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    Buffalo History Museum with Cynthia Van Ness

    in History

    Today Cynthia Van Ness, Director of Library and Archives at the Buffalo History Museum, joins Jane to talk about the archives and library at what is otherwise known as the Buffalo and Eric County Historical Society. Find out what gems can be found at the library, especially its War of 1812 collection, the Williamsville Hospital records from the War of 1812 and the 99,000-name newspaper obituary card file.


    Catalog: http://opac.libraryworld.com/opac/home.php



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    Sex, Religion, and Surviving Purity Culture

    in Current Events

    Chante and Charley will be joined tonight by Dana Smith, a survivor of "purity culture" programming. We'll discuss religion and sexuality and how we each had to find an alternative to the standard religious dogmas. You can read Dana's blog at http://cactusblossoms.wordpress.com

    In her blog post, "an out of line obituary," Dana talks about her obsession with purity advocate Elisabeth Elliott's books and the way they reinforced her emotional insecurities about her body and sexuality, while living under the scrutiny of heteronormative, conservative evangelical leadership.

  • Sinister Death

    in Film

    19th, done in honor to the passing of Frank Watkins, member of the band Obituary and then Gorgoroth, this show has 3 covers done from the band Obituary. Otherwise this is still the most vile, offensive, intense brutal mayhem insanity on the air! Featuring music from many underground bands (suggestions given by FANS) and underground and buried labels, from all over the world! 

    https://www.facebook.com/Shredding-Metal-Beasts-675259772549628/ - Look for Sinister Death #19 Show post on 10/22/15 for the Playlist.


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    Third Eye Cinema 7/13/14 w James Murphy of Death, Obituary, Cancer & Testament

    in Entertainment

    This week on Third Eye Cinema: a true legend in death metal, the one and only James Murphy!

    The first, and perhaps only true guitar hero in the death metal genre, James debuted as a touring member of classic speed metallers Agent Steel, and in short order found himself performing on a number of key albums in the glory days of death metal: Death's Spiritual Healing, Obituary's Cause of Death, Cancer's Death Shall Rise, and his own Disincarnate with Dreams of the Carrion Kind, as well as being a ubiquitous guest soloist on any number of albums recorded by legendary producer Scott Burns at Florida's Morrisound studios!

    After appearing on a few well respected records from Bay Area thrashers Testament, James turned his hand towards a pair of solo records and a new career in production, before hitting a devastating setback no one could have predicted.  

    Now back on track and working as both producer and musician on a number of projects (including a planned Disincarnate album!), we chat with James about everything from soup to nuts, from his earliest days in music through the heyday of death metal and right up to the present day!

    Join us as we speak to James Murphy, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

    Week 85 (Sun. July 13) with James Murphy of Death, Obituary, Cancer, Testament and Disincarnate


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    Art of Obituary Writing

    in Writing

    Learn tips, tools, and techniques on how to write an obituary. Learn about the anatomy of an obituary, as well as how to work through life events, such as adoption and divorce.

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    in Entertainment

    One of America’s most beloved writers, Ann Hood, joins Halli at her table, Wednesday, September 2, 3 pm ET on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show.

    Ann Hood is the author of six works of fiction, including the bestseller THE KNITTING CIRCLE and most recently THE OBITUARY WRITER, as well as a memoir, COMFORT: A JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF, chronicling the death of her five-year-old daughter Grace and her subsequent search for healing. She is also the editor of KNITTING YARNS: WRITERS ON KNITTING. The winner of two Pushcart prizes as well as Best American Food Writing, Best American Travel Writing, and Best American Spiritual Writing Awards, her essays and short stories have appeared in many journals, magazines, and anthologies, including The Paris Review, Ploughshares, and Tin House. She is a faculty member in the MFA in Creative Writing program at The New School in New York City and also teaches at NYU. Her latest best-seller tells the stirring multigenerational story of an Italian-American family. In THE ITALIAN WIFE, Ann Hood brings us a delicious family saga, at its heart the life of the extraordinary Josephine Rimaldi—her joys, sorrows, and passions, a story that spans more than seven decades and as many generations, a sweeping and evocative portrait of a family bound by love and heartbreak.

    What better time to sit down and read  a fantastic family saga than the end of summer? Wednesday, September 2, 3 pm ET learn all about Ann Hood’s latest book THE ITALIAN WIFE on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    UGP #396 New Dogs, New Times, New Ideas

    in Politics Conservative

    We draw some decisions based on the GOP debates, and I make public my new opinion on Dr Ben Carson as a candidate...

    Then we move to some quick thoughts concerning the so called Iranian treaty, especially the prima facia examples of unconstitutionalities it embodies…

    Also, we will be treated to another rant by our very own Unpleasant Blind Guy (UBG)

    http://www.nfl.com/videos/new-york-giants/0ap3000000508084/Frank-Gifford-obituary …

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    Your Family Name Was Not Changed at Ellis Island - Kenneth A. Bravo, JD

    in History

    Why the New York Times is Wrong – Using Basic Genealogy Tools and Methods to Show that Your Family Name Was Not Changed At Ellis Island.

    There is a common misconception, call it an old wives tale or an urban legend, that family names were often changed at Ellis Island.  Such myths gain a great deal of credibility when newspapers such as the New York Times, the country’s “paper of record”, perpetuates these myths by repeating them, in this case in obituaries.

    When Kenneth saw one of these obituaries a few years ago, he wrote to the Times pointing out their error and suggesting sources that they could check to verify what he was saying.  When they seemed to ignore him, he did the research on the family of the person named in the obituary and was able to show what the name was when the family immigrated and how the family name changed as they adapted to life in the United States.  He sent all of the proof to the Times and was still ignored.  Finally the Times responded.  They were not going to do anything to correct the erroneous obituary but suggested they might do a news story on the issue.  The experience led him to do a search of other Times obituaries with the Ellis Island story.  He located about half a dozen.  After doing the research on each, he was able to show the original name for each of them.

    Kenneth A. Bravo received his JD from The Ohio State University, College of Law and his B.A. degree in Economics from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  He is Vice President of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) and, the former president and current member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland.  Bravo has lectured on a number of genealogical topics.

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    Honoring Your Legacy: What Will You Be Remembered For?

    in Women

    In journalism class, one of our first assignments was to write our obituary. It was a task that got one to think about ones life and achievements, and what's really important in life. Some legendary men and women have chosen this time to make their transition, and as we honor their lives we reflect on what we learned from them, and what we will create that honors their legacy. We are the people we have been waiting for to come and change the world. So today's assignment is to write your own obituary. What will be said about YOU at your home going ceremony? Whose lives did you touch with your work? Who have you left behind to carry on your vision?


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    Re-telecast former Hen's Pen Hostess and Jehovah's Witness Marilyn Marsh

    in Religion

    Saturday 03/07/15 12pm ET/ 11am CTRL/10am MTN/9am Pac Call in and listen at 1-347-934-0379 or during and after the program online at:


    Marilyn Marsh our dear sister has gone home to be with her Lord and we honor her this day by this re-telecast. She was a valiant warrior for Christ, endearing host to the Hen's Pen program, and you can learn more about her through video and in her obituary which you can sign at:


    Her video Testimony at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnA-85jRG2I

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    How do you want to spend the time you have left?

    in Goals


    How about? How do you want the rest of your life to be?  Let's think about what you want the focus of the rest of your life to be.  If you wrote your obituary today what would it say?  What do you want it to say?

    Please join us this evening on BlogTalkRadio for another great chat on Discussions with Delia.


    BlogTalkRadio - DiscussionsWithDelia - Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 6:30pm

    Do call in live on 619639462


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