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    PIJN News: Obama Sues Nuns / More Leaders Oppose Common Core

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * President Obama keeps on suing Catholic nuns to enforce his abortion mandate.
    * A Federal court upholds New Jersey’s ban on Christian counseling.
    * More political leaders are taking a stand against Common Core education.

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    Mindfulness, Stress and Parkinson's Disease

    in Health

    This radio program focuses attention on mindfulness, stress and Parkinson's disease. One of the founding faculty members of Duke Integrative Medicine,Jeffrey Brantley, MD was trained in mindfulness as a resident in psychiatry at the University of California at Irvine Medical Center. Dr. Brantley was elected as a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association in 2013 and is currently a faculty member at Duke Medical Center.

    As Dr., Brantely explains on his website www.calmingyourangrymind.com 

    "Mindfulness is not just for priests, monks or nuns, and it isn't a religion.Mindfulness and meditation are for anyone who wishes to practice them. You don't have to be anything special. Meditation practice is a way of remembering and reconnecting with the basic intelligence and goodness all human beings have."

    Dr. Brantley is the author and coauthor of a number of books on mindfulness including Calming Your Angry Mind and Daily Meditations for Calming Your Angry Mind with Wendy Millstine

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    Matt Smith, Writer of Award Winning Indie Movie " My Last Year With the Nuns "

    in Movies

    NWP welcome writer and actor Matt Smith! 

    Local Seattle actor and writer, Matt Smith is starring in a new feature film called MY LAST YEAR WITH THE NUNS, a hilarious and moving story about his experiences growing up on Capitol Hill in the changing 1960s.

    The movie is based on a monologue he wrote of the same name about his experiences adapting the stage play for the screen, or what it was like to grow up in Seattle during such a tumultuous time. This film was a wild hit at SIFF this year, and it opens theatrically in Seattle on January 9, 2015.

    Matt previously appeared in Sleepless in Seattle. https://www.facebook.com/mylastyearwiththenuns 

    http://northwestprime.com http://facebook.com/northwestprime



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    My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts

    in Relationships

    My Old Dog introduces readers to endearing elders like Marnie, the irresistible shih tzu who has posed for selfies with Tina Fey, James Franco, and Betty White; Remy, a soulful 9-year-old dog adopted by elderly nuns; George Clooney's cocker spaniel, Einstein; and Bretagne, the last known surviving dog from Ground Zero. They may be slower moving and a tab less exuberant than puppies, but these pooches prove that adopting a senior brings immeasurable joy, earnest devotion, and unconditional love. Of special interest are the book's stories about retired working dogs--such as military dogs, law enforcement dogs, and racing dogs--who can find themselves languishing in kennels or left in overcrowded shelters after they age out of their vocations. The book also includes a comprehensive resource guide to help readers take action and help senior pets in all sorts of ways.

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    David Templeton: Live from The Woodshed Lounge Happy Holigays

    in LGBT

    We will be airing live from the Holigays Christmas Party at The Woodshed Lounge in Charlotte North Carolina. We will be interviewing the staff patrons and exploring the gay leather culture and community. We will have some guest of the drag culture leather culture and one guest from Columbus Ohio on the air.

    Southern Gay Talk needs to do a special shout out and Thanks to Shed Leather & Shed Leather BUZZ of Charlotte, NC. and of course Sir Enzo. Southern Gay Talk will be broadcasting live from The Wood Shed Lounge from inside the Barber Room built and ran by Sir Enzo and Shed Leather Buzz which is a booth Solely dedicated to fund raise for the House of Mercy. A residence hospital run by Catholic Nuns  to care A.I.D.S  patients that have no where else to go. Sir Enzo takes very much pride in the booth and the hairstylists that all donate there time for the cause. All payments to the booth are donated to the House of Mercy 100%. The show will donate 100% of all iTunes downloads of the this show to the house of Mercy. 

