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    Night of the Templar -- Cast Reunion

    in Entertainment

    Join The Chicks for a cast reunion of Night of the Templar, with actor,  director, writer of the film, Paul Sampson, Norman Reedus, Billy Drago and Udo Kier.

    Paul Sampson is known for his performances on the stage as well as his  many feature films...Whacked, Hero Wanted, Mel, If You Only Knew and Deuces Wild.  He has the uncanny ability to transition from comedy to drama. A true Chameleon. 

    Norman Reedus is best known for his portrayal as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead. He has also made a name for himself in Boondock Saints, Deuces Wild and Hero Wanted. He is an accomplished artist and photographer.

    Billy Drago has received critical acclaim portraying Frank Nitti in The Untouchables, evil Ramon Cota in Delta Force and Papa Jupiter in The Hills Have Eyes. He can also transition easily into comedy in Tremors 4 and Very Mean Men. Billy has produced and collaborated on several screenplays and documentaries. 

    Over his 30 year career in films, Udo Kier has become a cult figure in the horror genre, with his subtle sinister look and his piercing eyes. He has appeared in films, Blade, Flesh for Frankenstein, Blood for Dracula, Halloween, Grindhouse, My Own Private Idaho. He enjoys being the villian as "evil has no limits." Udo's , Nymphomaniacs to be released in the U.S.

    www.nightofthetemplar.com Links to stream on iTunes and buy online at Walmart






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    Nymphomaniac or Sex Addiction is it You or someone you know?

    in Romance

      Question: Ladies do you know What Satisfies your Man? Do you know How to keep him Satisfied from "TEMPTATION?" You need to listen to this Show ! 

    Nymphomaniac is a term specifically referring to Women and now Sex addiction is a term mainly associated with Men. Is the lack of Sex in relationships causing such a rise in cheating? Are men looking for something that they are not getting in their own relationships? If a woman wants it more than 1x per day is she a Nymphomaniac? Are Men turned on by Nymphomaniacs because it's Love and attention they aren't getting at home? 

    Find out the answers to these and ore this Thursday 6/2 on The Love Zone USA. To advertise on this or any of our episodes email sales@masterpiececorp.com

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    The JUMPOFF Internet Radio Show

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    THE JUMPOFF INTERNET RADIO SHOW IS BACK...The JUMPOFF Show more than a radio show it's a HAPPENING. She/He's Gotta Have It!-Nymphomaniacs-Do U Know Any Sexaholics? Are you 1 & Is It A Disease? Special Guests Bambi Cash's 4-1-1 In The 2-1-6 From The Ladies P.O.V. U-Stream Show Crew Stacey LASHFABULOUS Ferguson & Mz. Camille PARTYGIRL Dabney. Artists Of The Week Operation Rockstar...Consists of music, fun & interviews Hosted by Arrogant w co-hosts Marlin Martin, Bambi Cash & LS Royal. It's The JUMPOFF...A Bit Of A Break From The Norm! Call In & Kick It With The Jumpoff Crew! (646)200 3368