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    $1 Trillion Spent on Nukes

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    In this edition of Independence Nation, Keith Pitts, MSE tackles the issue of President Obama spending $1 trillion on nukes after campaigning for a nuclear -free world and much more. Despite campaigning on a platform that endorsed having “a nuclear-free world” in the not so distant future, United States President Barack Obama is overseeing an administration that’s aim has taken another path, the New York Times reported this week.

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    Pot Attorney? - Israel should not have nukes?

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    Hr1  Are you looking for a Pot Law Professorship? Yes, this is a real thing...

    Bradlee Dean, host of Sons Of Liberty Radio, joins Joe to discuss our young people's real hunger for God! Real leadership in the church in the USA is MIA. If we had it, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in.

    The US is pressing Israel to get rid of nukes. CRAZY!

    Hr2  Former Dodgers manager Kevin Malone joins Joe to discuss his new organization, Protect The Path, to help men, women, and children caught in the sex slave industry. It isn't voluntary... it's SLAVERY! And ography is a HUGE part of it!

    And... US Army reservist targeted by disgusting vandal. Community comes to rescue! That's America! Reward offered! 

    Hr3  Obama bans military equipment to local police departments.

    Education isn't fixed with more money. It's fixed with better standards and more accountability.

    Sex trafficking hotline receives more calls from Texas than any other state. California is home to 3 biggest human trafficking cities in US! They could be your neighbors!

    Who knew Baghdad Bob had a daughter? Meet Marie Harf!

    Joe takes listener calls.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Julie Nukes: Eco Cop

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    Author Lidia LoPinto shares her new book! Julie  Nukes: Eco Cop!




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    Nukes given to Mossad - AWOL is hero - Bilderberg - Snowden

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    Tonite (6.02.2014) we discussed:

    The possibility that the US Corp. gave the Mossad decomissioned nukes.

    BS is making a military deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, a hero.

    Bilderberg conclave ends.

    Ed Snowden revisited.


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    Pharmaphobia, School Choice, & Iran Nukes

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    Hr1 – Are bureaucrats, reporters, politicians, predatory lawyers, and other Pharmaphobes causing excessive delays in getting new solutions to suffering patients? Thomas P. Stossel, M.D. thinks so. He talks about his new book “Pharmaphobia“, the problems caused by “conflict-of-interest” regulations and how they negatively impact patients.

    Hr2 – Doran Moreland with the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice doesn’t think that Baltimore’s schools are the problem. He says it’s not even poverty, it’s a lack of school choice and they have the data to prove it!

    Hr3 – Leading defense expert and editor of Breaking Defense, Colin Clark, talks about the implications of the Iran Nuke deal and our defense budget.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    #102 - Amnesty Marches On, Hillary Connives, Iran Gets Nukes, Han Solo Crashes

    in Politics Conservative

    Han Solo crashes? What about the Force? We might as well talk about that as less fantasy than the scenarios used by the Obama White House. Iran won’t get nukes with the new agreement, illegal alien amnesty is on hold, and Hillary had no ulterior motives for using “private emails”. The list could go on for hours. What we know is that we certainly have to suspend disbelief in order to believe the load of horse manure shoveled at us each month by this group of leftist hucksters. 

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    We will cover millenial tattoos. Obama using the Turks to kill the Kurds. Pretending he is fighting Icelets. Those communist words still ring in my ears. After I win reinfection I will do more for you Massa Putin. We will cober operation fly on wall. We will threaten Quisling who vote for Iranian nukes withn exposure and charges of treason.We will pay a tribute to American Indians. We will salute straight arrow scouts and laugh about the ones that give you the quivers. WE WILL THINK ABOUT THE COMMUNIST MANIPULATION OF THE BLACK MOVEMENT. We will cover the sucess of rich communists who use the poor to take down the great USA..

    Why smaller government is safer for the people.Why no one talks about the Obama doesn't care health website that cost five billion dollars and the money went to Canada and the site crashed. He could have been up and running in twenty minutes with GO DADDY at $9.95 a month. The only shovel ready jobs he created was burting 2400 Americans from Afghanistan and four from Benghazi. Now he is tellin Africa to go gay and get more aids.

    He makes major announcements on the Jon The Monkey show from communist comedy central. Al Sharpton is running nothing but communists NBC and they are afraid to fire him because he will drop the Race Ace on them..

    Other than that you are losing your country and you will never get it back. the good news is the best wed will be coming in from Cuba.. Obama has opened up new trade routes.to your basement.

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    Coming Apoca

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    NASA is working with the National Nuclear Security Administration on a plan to use Nukes on "Doomsday Asteroid". Also NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance will not get dragged into an arms race with Russia, but must counter Moscow's aggressive actions. Also human organs on a Chip or Microchip lined with human cells wins Design of the Year award. Also 50 Russian ships conduct Sub reconnaissance drills on the Pacific Coast. Also Giant sinkhole has opened up at a golf course in Lenexa, Kansas, and a giant "Hole" is draining a lake on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. Also much more current news events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Hard Starboard Radio: "ObamaCare Is Here To Stay"

    in Politics Conservative

    Red China to annex space, the oceans, and both poles; Why gun control requires a police state; Obama to supply Iran with state-of-the-art nuclear weapons technology; Why isn't Elizabeth Warren running for president?; CNN anchor calls for demoliton of the Jefferson Memorial; Scott Walker backs up gun rights with his pen; White House accelerating Obamnesty as illegal reinforcements pour in; Michelle Obama's school lunch rules create condiment black market; Whose White House is it anyway?; and the Roberts SCOTUS rules on ObamaCare exactly as I predicted it would.

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    Battlefield America: The War on the American People [TN 06/16/15]

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    NATO is building its armament along the Russian border, and Vlad Putin is building more nukes. Is anybody paying attention to this madness? And what about China’s repeated testing of its super-secret nuke-launching glider? On today’s program, Rick also repeats his question: Is the economy on track to repeat 1937’s “depression in a depression”? In Part 2, John Whitehead talks about “Battlefield America” and the transformation into a militarized police state.

    Tuesday June 16, 2015

    John Whitehead | Rutherford Institute

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    PIJN News: Secretary of State John Kerry Justifies Giving Nukes to Iran

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry justifies giving nuclear energy to Iran.
    * British Muslims are now opposing Mohammed cartoon reprisals.
    * Alaska becomes third state to legalize recreational marijuana.