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    Secrets of a Nun: Elizabeths Journey

    in Self Help

    Host Keilayn Greenwood Talks with Writer Author and Motivational Speaker Elizabeth Upton about her book “Secrets of A Nun: My Own Story” and about her journies asa Nun in the convent.

    to learn more about her and how she can help you go here----->




    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethaUpton

    Twitter: @UptonAElizabeth

    Google+: +Elizabeth Upton


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    in Politics

    "In the society of our fathers and in the civilized world today, women feel it their obligation to be obedient to their men. Life is purposely made simple for them because of their nature, and they are happy.  When the woman outnumber the men in the black societies, then men take as many wives as they can afford, and care for them all equally.  In the white (world) for some nebulous reason the men can take only one......  the rest are left to become prostitutes, nuns, or lesbians.  In the civilized societies the women do light work, bear children, and lend purpose to he mans existence.  They train the children in their early life in the ways of wisdom that history has shown to be correct.  Their job is to train the children in their early life to be men or women, not confused psychotics!  This is a big job to train and propagate the race!!  Is this not enough? The rest is left to the men: government administration, the nance of property against any who would deprive us of it, as they are finding it , the factor in the breakdown of the family unit.  Mama,mall this struggle is unnecessary.  Let's not create an atmosphere of competition among ourselves as they have done. Life is too short. There is too much for us to restore to its proper order and we are too wise. What do you think made the white guy write that life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" -- he felt frustrated and stupid." GEORGE JACKSON

    MECBEATH "The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale. The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player. That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."

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    Tha #DangerZONE

    in Podcasting

    THA #DANGERzone is an area in which there is a high risk of harm, especially where this risk has been officially identified.

    star James Deen accused by women of rape, assault

    Nuns pose as prostitutes to rescue victims of human sex trafficking

    Cyber Monday deals on PCs, tablets, and TVs extend into Cyber Week

    Facebook CEO welcomes daughter, says he'll give away his $45 billion


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    January Jones- "A Change of Habit" with - Sister Mary Vodka/ Patty Kogutek

    in Religion

    Meet Patty Kogutek, author of “A Change of Habit: A Spiritual journey from sister Mary Kateri to Sister Mary Vodka” has helped thousands cure their anxiety, living “guilt-free”.  Living as a Catholic nun for 7 years, and working her way through a 12 year failed marriage, Patty gathered “7 Secrets to Guilt-Free Living” that gave her the courage and the permission to finally follow her heart putting the expectation of others aside. 

    Although Patty has earned her doctorate degree in Educational Administration from the University of Southern California, she has learned her most valuable lessons through the “school of hard knocks” teaching her how to effectively protect her own happiness, living life on her own terms.  You don’t have to be a former nun to have your happiness slip away.

    Patty works with “women at risk” who try to please everyone, who have a difficult time saying “no”, and feel that they have to juggle life’s stresses taking care of everyone but themselves. 


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    Foundation Day Reflection by Marilyn Rausch

    in Spirituality

    175 years ago, a small group of French nuns reached their destination after weeks of travel — a forest in southern Indiana. What they did there — and specifically, the life of their leader, Saint Mother Theodore Guerin — continues to echo through the generations. Join Alice and Lori as they talk about Foundation Day and about the brilliant reflection written by Providence Associate Marilyn Rausch. What do saints have to tell us today? What resonance do their words have? What should our response be? You don't want to miss this show!

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    Nuns and Rulers and Red Pens! Oh My!

    in Comedy

    "You don't scare me...I was taught by nuns!"  --Ellenor Kirkconnell   Ellenor joins us on Wednesday, October 2, at 11:00AM as we trip down the halls of Catholic school...   You bold, brazen article!  Are you Catholic or Public? Where's the lavatory? The best made-up sins. Saddle shoes are a fashon statement. Soliders of Christ wear polyester.  What you learn from sitting in the cloakroom. Offer it up to God! I got blisters on my fingers!  God's children only use their right hand to write! Bring your memories and marble copybooks!