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    Does a nude photo define who you are?

    in Culture

    The Play The Clip Show is a place for "RELEASE or EMPOWERMENT" our weekly topics gives opinions around the world a chance to help a stranger, encourage someone, or empower the mind. The show is complelely opinion based, with that being said we respect all views and encourage you to VOICE YOUR CHOICE. The Play The Clip Show host request that you refrain from use of profanity unless needed. Tune in weekly for LOVE, LAUGHS, CONVERSATION, OPINIONS, DEBATES, and MORE....

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    CAM MODELS: How to find,create and make money as a Non nude model!

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    Hey guys interested in becoming a Web Cam Model but having trouble finding a non nude site ? or need help with creating your non nude shows I  am here to guide you to the right place. tune in and get your info ! and happy camming yall ! 

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    Interview with Nude Model CHARLIE FOXX & Adult Film Star AYANA NEGASI

    in Podcasting

    Tonight we're taking a whole new approach on It's Real Talk Radio. That's right, we'll be joined by 2 representatives of Adult Entertainment. On the first half of our show, we'll be speaking with Nude Model, Fetish Model, Exotic Dancer; CHARLIE FOXX. On the second half of our show, we'll  be joined by Adult Film Actress (also Nude & Eye Candy Model); AYANA NEGASI.

    This conversation is for the grown & sexy, so if you don't represent that club, then please refrain from listening as this discussion is not for minors or adults with virgin ears. Listeners are welcome to tune in live by dialing 347-838-9540, and if you have a question or comment, dial 1 on your keypad to speak live on air with CHARLIE FOXX or AYANA NEGASI. Don't be shy now!

    It's Real Talk Radio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRealTalkRadio

    It's Real Talk Radio Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRealTalkRadioFamily

    It's Real Talk Radio Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsRealRadioMD

    Charlie Foxx: Chyna.Fetish.Blaze@gmail.com

    Ayana Negasi: Ayana.Negasi@gmail.com

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    Are Nude Bras an example of White Privilege?

    in Politics Conservative

    Are Nude Bras and example of White Priviledge? 




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    in Prayer

    Imagin not being able to locate a magazine at the newsstand containing photos og nude women.

    Well! our culture's iconic ographic magine, "PLATBOY" announced yesterday that they will no longer

    publish photos of nude women in their magazine. The news feed did not elaborate but we can take that as a victory.

    Prayers are being answered. Some other zines may follow suit. Never would have imagined that. Join us

    for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963. 

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    Megan Good Nude Controversy

    in Entertainment

    Is Megan Good guilty of the nude pics rumors?

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    Ace Micheals interviews celebrity model Michelle Minks

    in Entertainment



    We'd love to feature your 15 minute interview on the NUMBER ONE talk show on FACEBOOK having reached over 50,000 listeners -PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS, SPEAK YOUR MIND - it's a great way to promote what you're up to WORLDWIDE and people can listen 24 hours a day!! 



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    FEATURE GUESTS - We love to keep our show exciting and interesting. We encourage you to call in regularly and promote your events and give your outstanding insights on all our topics. If you provide us with "talking points" via email to beonthebuzz@yahoo.com 24 HOURS in advance we can center the questions on your interest. If you forward a song in .mp3 or .wav format we can play it on the show.  

    Call in to be on the air (646) 595-4802


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    Interview with Glamazon Tyomi who is a freelance writer, model and sex educator

    in Entertainment

    Glamazon Tyomi Morgan is a freelance writer, model and sex educator with a deeply rooted passion for spreading the message of sex positivity and encouraging the masses to embrace their sexuality. Her website, www.glamerotica101.com, reaches internationally as a source for advice and information for the sexually active/curious.  Tyomiis also a staff writer for Ebonymagazine.  Follow her on Twitter at @glamazontyomi.

    Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/love-sex/are-nude-beaches-for-black-folks-232#ixzz3qTCyNYaq
    Follow us: @EbonyMag on Twitter | EbonyMag on Facebook

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    100 high school kids Sexting -Hidden apps

    in Entertainment

    At Least 100 Students Involved in Sexting Scandal at Colorado High School.

    At least 100 students at a high school in Cañon City, Colorado, exchanged nude photos of each other on their smartphones, PEOPLE confirms.

    Officials only plan to press charges if “absolutely necessary,” Fremont County District Attorney Tom LeDoux said, adding that it’s possible no charges are filed at all.

    But it could take a month to sort offenders from victims, Cañon City Police Capt. Jim Cox said: “We’re not out to hang every kid. We don’t want the victims to think they did something wrong, but we do want to know what happened.”

    The students involved, some of whom are as young as 13, used “vault apps” to share the photos with each other, authorities said. One such app looks like a regular calculator app, but when a user types in a code, it takes them to a hidden page where they can store photos, videos and other personal information. We explore Apps that you have no idea they are on your kids phone.

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    Turn Up Tasty Tuesday with Tick and Fyra but mostly Tick!!

    in Radio

    Hello once again it's Turn Up Tuesday! Join us as we talk junk laugh and have lots of fun! The number to call is (347)857-4391 Make sure to press 1 to speak. Giving away a free pass to the new exclusive nude group PayPal XXX. Fellas I know you want in! Also don't forget to register you or a family in need for the Thanksgiving Basket Raffle. Show begins at 7pm pst 9pm cst and 10pm est. Come on yall... LET'S TURN UP!

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    Singer, Filmmaker and Producer Bobby Washington!

    in Entertainment

    Intro to Info hosts Mikeisha and Queen of Hearts interview multi-talented singer Bobby Washington!

    With Bobby's entrepreneurship track record of over 120,000 albums sold and his lyrical songwriting abilities, soulful vocal dynamic range, charismatic stage presence, innovative music production and engineering skills with a catalog of 300 songs in R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop and charming looks, he is a great asset to a record label. Live Performances Bobby Washington has performed and opened concerts for Angie and Debbie Winans, New Kids on the Block, Tony Terry and R-Kelly. He toured in California with Pretty Tony's road group, Free Style. In addition, Bobby recently performed at the HOT 105 Festival, the Miami Pipeline, Cafe Iguanas in Pines and Klub Miami on South Beach with JT Money, Kenny Brown from Liberty City, DJ Suicide from 99 Jams, and DJ Sama from Mega 94.9. Radio Play Bobby has received airplay from 99 Jams with Al B Silk, Island Vibes (105.5 FM) with DJ Charger, 1170 AM with DJ Burke, 9.19 FM with Chico De Leo, 103.5 FM with DJ Caramel, 90.9 FM with AJ, 81.9 FM with Lorenzo, 1120 AM with Victoria Victoria, with Rhythm City Record Pool in Miami, Fl, with Hip-Hop Friends Online Record Pool in New York and Radio One in Atlanta, Georgia. Media & Press Bobby has recent interviews from the Miami Herald, Miami Times, BurnLounge, the Flyer, Urban America and UPN 33. Producers Bobby has worked with producers like Steve Ivory, Ron Kauvon and Ray Seay (current producer of Lil Jon & Ciara). He has produced music for JT Money and over 40 independent artists. He has done freelance work for IK Media and Sonic Reality doing synth sounds for Reasons Virtual Reality Sound Modules. Projects Bobby currently has Definition of Love and Nude distributing online.