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    Hemp Our World | Let's Do this Today!

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    On this Hempisode we are blessed to have Hemp Our World!

    Christian, Jospeph, Brittany & Michael are spearheading the Activist, Educational, World-Bridger Organization HempOurWorld.org Their team is made up of some amazingly inspiring committed and tenacious people! We are really excited to share with you today what their Mission, Vision and Purpose his to help spread hemp and Cannabis knowedlge and wisdom and what they are doing on the front lines to change the laws but most importantly change the people minds about what hemp is and what it can be for the Whole World the Benefit and Prosper.

    Let's Connect!

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    My World, Your World, Our World: Where Do We Go From Here? R&MW

    in Culture

    Tonight we celebrate the return of the Religion and the Modern World show. Also, in reflecting on 2014, host Kasaun E. Henry discusses where do we, "human civilization," go from here.

    Be sure to tune in online or call in (646-478-0309), at 8:30PM-9:30PM EST.

    The World of Ideas is here to change the world one conversation at a time.

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    Retooling for Our Coming of Age with Jeff Dunphy

    in Spirituality

    The time has come for humanity to awaken and come to terms with some fundamental truths about what is going on the world!!

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    World Kitchen Presents Wedding Day Radio: Ed Case

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    There’s no doubt the world’s getting smaller. And in that process, interfaith marriages are becoming more common. But how to navigate the tricky territory that comes with this trend? “The single most popular piece of content on our site is the Guide to Wedding Ceremonies for Interfaith Couples,” Ed Case, CEO of Interfaith Family, tells Wedding Planning Radio host Jeannie Uyanik. “That explains a lot about Jewish wedding traditions and how to incorporate other traditions into a Jewish ceremony. And our highest traffic month is December, because couples have to figure out what to do about Christmas and Hannuka. The best advice I can give to the families of interfaith couples who are coming together for the first time is to be accepting of the bride and groom’s choices. Just go forward on that basis.”

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    World Kitchen Presents Wedding Day Radio: Naomi Levine

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    Naomi “The Cake Aussie” Levine has made name for herself as a master baker whose creations have been the toast of many a Midwest wedding since 2004. So we were curious to learn what confectionary delight she served at her own nuptials. “It had to be over the top. And it wasn’t just one, it was two cakes: One for me and one for John,” the TipsyCake founder tells The Wedding 101 Show host David Rothstein of her hubby. “We love to create cakes that are a true reflection of the groom’s personality and passion. And John has been a vinyl DJ forever, and he loves Pabsy Blue Ribbon beer. So I decided to do a six-pack of Pabst as the base of the cake. And on the top we put vinyl records and a figurine of John spinning records.  We also added a figurine of me and our five-year-old son.”

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    Disney World Junkies Episode 5

    in Family

    Come join the Disney Maniac Frank Goodman and the Vinylmation Man Mike Zevon for another fun and entertaining episode of the Disney World Junkies Podcast! 

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    World Kitchen Presents Wedding Day Radio: Therez Fleetwood

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    Call it Ken-do attitude. “I started dressing my Barbie dolls when I was 10 years old,” bridal designer Therez Fleetwood, who’d go on to create the only Afrocentric costumes ever worn by Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World, tells Wealthy Sistas host Deborah Hardnett. “So my mother sent me to sewing school. But I wasn’t a big fan of that, and quit after three months. Then my mother bought me a sewing machine, but I didn’t do anything with it for about three years. Then something hit me and I took it out one day and started sewing non-stop. I’ve been at it ever since.”

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    World Kitchen Presents Wedding Day Radio: Felecia Hatcher

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    If a Good Humor-like ice-cream truck is the last thing you’d expect to see at a wedding reception—particularly one toting wine-flavored treats—you’re in for a big surprise.  “We drive up with the old-school music playing right out of the truck, and it just lights up the crowd. They’re turning around trying to figure out where it’s coming from,” Felecia Hatcher of Feverish Ice Cream tells I Do Radio host Angela Chester. “What’s unique about our ice-cream truck is all the different selections that brides and gooms have for their event. We did a themed wedding last year and we had wine ice cream, Japanese mochi balls, we do vegan-friendly ice cream as well. The wine ice cream has been around just for few years, and there are flavors like peach Zinfandel, port, chocolate cabernet and a cherry chardonnay.”

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    Retooling for Our Coming of Age with Jeff Dunphy

    in Spirituality

    Jeff discusses Gold and its broad implications in this next stage of the World's economy and evolution

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    World Wide Africa the Voice of the World/Wide African Pan African Convention

    in Politics

    This episode will be about "THE WORLD/WIDE PAN AFRICAN CONVENTION OF 2015" with my Co-Host Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz.  The discussion will be about the travel plans to Azania and Zimbabwe as well as accomidations.  This will be a Convention on Solutions to the problems of the Black African around the globe. The best way to solve our problems is to first  address them and know them well. This will give us the advantage of seeing how our people are being oppressed all over the World and how we as a Whole can make Solutions not just talk about them. How to contribute to making the lives of our People increase economiclly  and create better World for ourselves and our youth.


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