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    Raro y extraño oarfish se encuentra en la isla de Catalina

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    Baja ahora Phil Friedman OutdoorsRadio tiene todas la última pesca, viajes, camping y más de hermosa Baja California. Usted aprenderá acerca de la mejor pesca en Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto, Ensenada, Rosarito Beach y otros grandes lugares de Baja. También tenemos gran información sobre camping, los mejores lugares para alojarse y comer y grandes eco-tours incluyendo ballenas viendo y así mucho más. Asegúrese de que sintoniza todos los viernes a 14 escuchar la Baja ahora Radio Show Phil Friedman Outdoors para aprender todo sobre el magnífico Baja California.

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    The Forces of Nature

    in Spirituality

    We will be talking about Fake Snow, Schumann Resonances and the many things that are affecting the earth.  We are living in a time where many changes are happening and we must all be aware of the choices we make. The Angelic messages have said that the next seven months are critical.  Join us as we discuss these subjects and more.

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Mark Benfield a sciencist from Louisiana State University is now asking if the Oarfish washing up on the beaches of California could be a "Harbinger of Doom" earthquake for California? Also a massive eruption solor flare of M4-Class hit the Sun on October 22, 2013 and it's sounds were recorded. Also Nuclear Officers in the Air Force left the blast door open intended to help prevent a terrorist or intruders from stealing the codes. Also hundreds of thousands of people are losing their health care plans due to Obamacare. Also Sharia Law unveiled as a 8 year old girl dies on her wedding night in Yemen. Also earthquakes and the Comet ISON reports and other current events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    OCTOBER 2013 WEEK #4A IN REVIEW... (Part 2: Sunday Edition)

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    On this Part 2 of WEEKLY REVIEW in the 4th Week of October, we talk about FRANKEN FOODS like EATING DOGS & CATS in Syria; New KROKODIL DRUG being consumed by Americans; COCKROACHES EATEN AS MEDICINE in China;  and the FRANKENSTEIN ROBOT CALLED REX , as worlds first FULLY BIONIC MAN! Then we take a look at the FUKUSHIMA NEWS updates, as NUCLEAR FUEL REMOVAL IS NOW UNDERWAY with possible APOCALYPTIC RESULTS! Another 7.3 MAG Earthquake has hit Fukushima area this week!  Then we talk about DISEASES & PESTILENCES on the rise, such as POLIO and FLESH-EATING PARASITES in Syria; DEADLY PET FOOD from China kills over 580 pets in America; HIV-infected girl may be CURED OF AIDS from treatments; 100+ HEPATITUS INFECTIONS in Catholic Church in North Dakota; Then we talk about AMOS 7:17 AIR POLLUTION SMOG FOGS in China and FOGAGEDDON in Seattle. Then we get this weeks HOSEA 4:1-3 Prophecy updates with the DOOM HARBINGER SEA SERPENT OARFISH on the CA coastline, as the Top Story! Then we get the latest FLASH FLOOD UPDATES worldwide in the NOAHS DAY FILE. We also read the latest LGBTQ News Headlines; the CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS IN AMERICA updates; the SOLAR FLARE updates; and more, on this issue of Understanding the Final Endtimes, with your Host, Steve Siler....  5 minute call-in at final 15 minutes of show...

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    Freedom Friday Hour: A Week's Recap of Christian Information

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    Babylonian Babies! USA signs petition for Nazi Police State, China couple sells baby for iPhone, Kids kill teachers, atheist attacks pastor, Pope says Christians are mentally ill, Pope resonates Islam, earthquakes in Israel, oarfish the messenger of the gods, and the Philippine wall of rock arises after an earthquake. 
    One Week, One Hour, and One Truth.  Get the week's recap of relevant alternative news that will affect your thinking.  
    The freedom Friday Hour is hosted by Paul and Linda from the KAPOW Radio show.  And sponsored by FifthookMedia.com, a Digital Publisher of eBooks.
    Linda earned degrees in Mathematics, Science and Behavioral Science. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Loma Linda University in California.  She has over 25-years in administrative employment with both federal and local governments.  Her passion for intercessory prayer and Biblical hermeneutics has enhanced her interest in spiritual warfare.  She is the co-author of “Demons in My Marriage Bed:  A True Story of Spiritual Warfare.” 
    Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology from Southeastern University in Florida.  He received a Master of Arts degree in Negotiation and Conflict Management from California State University Dominguez Hills.  He spent over 25-years in law enforcement and retired at the rank of Police Lieutenant.  Paul authored "The Wisdom of Death: Six Paths to Understanding Loss and Grief," and "Martial Arts: A Biblical Perspective.” He is the co-author of “Demons in My Marriage Bed:  A True Story of Spiritual Warfare.” 

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    Baja Now w/ Phil Friedman! Man speared by marlin & lots more

    in Sports

    Marlin turns the tables in Cabo San Lucas and spears a man in the chest.
    Rare oarfish washes up on Cabo Beach
    700-pound marlin
    The latest Cabo update with Pisces Fleet.
    La Paz update on fishing, swimming withwhale sharks and giant manta rays.
    Fun things to do in Rosarito Beach
    El Rey Sol celebrates 65 years in Ensenada
    Go to Turtle Bay on a guided tour
    It's a great time to be in Baja Now!!

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    Japan's Forgotten Vedic Legacy/Omen of The Sea-God's Messenger/Agnihotra Ritual Radiation Defense

    in Culture

    Buddhism rose within the Indian context. Rather than a ‘new religion’ it was simply a new method of practice within the same Dharmic context. We find evidence of this from the Japanese records. The location of Kannon's paradise Fudarakusen most commonly placed near the southern tip of India, suggests a south Indian origin for this deity.At Nara, Kannon is protected by the Shi Tennon (Four Heavenly Kings). These figures were originally four ancient devas in India.Traditional religious art depicts Amida, Seishi, and Kannon descending from the Pure Land (heaven) on clouds to welcome the faithful into Amida's Pure Land of Utmost Bliss. This land is called Gokuraku in Japanese and Sukhavati in Sanskrit. These two words represent an important clue in our investigation. Remembering that the letters ‘R’ and ‘L’ are interchangeable it becomes clear that ‘Gokula’, the highest realm connected to Krishna is the Japanese heaven ‘Gokuraku’/ARTICLE FROM 3/4/2010-Japan-the most earthquake-prone country in the world-is next in line for a major earthquake.Those concerns have been stoked by the unexplained appearance of a fish that is known traditionally as the Messenger from the Sea God's Palace.According to traditional Japanese lore, the fish rise to the surface and beach themselves to warn of an impending earthquake./Agnihotra gives rise to sattva predominant vibrations of the Absolute Cosmic Fire element. The fire created from Agnihotra disintegrates the raja-tama particles and therefore purifies the environment at a spiritual level.It creates a subtle protective sheath around the person performing the ritual. This destroys the raja-tama predominant Absolute Cosmic Fire particles which give rise to the sound frequencies. Thus the destructive Absolute Cosmic Fire from the detonated nuclear device loses its power.

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