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    Deja Freestyles on Club Meeshee

    in Indie Music

    Deja is a 14 year-old young lady that shows how young ladies with talent can rock the mic in the music industry! Producer, Venom, is bringing her here today to have her share her gifts with you on Club Meeshee. We're also spinning segments including Free Samples, Go Global, Let's Rock!, Your School, and Home Grown. Want to know what these consist of? Tune in every Sunday at 5pm EST by calling 347-539-5872 or visiting www.blogtalkradio.com/ClubMeeshee. Also, shoutout to Nujabes, a great producer that was appreciated by Club Meeshee and Club Meeshee listeners. Our condolences go out to Nujabes' friends, family, fans, and appreciators.

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    in Television

    Join Freek as he DJ's and covers the popular BGM artist Nujabes

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    enter-View Session: w/ Substantial

    in Education

    Substantial, (born Stanley Robinson), is an African-American MC from Prince George's County, Maryland. He released his debut album, To This Union A Sun Was Born, in 2001 as a collaboration with Japanese producer Nujabes. After gaining significant popularity in Japan, Substantial began work on his sophomore album, Sacrifice, which he planned to release under his Unlimited Vinyl, Ink label. However, longtime friends and colleagues QN5 Music secured a firm distribution route, and signed Substantial in mid-2006. The album saw release in early 2008, to critical acclaim. The video for "It's You (I Think)" has sparked a significant rise in popularity, appearing on MTV and in other major media outlets.