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    This is an episode about the meaning of peace,and what it means to be lead by peace.

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    Thus said THE MOST HIGH unto me as HIS MESSAGE to ALL who would believe HIM to be made true to ALL HIS WORD, "TILL WE ARE ONE, WE ARE NOT SAVED!"    DELIVERANCE of mankind will not be at the hands of a DIVIDED PEOPLE seduced to delight in the ways of their OPPRESSORS!  TILL WE ARE ONE, WE ARE NOT SAVED!   WHAT then shall we, WHAT NEED we DO to make it so?     ALL who will be SAVED can know the SAVING TRUTH ONLY at the WORD of ONE!   What then are YOUR LEADERS?

    Isa 48:22  "There is NO PEACE for the lawLESS," says YAH.  49:1 Therefore LISTEN to ME, O isles!  Pay attention, you peoples afar off!  YAH called Me from the womb; From the body of My mother has HE made an oath of deliverance in My NAME.  2  HE has made My mouth like a sharp sword; In the shadow of HIS hand HE has concealed Me, And HE has also made Me a select arrow/ bowman; HE has hidden Me in His quiver.  3  And He said to Me, "You are My Servant, the Servant of Israel, In Whom I will reveal My glory."

    Isa 55:3  Incline your ear, and come to Me; LISTEN to Me, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.  4 Behold, I have given you for a COVENANT to the Gentiles, a ruler and leader to the nations. 

    YAH gives Messiah that He AGREE HIS PEOPLE as ONE, a COVENANT of INVARIANT LIGHT to the NATIONS!  (Isaiah 19:18-25)





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    O ISRAEL!   The PROMISED ONE whose very NAME from BIRTH is an OATH, He is the ONE who holds the COVENANT KEY beyond ALL ILLUSION unto OUR FREEDOM!     He holds the ONLY KEY unto the DELIVERANCE of ISRAEL to at last become the INVARIANT LIGHT unto ALL the NATIONS!    He is the PROMISED ONE who holds the KEY unto GLOBAL PEACE!   He is the AUTHOR and FINISHER of OUR FAITH!    He is the KEY to the RESTORATION of ALL THINGS!    For them who will BELIEVE, He is the divinely appointed instrument of the MOST HIGH YAH!    He holds the KEY to ETERNAL LIFE and PEACE!     He is the HEIR unto whom RIGHTEOUSNESS BELONGS!     He is the CHOSEN ONE, the REMEMBERER who can TEACH AGAIN ALL that is the SAVING TRUTH of the HOLY KINGDOM GOSPEL that YOUR LEADERS NEVER COULD!! (Isa.48:22-49:6) (Acts 3:18-23, Mat.28:18-20)    

    It shall be proven to all mankind all that humanity has believed for many generations what was far from the FOUNDATION TRUTH set from the BEGINNING!    The barriers of false imaginings removed, WHY would anyone chose to preserve the illusion?   The universe, even all creation awaits the manifestation of the true sons and daughters of YAH!    This Spirit, this testimony of TRUTH the WORLD will refuse to receive!     Yet be warned, in that the creation itself awaits its being fully re-attuned after ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS, what is the soul that even the UNIVERSE itself will REJECT?   Shall that UNbelieving soul live?    As it is written, whatever would be an OBSTACLE against the creation being restored unto its PURPOSE, .. NATURE itself shall destroy! (Isaiah 59:8-60:12. 41:21-42:4)     In that a PURITY of THOUGHT and DEEDS must be at last manifest on earth, only them who can BELIEVE can be SAVED!

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    Don't Let Fear Rob Your Peace of Mind

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    Fear is contagious. It spreads. Which is why we live in a fear-based society that is becoming increasingly fearul. Because of the internet and social media, whenever there is breaking news of a disaster or terrorist event, fear can now spread around the whole world within a matter of minutes. This week we explore how it is possible to still be compassionate and aware of world events without allowing the grip of fear to rob our peace of mind.

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    We live today in what is the most diversely confused nation in the history of mankind.   Only the most diligent soul shall overcome this mass of unrighteous distractions against the righteousness of YAH!   The souls most diligent to overcome the mass confusion here, shall be confirmed worthy, among the most faitful of mankind.

