fear, Phobias & Obsessions!

    in Psychology

    Who hasn't been either filled with fear, had a phobia or an obsession during their lifetime?  It's a very common occurrence to experience one or all of these things as we make it through our existence.  All three of them can hold us back from being or doing all that we want in life.  It is up to us to fight these urges and to not give into them.
    Join us this coming Sunday to discuss these 3 painful things that bind us.  We will be talking about what they all are, how they can affect us and how to learn to deal with them, so they don't take us over and ruin the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead in the days to come.  Whether these things are a result of hardship or something new we are developing, we can defeat the fear, phobias and obsessions we may be feeling.
    Call in and share stories of your experiences with these emotional hurdles...you are surely not alone.

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    Lady Boner, Current & Upcoming books & Audio Books

    in Books

    Lady Boner: when, who, and what you can win

    Current reads/rereading/upcoming reads  

    Audio book discussion (what we like and who we like reading them)

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    <3 VaLeNtInE's DaY! <3

    in Romance

    Love? Love, love, love. What IS LoVe? Unrequited Love? Eternal Love? True Love? -Osexualities and -Amories and -Ogamies, Oh My. Crushes, Infatuations, Obsessions, Realizations and Revelations. We talk LLL-OVE! {YuCk!}

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    Transcendence: an Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity

    in Technology

    Authors R. U. Sirius and Jay Cornell discuss their new book, Transcendence: the Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity. 

    In nearly ninety A-Z entries, Transcendence provides a multilayered look at the accelerating advances in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, genomics, information technology, nanotechnology, neuroscience, space exploration, synthetic biology, robotics, and virtual worlds that are making transhumanism a reality. Entries range from Cloning and Cyborg Feminism to Designer Babies and Memory-Editing Drugs. In addition, the book notes historical predecessors and personalities, both in mythology and history--ranging from Timothy Leary to Michael Jackson to Ray Kurzweil. It also introduces the culture around Transhumanism, covering all the geeky obsessions of the Transhumanist movement.

    Want to get un-disinformed about Transhumanism and the Singularity?

    Join us.

    Also, check out their site.

    Our Guests:

    R. U. Sirius (Ken Goffman) is a writer, editor, and well-known digital iconoclast. He was co-publisher of the first popular digital magazine, Mondo 2000, from 1989-1993 and co-editor of the popular Book Mondo 2000: A user's Guide to the New Edge. He has written about technology and culture for Wired, Rolling Stone, and Boing Boing. He also lectures widely.

    Jay Cornell is the former managing editor of h+ Magazine and senior web developer at Landkamer Partners.

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    We R Discussing the NFL NFC Championship Game w/William Tasch & Patti J. Smith

    in Books

    Is this a blogtalk show for authors or are we doing something different here?

    We are doing both!

    William Tasch,"Outlaw Salvation",and Patti J. Smith,"Grave Obsessions", are both authors but they also happen to be fans of the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks respectively.

    They are going to be breaking down the big game and discussing each teams season.

    We may even save some time to discuss the AFC Championship game as well.

    Please join us for the fun!


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    It’s the “Sound of Soul” Edition with R&B Singer & Songwriter AL ANCAR!

    in Entertainment

    Join host Tanya M. Dixon for another special “Sounds of Soul” edition of ART Imitates LIFE Radio Show as she welcomes R&B singer and songwriter Al Ancar on the “Soul Spotlight”!  We will speak with Al about his journey in the music industry and the incredible work that he is doing in R&B music!

    We'll have “Hot Off the Press” and “Healthy Lifestyles” and in the 2nd hour of the show “The Living Room” segment will highlight the topic "Social Media Obsessions:  Can you go for one day without going onto any kind of social media?  Is social media hindering your productivity or the productivity of anyone around you?  Do you or any of your friends/colleagues need a social media intervention?”

    Call us during the live show at (347) 945-7191!

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    Dissecting the 2014 Washington County Board of Education race: A TELL ALL!

    in News

    Ryan will give a month-by-month account of the campaign and will highlight the following:

    The decision to run for the Board of Education
    Ryan’s political and personal background and “baggage”
    Campaign preparation and kickoff
    Sign Waving and Door Knocking
    The Fundraisers and Monies Raised
    The Guessford, Harshman and Stouffer Slate
    The unforgettable smear campaigns on social media  
    The inflamed rhetoric
    The core opposition to Ryan’s campaign and all parties involved
    The “anti-Ryan Miner” sign encounter
    The Primary Win in June
    The Toby Frevert encounter and the subsequent social media affront
    Todd Roberts’ obsessions
    The Anti-Facebook page
    Amber Sheffler and the infamous Herald-Mail letter
    Guessford, Harshman and Stouffer baggage
    Mike Guessford’s forum dodges and political baggage
    The Herald-Mail forum
    The Chamber Forum
    WC Parents and her behind-the-scenes activism for The Guessford, Harshman and Stouffer Slate
    The WC Parents/Teachers’ Association “Meet and Chat” in October the decision not to attend
    WCTA’s Neil Becker confrontation in Dunkin Donuts
    The ILLEGAL wiretap and YouTube videos and who was behind it 
    Signs, signs and more signs
    The Herald-Mail endorsements and editorial board
    Election Day in November and “the day after”
    Moving beyond the campaign

    If you want to be part of the show, please call (646) 716-5971. Join Ryan Miner this Wednesday at 9:00 P.M. EST for a TELL-ALL ACCOUNT of the 2014 Washington County Board of Education race. 

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    Dark Kiss ; The world of Vampirism

    in Paranormal



    DARK KISS; The world of Vamprisim PART ONE

    All shows this month will be about vampires, the myth, the legend, the reality. Join the Collective as we explore vampirism from a historical stand point all the way into the fiction of the past and now our latest obsessions with the undead. Care to bite? Call in! Get in chat! Join the collective!


    Travel with host Magenta and Cohost Joey as we discuss the origns of vampirism, the mythology that is truely immortalized.


    Special guest to be announced!






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    End Pet Insanity - The Berserker Bastion

    in Politics

    This evening will be devoted to addressing the existing obsession many of our people have with their pets, dogs and cats, and other animals.  There are some benefits and healthy aspects of caring for animals, but it doesn't take much to have it get out of control and become an obsession.  In some cases, this obsession causes the pet owners to care more for their pets and other animals than for their own kind.  When "animal lovers" care more for non-human animals over their own kind, then that becomes a problem for everyone. 


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    Eric Maisel-Life Purpose Boot Camp with Scott Cluthe

    in Books

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    Scott Cluthe spends quality time tonight Live with Eric Maisel. Maisel has introduced his 8 week program, Life Purpose Boot Camp. Are you ready to strap on the  Big Boy/Girl pants and get at it ? Find out tonight. Call in: 347-308-8478 

    Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than 40 books. His interests include creativity and the creative life, the field of creativity coaching which he founded, and natural psychology, the new psychology of meaning that he has recently been developing.

    Dr. Maisel’s recent books include Life Purpose Boot Camp (New World Library, 2014), Settled (Motivational Press, 2014),Secrets of a Creativity Coach (Motivational Press, 2014), Why Smart People Hurt(Conari Press, 2013), Making Your Creative Mark (New World Library, 2013),Natural Psychology: The New Psychology of Meaning (Natural Psychology Press, 2012) Rethinking Depression (New World Library, 2012), Mastering Creative Anxiety (New World Library, 2011), and (with his wife Ann Maisel) Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions (New World Library, 2010).

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