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    ObamaCare's enrollment problems plus more on the Benghazi hearings

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    Guest:  Frank Burke, author and businessman.....we will look at recent stories about Obama Care's enrollment problems, such as many workers refusing to sign up for the program........they reject high premiums and deductibles......how much longer can this program survive before some major corrections?   Also, we will hear Frank's impressions of the Benghazi hearings............

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    A look at the Benghazi hearings with Richard Baehr of American Thinker

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    Guest:  Richard Baehr, Chief Political Correspondent of American Thinker, joins me for a look at the Benghazi hearings...........partisanship was high..........how can you have a serious inquiry when the Democrats are in the tank for the witness?   The GOP asked tough questions but the Democrats were utterly irresponsible........what does it say about the US Congress and the upcoming presidential election...................

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    James Hirsen discusses Hillary & Benghazi on Bill Martinez Live

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    Hillary´s benghazi testiminy were NOT a home run as reported but an expose on her complcity in not being forthright with the Amercian people about Benghazi. As James Hirsen says testimony whispers and documents scream. The emails to Chelsea and others show that Hillary Clinton knew it was a terrorist attack from day 1. The question that now must be asked is why did the Obama administration advance the Benghazi attack narrative as a product of an anti islamic video? 

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    Obama-gate on Benghazi & amnesty

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    should Obama use the power of the executive orders to bypass Congress and allow amnesty?

    Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) invited people who are in the country illegally to Capitol Hill with the list of 14 things that Obama could do right now without congressional approval.

    what did Obama do when he got the call that the consulate was under attack?

    that is the question that investigators [finally] are asking [reluctantly] as House Speaker John Boehner is expected to announce the newly established Benghazi select committee to investigate the matter.

    not unexpectedly, Nancy Pelosi accuse Republicans of "and unending eagerness to explode" the Benghazi attack as being yet another deeply partisan and political review.

    to recap, the attack on the embassy and the deaths of four American constant members in Benghazi Libya on September 11 was a coordinated military attack by Al Qaeda however, the blame went to a "spontaneous crowd incest over video."

    conspiracy? Cover-up? Or what's really going on will express our opinions on this matter Saturday, May 10 4 PM Pacific time.

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    Benghazi Hearings Show How Uninformed Most Americans and Lawmakers Are

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    We learned 2 things from the Benghazi hearings.

    First, the corrupting nature of money in politics makes our lawmakers look out of touch and ignorant of how things work.

    Second, the American public needs to take some responsibility.  We are uninformed and we allow this to happen – or some of us root for this to happen.

    The chaos of these latest Benghazi hearings didn’t surprise me.  They reminded me of a cross country flight I took years ago.  I sat next to a sitting member of Congress.

    How often do you hear about bills -- passed into law -- that are written -- word for word -- by special interests who have paid a lot of money to get these lawmakers elected.

    We saw the same thing during the Benghazi hearings.

    Clearly most of the members on the Benghazi committee are either uninformed or purposely ignorant of foreign-policy.
    That's because we are as a nation.

    Too often we look for black and white answers to foreign policy questions.  Why?  Because it is easier.  So we rely on information from people who are bribed by special interests.  Think about it.  Would you want to go to a doctor who is being paid by the big drug companies?

    Too often we look at politics as another sporting event – rooting for one team or the other.  Why? It is easy.  You seem to have a personal connection to one party or the other, so you root for them.  The problem is when you root for your favorite sporting team – when the game or season is over it has not changed or affected your life, your livelihood, or your kids futures.  In this political football game, you are playing with serious stuff – like the deaths of 4 Americans.


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    Seeing that Obama does hate the United States Constitution because of these facts under U. S. Const. Art.I §8 cl.1-20, whereby the States hate the right[s] to determine law[s] in which a person is to be taxed and not the federal government. Also the executive branch of government action in taking a Executive Order. This means that Obama cannot make any law[s] that has to deal with any law[s] on immigration.

    U.S.Const.art. II does state Obama is to just enforce the law[s] and second four of U.S.Const.art. II states anything else is a violation and Obama can be prosicutited under U.S. Const. art. II secontion 4. 

    The UN. sustainble development agenda plain for a clean climent are the same for Obama hates the oil pipeline and to have Americans working.

