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    The Virtual Gastric Band: what is it and how does it work?

    in Women

    What is the Virtual Gastric Band? How can it help you? What does it do? Well, have you ever heard of the Gastric Band surgery? Do you know what the Gastric Band actually is? Well, the Gastric Band surgery essentially shrinks your stomach...which essentially results in having a lower appetite..which results in you eating much less...which greatly contributes and results in you losing weight! Now, if we fast forward, the Virtual Gastric Band is the same procedure but done without the use of a surgeon's knife! This technqiue was created by Shiela Grander, a British Hypnotherapist. 

    This surgery in a doctors office would average around $15,000.00. However through hypnotherapy, essentially the same process is done but again without the surgeon's knife..Hence the name the Virtual Gastric Band. 

    The process is about 4 sessions and over perhaps the period of a month or so. Also, you get a free self hypnosis MP3 to listen to daily. So why do you need this MP3? Well, the MP3 will reinforce the gastric band treatment . You will need it so that the mind is reminded to follow the treatment. However you would only have to listen to it daily for about 30 days straight. It's painless and safe. 

    Approximate 30% of Amercians are obese and by 2030, 50% of Americans will also become obese. The Virtual Gatric Band is a natural and holistic alternative to surgery. There are no side effects and no recovery time needed. The band can be adjusted and or even removed anytime by your hypnotherapist.

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    Theo Talks! LIVE!!

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    Don't Miss Tonight's Show!
    "Tonight we discuss: Obama's meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood Officials...A gunman fires blasts into a meeting room in Philadelphia--Gun Laws? Also the Obseity rate is falling in several US States."
    What's going on with Johnny "Football" Manziel?
    "Is it hard to live as a Christian in today's generation or society? Why or why not?"
    Tune in Tonight! (646) 200-3868!
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    What does Weight have to do with it?

    in Spirituality

    Coming out of the Fat's Inaugural Show will address the the ideals surrounding whole wellness that includes Spiritual, Physical, Psychological, and Emotional. 
    Guest and Host: Roschelle West-Ogbuji is the CEO of Cleveland based JC Innovative Solutions, (JCIS) a marketing firm specializing in Public Relations and Strategic Development. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Science in Political Science and Marketing communications from DePaul University in Chicago.  Currently she is completing her Masters in Theology at Liberty University. Roschelle is a member of the Board of Director for Lifebanc in Northeast Ohio and Donate Life America. Her passion for organ and tissue donation was sparked by her decision to donate her 14 MOS. old daughter Anya's organs after a tragic fire claimed the lives of her all three of her children. After the loss of her children she gain nearly 150lbs and tipped the scales at 404lbs.  Two years ago Roschelle decided to regain her spark back by “Coming Out Of The Fat” accordingly to Hebrews 12:1-3 and face the inner weights of life that keep her overweight.   Now she seeks to motivate and inspires others to move into a 360 Wholeness lifestyle (Spirit, Mind, Body, Emotions).  As a champion for the “We is for Wellness and I is for Illness” campaign Roschelle brings a unique perspective to the  challenges faced in our community.  Currently, Roschelle is separated and raising their two beautiful daughters, Ngozi 4, and Nkiru 3.

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    The Local Artist Movement

    in Hip Hop Music

    "Obseity in our youth and children"

    Listen as we talk about this growing epidemic in our youth.

    Welcome to The Local Artist Movement on Keep It Moving Radio™.

    Here we spin, promote, and interview your areas hottest local and unsigned artist.

    Pulling out all the stops with talking about everything from dating to finances and everything in between.

    Check out wwww.keepitmovingradio.com for all your promotional needs.

    You can also email me at info@keepitmovingradio.com


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    Mr. Sandman, Bring me a DREAM!

    in Entertainment

    Hey there TEA SIPPERS!! We are kicking off the NEW YEAR with something that will IMPROVE one's quality of LIFE!!  As you all know I am using MY LIFE to be the spokesperson for BIG BOY HEALTH and today's show will deal with SLEEP APNEA and it's THERAPY!
    My guest today is Ms. Tracy Nasca, a SLEEP APNEA patient and advocate who will share what she has learned over the last 20 plus years with her journey with Sleep Apnea and Therapy!
    This is going to be a very EMPOWERING show and a very wonderful way to JUMPSTART the NEW YEAR...