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    Being Obsessed with Service to Others

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    Rescue yourself…then maybe…you can rescue me! The Soul’s Intent defines ‘faith’ as hope that has been rewarded. Many of us in the helping professions, and even those of us who accommodate our loved ones, can lose hope because of seemingly little reward. Often this is a reaction to ‘life as it is’ and the precarious state of our situation. Tune in this week as Nancy and I discuss what to do when you feel overwhelmed and hopelessly enmeshed in issues of separation, limitation, and judgment. It turns out that these feelings are deeply rooted in a world that is undergoing a profound transformation. The key is to focus on healing the division within yourself. In doing so, you offer healing to the rest of us. Tonight’s show discusses how many of us underestimate the power of our own personal transformation. If you feel that your personal world is “falling apart” and these feelings manifest as hopelessness, you are going to want to listen in. Your presence has a divine purpose! Conscious participation in the greater scheme of things means you can explore and play compassionately to facilitate change. This is no small deal. For those of you that are obsessed with finding your ‘purpose’ …keep it simple. Your purpose can be as simple as expressing love and that is enough! Hold yourself in the same compassion as you hold others and you and the world will be fine.

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    Depressed and/or Obsessed? Information Station

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    Depressed?  Obsessed with a person, place, or thing? Tune in here for some fascinating information to help transform your mental wellbeing.  Helpful suggestions from a nutritional stand to positive thinking.  This will be covered in this upcoming show.  
    As seasons change so do we.  Our thoughts, our actions, and our bodies.  Insightful indepth and easy to incorporate into your everyday life with the food you eat, the supplement/vitamins you can take, exercise, and the thought patterns that spin in your head.
    Pull up a speaker or headset and listen in on keys to eliminating depression and obsession - let's just take this one step at a time!

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    Positively Autistic - Jeanette's Autism Show

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    This is Jeanette Purkis's radio show where she and invited guests talk about all things Autism. Jeanette is an Autistic author, advocate and public speaker and is passionate about empowering people on the Autism spectrum to live fulfilled and positive lives. Jeanette is a keen advocate for inclusion and appropriate support for people with Autism spectrum conditions in such areas as employment, education, parenting and access to health services.

    This week Jeanette will be speaking with Jeff Craig, an epigenetic researcher at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. Jeanette has asked friends and contacts to come up with some questions for Jeff given that genetic research can be a little bit contentious. This show could generate some differences of opinion and robust discussion - often a good thing.

    Jeff Craig decribes himself as a researcher at work and in the garden. In his early career, he was locked inside a dark room for a few years studying human chromosomes. Seven years ago he saw the light and started working with human early life cohorts, which made his life much more interesting. He now blames epigenetics for every chronic illness, spouts forth such phrases as "you are what your mother ate" and is just starting to produce evidence to support these ideas. He believes that students, General Practitioners, and the public need to know about his crazy ideas and frequently speaks to them to get feedback to inspire his research. He is also obsessed with twins and thinks that they hold the key to understanding to roots of all human health problems. Jeff's aim is to use the science of 'epigenetics' to detect autisms early and to help understand the causes and mechanisms of autisms.

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    IWS Radio isn't Dead, it Just Smells Funny

    in Comedy

    There's too much and not enough going on in the world right now. Well, at least in Matt-Man and Jayman's worlds. So, Matt and Jay are just hanging out shootin' the breeze and talking about whatever they think of this week. Maybe they'll touch on politics or sports or pop culture or just do some navel gazing. Who knows? One thing we do know is it will be funny. Probably.

    April is National Poetry Month so there will be some rhyming going on and maybe even some hot haiku action! You just never know with these two talented and irreverent guys. Matt and Jay are obsessed with so many things yet they are very easily distracted. You have to pay close attention or you'll get lost trying to keep up wtih them.

    There might be some trips down memory lane too. Matt and Jay and the gang might revisit some old ideas like "The Third Person Show" or maybe "The NPR Show." Or maybe they won't! That's just how wacky those two are! There will also be bad songs of the week and a discussion about Jayman's sudden love of punk rock and Frank Zappa.

    Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be along to help entertain the masses. They've got a blank canvas this week and I know you can't wait to see what these artists paint this week. We know it won't be a boring old landscape and there won't be any happy little accidents! Plus they'll be taking your calls! The phone lines are always open at 661.244.9852!

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    The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac, Best Book of 2015, Author Sharma Shields

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    When Eli Roebuck was a little boy, his mother left the family with a large, hairy creature that Eli would come to think of as a Sasquatch.  Author Sharma Shields joins host Linda Rez of Minstrel and Muse to discuss her incredible debut novel, The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac, Eli's quest to find and destroy the mythical Sasquatch, Mr. Krantz.  As the reviewer for The Stranger commented, "It's a hell of a book", the television rights have been secured and it's one of Entertainment Weekly and O Magazine's best of 2015.  

    Publisher's Notes:

    Eli Roebuck was nine years old when his mother walked off into the woods with "Mr. Krantz," a large, strange, hairy man who may or may not be a sasquatch. What Eli knows for certain is that his mother went willingly, leaving her only son behind. For the rest of his life, Eli is obsessed with the hunt for the bizarre creature his mother chose over him, and we watch it affect every relationship he has in his long life--with his father, with both of his wives, his children, grandchildren, and colleagues. We follow all of the Roebuck family members, witnessing through each of them the painful, isolating effects of Eli's maniacal hunt, and find that each Roebuck is battling a monster of his or her own, sometimes literally. The magical world Shields has created is one of unicorns and lake monsters, ghosts and reincarnations, tricksters and hexes. The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac is boldly imaginative throughout, and proves to be a devastatingly real portrait of the demons that we as human beings all face.