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    Irate, Tireless Minority - Benghazi and Books and News of the Day

    in Politics Conservative

    Todays show will look at releases by Judicial Watch about Benghazi, two of the authors featured here previously - Thomas Umstattd Jr. and Suzanne Venker and then go on to the news of the day with whatever time remains. 

    Doing my best to help the Lord set the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men and to restore America, God willing, to the beacon of freedom she was meant to be.


    S. 2146 fillibustered on cloture attempt. 

     Police ask school children to sign a gun pledge. 


    Benghazi and Judicial Watch

    Doing What's Right:

    Courtship In Crisis  by former courtship advocate Thomas Umstattd Jr. is out

    What is Suzanne Venker, co-author of The Flipside of Feminism, up to now? Being disinvited from an uncomfortable speaker series at Williams College.

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    Coffee Klatch: Biden Baseball & Benghazi Time Edition

    in Pop Culture

    Pop culture & political commentary collide with music at the speed of life!

    We’re Biden our time… on Joe’s big decision and waiting for exciting outcomes in the baseball play-off series & the Benghazi hearings. So Amy Beth rocks through another chaotic sideshow.

    And we scare up some seasonal tunes, too!

    Listeners chime in with their #BigStory & #Forgotten45 requests.

    Plus: Motivational jumpstarts & Inspiration to Action shout-outs!

    Tweet 24/7 @abwrites 

    Call during the show ONLY 347-857-4505 

    Join us LIVE or later on demand! 

    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and wherever fine work is sold.  

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    Is President Obama a Leader ?

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    Le­on Pan­etta ar­gued that for all of Barack Obama’s strengths, he is miss­ing an es­sen­tial in­gredi­ent of lead­er­ship. He lacks “fire,” wrote Obama’s former CIA dir­ect­or and Pentagon chief. “The pres­id­ent re­lies on the lo­gic of a law pro­fess­or rather than the pas­sion of a lead­er.”Obama has proved Pan­etta right again and again dur­ing his pres­id­ency, but nev­er more dan­ger­ously so than with his shoulder-shrug ap­proach to IS­IS. Obama called it a “J.V. team” be­fore it star­ted be­head­ing Amer­ic­ans. He said it was “con­tained” be­fore it at­tacked Par­is. Now he’s call­ing it “a bunch of killers with good so­cial me­dia.”Ron Fournier

    President Obama is tired of all the critics who say his strategy to destroy Islamic State isn't working."The only thing that they're doing is talking as if they're tough," he complained last week. "If folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, [they should] present a specific plan."What the rest of us need, Obama counseled, is more patience. "It's going to take time".Obama was right on one count: ?LATimes

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    C.D. - Hillary's Ears are Ringing: The Benghazi Congressional Hearings

    in Current Events


    Well, it's ON.

    The long anticipated hearings on the Benghazi, Libya tragedy, where 4 Americans, including Ambassador Stevens, were murdered.

    Central to this and previous Congressional sessions, are the partisan perspectives from ether side of the political aisle; the GOP, who control both Houses, feel that Mrs. Clinton has not been forthright, in explaining how the 4 Americans were seemingly left to fend for themselves, against hostile insurgents, while the Democrats have decried the hearings as tantamount to a political witch-hunt, timed as a means to derail her run for the presidency.

    In the meantime, with even an objective observation of the events, one cannot help but notice the utter contempt and defensiveness on the part of Mrs. Cinton. 

    Join us this Saturday, as we review the 11-hour hearing, which some have suggested, only serves to help Mrs. Clinton, in her (scripted?) role as "victim", and as such, ordained to be coronated as the next president of the United States, in 2017?


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    Abraham's Tent Radio Show - Nagmeh Abedini on Iran & Dr. Christian on Benghazi

    in Politics Conservative

    PLEASE LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW WITH PASTOR SAEED ABEDINI's wife, Nagmeh and Dr. Christian's perspective of the Benghazi hearings!   


    Abraham’s Tent is not predictable… it’s not politically correct, nor does it follow the old advice to never discuss religion and politics in polite company. The fact is, the show is all about the intersection of religion with politics and power, examined from the viewpoints of experts on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Tune in for a frank discussion of the people and events shaping our neighborhoods and our world.

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