    James/Yakob 1:1  Yakob, a servant of YAH and of our Lord Yeshua the Kurti, to the twelve tribes of ISRAEL scattered among the Gentiles: Greeting.   2  My brethren, take it as a joy to you when you enter into MANY varied PROVOCATIONS;  3 For you know that this TRIAL of your FAITH will CONFIRM your STEADFASTNESS.  4  And let your PERSEVERANCE be unto a PERFECT WORK, that you may be PERFECT and COMPLETE, LACKING NOTHING.   5  If any of you LACK WISDOM, let him PRAY unto YAH, who gives to all men GENEROUSLY of HIS GRACE and MERCY, and it will be given him.   6  But let him ask pursuant unto a PERFECT FAITH, beyond all doubting and all debate.  For he who doubts is like the waves of the sea driven by the wind and tossed.  7  Thus let not that treacherous man presume that he will receive anything of YAH.   8  For double-minded man is UNstable in all his ways. 


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    Re-Energizing Your Sales Call

    in Business

    How often have you wished you had that specific brochure, infographic or customer video testimonial, when talking with a prospect, but you did not have access to it real time?

    4DSales has solved your problem. 

    Brian Carpenter, CEO of 4D Sales will share the issue he and his partners were trying to solve for salespeople.

    4DSales provides the ability for sales professionals as well as owners and executives to present their products and services in the best light, and in a very engaging way no matter where they are.  This means they are always ready to present their company and they can do so in an incredibly effective manner.  It also transforms the standard sales calls into more in-depth and persuasive interactions.    According to a study by the Wharton School of Business, 67% of buyers say that salespeople who present information visually are more persusaive.  4DSales is based on visual and interactive presentation.



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    Re-Define Yourself! (Rebroadcast)

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    Unfortunately, some people have become so disappointed, that they are unhappy in life, on their jobs, in their relationships, in their marriages, in need of breakthrough in finances, have health concerns and are combatting a series of other problems.  Somehow these situations have caused folks to pull away and shrink back in their relationships with GOD!

    But Be Encouraged! Get up and dust yourself off because the problems you face today no matter how big, are only temporary! We serve and almighty GOD who has given us promises that we can count on! This may be a time to RE-Visit what the Word says about GOD!

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    DJ Cee O and Holloway's Idea presents The Takeover

    in Hip Hop Music

    DJ Cee O and MC Lloyd Holloway are back for The Takeover. Tonight's show focuses on Legendary producer Pete Rock and Super Group Bone Thugs N Harmony.  

    Pete Phillips, AKA Pete Rock has a sound that shaped the golden era and influenced many of todays priducers.  With a discography that starts in 1993 and continues to today, Rock has solo albums, group albums and tons of remixes with artists in all genres.  Best known for his work with C.L. Smooth, Pete Rock's influence in the golden era and beyond is undeniable.  With joints like, "T.R.O.Y.", "The Creator" and Prodcutions credits like "The World is Yours" (Nas), Rock is truly a foundational member of the hiphop community.

    Best known for the their crossover smash "Crossroads", Bizzy, Layzie, Krayzie, Wish Bone and Flesh and Bone form the super group Bone Thugs N Harmony.  Starting in 1991, the group from Cleveland, Ohio brought the world a sound that had never been heard before.  Their first major release under Ruthless Records brought the singles "Foe the love of $" and "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" which were instant classics  The group has recorded ten albums and starting working on their 11th in 2015.  

    So kick back, call in, and hang out with Dj Cee O and Holloway on The Takeover!!!


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    The Textual Civil War Brewing In Israel: Genesis-Malachi VS Genesis-Revelation

    in Culture

    The Huddle With Israel Doctrine

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    Social Justice

    Social -- "living together in communities or organized groups", and.

    Justice -- "the upholding of what is just, especially fair and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law."

    Every human being, especially society’s leaders, has a God-given moral duty to protect fellow human beings from social injustices whenever and wherever it is practical.
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    Peace of mind

    in Spirituality

    God does not give pieces like the world his peace surpasses all understanding

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    Living In Peace Even With Enemies

    in Christianity

    Tonights bible study will be about obedince and living in peace at all times even with enemies around you