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    The number don't add up.

    in Politics

    Good morning. Today, on The Meter we cover the recent economic news that seems to contrast with the President's approval numbers. Is there economic recovery or continued stagnation? Also, Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal will be charged with desertion. Bowe Bergdhal was exchanged for 5 terrorists inspite of reports from members of his own unit that he had left his post without permission. President Obama and National Securoty Advisor Susan Rice said repeeatly that Bergdhal had served honorably. Does this exchange threaten national security? Governor Mike Pence (R) IN has signed a bill into law that protects religious freedom. Under the new law no one can be forced to do business if it violates their religious principles. Protests and boycotts are brewing claiming the law discriminates against gay and transgendered citizens. Also, Hillary Clinton was under subpoena to release all documents regarding Benghazi, however she advised Congress that she deleted everything from her server. Was a crime committed. Please join the debate at 9:00 AM. The call in number is (347) 308-8933. Your input is essential. 

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    Number Streetz G.f.

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    You should listen to me because im a real nigga number streetz

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    in Christianity

    Many people believe the 11 phenomenon is a sign of the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Many believe it is a sign that this is the 11th hour. The time right before the rapture and Armageddon. It is also widely believed that Biblically speaking the number 11 represents disorder and confusion. We are told that in the last days disorder and confusion will run high. We can see some signs of that now.

    There are reasons to believe that the number 11 and Bible prophecy go hand in hand. Below is one example of Scripture that confirms this 11th Day of 12 Days of Prophetic Prayer and Fasting, God bless!

    CALL TONIGHT (323) 870-3977 @ 5:00PM PST ~ 6:00PM MST - 7:00PM CST ~ 8:00PM EST

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    Straw Man Vs. Social Security number

    in Politics

    What's the difference? What does it really mean? Join the Ron March Show as we discuss Straw Man vs. Social Security Numbers. Check us out live at www.ronmarch.com

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    "15" - A Prophetic Number for your Success

    in The Bible

    Join Christy Demetrakis and her special guest Senior Pastor of the Church of ACTS and author, Bill Jenkins for "15 - A Prophetic Number for your Success" Tuesday, February 17th at 6:30pm EST.  On this episode, you'll learn the importance of numbers in our everyday lives, the 5 fold vision for 2015 and how the 42 scripture references to 15 guide us to success.  

    About Pastor Bill Jenkins:

    Pastor Bill Jenkins is the founder and senior pastor of the Church of ACTS in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as the International Bishop for over 30 churches in Jamaica, Africa and Mexico. He is considered by others as a leading apostolic voice and has been recognized as a "Man of Distinction" by the Indiana Minority Business Magazine. He received the Mayor's Community Service Award and is currently working with other pastors and public officials to reduce crime and elevate Christ through Leader's Summits and special events held at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the Indiana State Fairgrounds. He hosts a weekly TV program on TBN entitled, "Generation ACTS" and is an accomplished author of several books.  His newest book is titled Fifteen:  Giving the Number 15 a Prophetic Voice to release a Vision for Success. 



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    Numerology - Do You Know Your Personal Number?

    in Spirituality

    You probably know your astrological "sign", but do you know your "number"? 

    My guest, Reverend Raven, will share her expertise with Numerology.As a radio host on, Raising Your Vibrations Radio, she delivers the message of change, not only internally, but externally. She helps you to understand the meaning buried in the symbols and messages that surround us. Her insight on ways to use numerology to approach a problem will help you get to the core of a challenge for resolution.

    Numerology is a "tool" for self-discovery. Numbers cannot determine your fate, only YOU can determine that! Click here to ask Reverend Raven a question or join her on Facebook.

    Welcome Wise Woman 

    Are you ready to become your most powerful resource - to be understood and respected for who you are, what you do and your personal contribution to the whole? Get your free copy of "Beginning Your Inner Journey to the Wise Woman Within". 

    Get your Daily Dose of Donna each day on Facebook - stay connected for the tips, tools and suggestions to help YOU create a better version of yourself so that you can live a ridiculously amazing life!

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    The Number 3 Is Important For CEOs And Business Owners Today

    in Business

    Take 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    In today's 5 Minute Business Strategy Howard talks about... The Number 3 Is An Important Number For CEOs And Business Owners Today.

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across America trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live their entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter - or connect with Howard on LinkedIn.

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    Elizabeth Summers - Number 5, Number 9 and Anger Management

    in Spirituality

    Show Topic: Number 5, Number 9 and Anger Management

    Join Master Esoteric Numerologer, Elizabeth Summers, for her weekly radio show, The Magical World of Numbers.

    Elizabeth shares her knowledge and expertise in the areas of Numerology, Astrology and Tarot to provide a comprehensive and inspirational show.

    About Elizabeth
    Elizabeth is a Medium and Esoteric Numerologer, offering her formidable psychic talents and extensive study of ancient wisdoms to help fellow travelers towards a more enlightened and peaceful path.

    As a Spiritual Counselor and Esoteric Numerologer since 1988, Elizabeth Summers combines Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot interpretations to help others achieve a greater consciousness, clarity and peace in their lives. In addition, as a gifted Medium and Psychic Intuitive, messages from Spirit and loved ones are brought into her work to bring comfort and guidance to her clients.

    For more information about Elizabeth and the services she offers, visit her website: www.themagicalworldofnumbers.com

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    Free for All Showtime 9pm eastern Call in number (646)-200-0190

    in Pets

    Tonight is a free for all show.  But some of the ideas to talk about that were mentioned were noobs, boobs and dildos?  Show time is at 9pm eastern.  Call in number is (646)-200-0190.

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    I heard the Yankees are retiring My number this year

    in Rock Music

    Yes, I might as well be getting my number retired at this rate. No one is a bigger fan of Any Pettite, Jorge Posada & Bernie Wlliams and the entire "Core Four"  than I, but can't we just give out some plaques and have a dinner and celebrate their careers, instead of momnument park and retiring Jerseys.  Again, this starts to dillute the product and minimize the legends that are enshrined  there. So lets talk about this and maybe we can debate it if you think I am wrong.

    Pitchers and catchers report next weekend, so we will continue to breakdown the Mets and Yankees and some of their division foes as well. Was anyone else insulted that Carmelo Anthony actually played as much as he did, and very badl I might add, in the All-Star game last weekend. His whole season has been kept alive to make the appearance in this game, meanwhile he was struggling to play in the last weeks Knicks games and now he is finally debating the surgery that probably should have been performed months ago. I am incensed about this and I want to hear you thoughts as well.

    Why is Dee Snider bad Mouthing Guitarist Doug Aldridge? I will give you my thoughts on this and the other music news and stories that are out there. 

    So much to say and just 2 hours to say it. Gonna be tough to do but I will do my best to fit it all in. 

    Give me a hand and tune in this Thursday night at 6:30pm EST to listen live and of course please join in on the fun and call me to give my your thoughts and opinions

    Keep on Rockn'




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