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    Mason Stokes, Author of "Saving Julian" Thursday, April 23, 9PM EST

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    Saving Julian is a darkly comic journey into the sad, strange world of ex-gay ministry.  The novel tells the story of Paul Drucker, a 58-year-old psychology professor and part-time preacher.  Author of Saving Our Boys from the Gay Menace, Paul is much in demand on the ex-gay lecture circuit, sharing the heterosexual gospel with those in need.  As he tells his audiences, “there’s no such thing as a gay man.  There are only men with unmet homoemotional love needs.  And this can be fixed.” But when Paul is caught with Julian, a 21-year-old “escort” he found online, he knows his world is about to fall apart. 

    At the age of twelve, Mason Stokes thought he was a New York Jewish intellectual.  Turns out he was just a gay southerner with a fondness for early-period Woody Allen.  But since both options would have gotten him beaten up, he made other choices, devoting himself to quiet study, courtly manners, and non-threatening outfits. 

    At the age of twelve, Mason Stokes thought he was a New York Jewish intellectual.  Turns out he was just a gay southerner with a fondness for early-period Woody Allen.  But since both options would have gotten him beaten up, he made other choices, devoting himself to quiet study, courtly manners, and non-threatening outfits. 

    This led naturally to an English major (the last refuge of scoundrels), where he found himself obsessed with Russian literature, an obsession he abandoned after failing, on repeated tries, to make it more than halfway through The Brothers Karamazov. 

    Mason teaches at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Saving Julian is his first novel.

    For more information please go to www.masonstokes.com



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    Nobody's Safe

    in Comedy

    Damien, Ali, and Vlad get in the conversation about Vlad's trip to the podiatrist, how it's time for someone in the rap game to drop the new summer anthem, a hilarious discussion about the video of Warren Sapp's hooker-related arrest, the upcoming Pacquiao/Mayweather fight, and the idea of becoming obsessed with something to achieve greatness. All that and more, so check it out.

    Follow @dlemoncomedy @mrmuhammad @LaughingVlad and @StandUpNYLabs

    Watch live on DailyMotion, Tuesdays at 6:00pm: www.dailymotion.com/video/x2hj1sj_s…y-labs-live_fun

    Keep up with the conversation on Facebook: www.facebook.com/intheconversation

    Check out all the other podcasts on this network at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

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    'Obsessed with the Dress' Michele Strom & Miss Florida USA

    in Entertainment

    Pageant Insider News radio is hosted by pageant veteran and jouranlist, Tamika Hall.  An extension of the popular site: www.pageantinidernews.com
    On this week's show:
    Michele Strom: WE TV's Obsessed with the Dress, owner of Winning Crown: www.winningcrown.com Brittany Oldehoff, Miss Flordia UsA 2014: www.brittanyoldehoff.com Sponsors:
    Pageant Paperie-Make Your Own Pageant Headshots www.zazzle.com/pageantmarketing Rena Bullard, Author of D.I.Y. Color Confidence: www.redecoratingbyrena.com

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

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    Going Around Jericho- The Series shared on The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club - DanaPSpeaksNetwork- Talk Live Radio Show, is a passonate topic of discussion for the Host, BeckyG2. The scripture reference for this topic of discussion is: Joshua 6:1-22 and the Key Verse is Joshua 6:3

    When I have a problem in my life; it can look as big as Jericho. The wall may look formidable; defying the prayers and petitions of many. In my waking moments I find myself going around and around my dilemma. It's easy to be so dominated by the challenge you face that yo just keep going--around and around--obsessed with it. God told Joshua to go around Jericho once every day (6:3). Then he was to return to camp and attend to other things. This helped me. I learned to discipline myself to go around my particular Jericho only once! True, there was an appropriate time for Joshua and his men to circumnavigate the city seven times (6:4-15). and there is an appropriate time for me to spend special effort in focused prayer about my difficulty. But I learned to wait for God to direct me into such a time. Joshua had company going around Jericho--the whole army! It's good to march with others. There's strength in the fellowship of believers who have the same focus and goals and who lend comfort and encouragement to each other. The priests carried the Ark of the Lord containing the two tablets of stone with the Ten Commandments inscribed b the finger of God (6:6). The Ark of the Lord represented the presence of Yahweh with his people and his word that must be obeyed. Each day as I went around my own Jericho: sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, I took the Ark with me reminding myself of God's presence and his word--a presence and word that had the power to pull down strongholds. The walls will crumble one day, and it will all be over. God will get the glory, and the hard marched in the heat of the day will be forgotten in the sweet taste of victory

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    Phoenix Calida Gets Mass Reported And Banned By White Atheists Who Won't Debate.

    in Entertainment

    Phoenix Calida Gets Mass Reported And Banned By White Atheists Who Won't Debate.

    They Won't try to talk to her like civilized adults. 
    They just report her in large groups because black women saying what they want is a bad thing to them. 

    These White, Atheist Men From The A Club Hangout. From Ateist Nexus. 
    Like Kenneth Campbell, Sam VikingPoet, Samuel Alexander Mack-Poole, Jackie Dean, Rochelle Dolim, Alex Payne,Jersey Darlin, and many other Dusty Smith followers. 

    They line up to shut her down because these people who are usually so obsessed with "debate" just can't do it this time.