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    Does a nude photo define who you are?

    in Culture

    The Play The Clip Show is a place for "RELEASE or EMPOWERMENT" our weekly topics gives opinions around the world a chance to help a stranger, encourage someone, or empower the mind. The show is complelely opinion based, with that being said we respect all views and encourage you to VOICE YOUR CHOICE. The Play The Clip Show host request that you refrain from use of profanity unless needed. Tune in weekly for LOVE, LAUGHS, CONVERSATION, OPINIONS, DEBATES, and MORE....

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    Nude Barre's CEO Erin Carpenter Talks Her Brand And Success

    in Lifestyle

    We apologize for the technical inconvenience that occured on December 23rd's show! The Nude Barre interview is up and available for listen. Thanks for your patience!


    December 23rd, we have an amazing entrepreneurial story. Find out how Erin Carpenter tackled a very common issue among women and turned it into a profitable business - Nude Barre. Nude Barre is a specialty line of eco friendly undergarments made in 16 shades of nude to match all skin tones. Durable enough for active women and stylish enough for everday fashion. Learn about her brand and hear directly from her, how she achieved the brand noteriety she has.

    Also on Y-CLAD CHAT, K.C. and Cailiin are talking lifestyle, fashion and event industry news and will broadcast the must attend events of the week.

    Get the 411 on the Designer Feature of the day: COBBLESTONE EARRINGS AND DOUBLE BANGLE, Kanupriya Collection.

    The Cobble Stone Earrings are 22kt. gold plated over brass hand hammered earrings. They hand 2 1/2 inches long.

    The Cobble Stone Double Bangle is a 22kt. Gold plated over brass hand hammered bangle. The cuff is 1 3/4 Inch wide. Both pieces of jewelry are handcrafted and designed.

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    Interview with Nude Model CHARLIE FOXX & Adult Film Star AYANA NEGASI

    in Podcasting

    Tonight we're taking a whole new approach on It's Real Talk Radio. That's right, we'll be joined by 2 representatives of Adult Entertainment. On the first half of our show, we'll be speaking with Nude Model, Fetish Model, Exotic Dancer; CHARLIE FOXX. On the second half of our show, we'll  be joined by Adult Film Actress (also Nude & Eye Candy Model); AYANA NEGASI.

    This conversation is for the grown & sexy, so if you don't represent that club, then please refrain from listening as this discussion is not for minors or adults with virgin ears. Listeners are welcome to tune in live by dialing 347-838-9540, and if you have a question or comment, dial 1 on your keypad to speak live on air with CHARLIE FOXX or AYANA NEGASI. Don't be shy now!

    It's Real Talk Radio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRealTalkRadio

    It's Real Talk Radio Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRealTalkRadioFamily

    It's Real Talk Radio Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsRealRadioMD

    Charlie Foxx: Chyna.Fetish.Blaze@gmail.com

    Ayana Negasi: Ayana.Negasi@gmail.com

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    CAM MODELS: How to find,create and make money as a Non nude model!

    in Entertainment

    Hey guys interested in becoming a Web Cam Model but having trouble finding a non nude site ? or need help with creating your non nude shows I  am here to guide you to the right place. tune in and get your info ! and happy camming yall ! 

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    Are Nude Bras an example of White Privilege?

    in Politics Conservative

    Are Nude Bras and example of White Priviledge? 




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    Wrestlechat- Changing the game

    in Wrestling

    How will the Pro wrestling game change in 2016 in an effort to suit the changing fan base? What Does TNA have to do to succeed on their new network? Can Lucha Underground maintain its standards from last season? How will WWE deal with the fans that disrupt their shows?

    All this plus Nude photos of NXT diva released online...Talk of WWE signing former TNA tag champs...Our " Boo of the week" and much more

    Sunday 1/3/16

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    2015-11/11 TBhr1 Terminator

    in Sports

    Hour 1 - We find out that it's Nathaniels BDay and his wife has started dialating, we discuss the overabundance of Chicago Shows & how the Terminator soundclips apply to pretty much ANYTHING. Tony uncovered a Vintage Hallers Gin Bottle and we give our opinion on the Nude "Bush" Painting that sold for $170 Million Dollars.

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    Megan Good Nude Controversy

    in Entertainment

    Is Megan Good guilty of the nude pics rumors?

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    Here's My Present To You!

    in Comedy

    People are paying bills for folks this Christmas...someone pay my site(s) bill(s) for me!

    Star Wars: General Ackbar...first name Allahu!

    People take selfies of selfies, during sex, while at a checkstand.

    GG Allin was a crazy damn punk rock singer...let's roast him!

    Alcohol makes a great gift, and so does a free consultation to rehab.

    I was in faccistbook jail for posting a non-nude picture that they said was nudity. It was my thumb out side of my zipper.


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    Sacred Wife, Whore, Goddess....Sister Real-Talk Panel

    in Spirituality

    Sacred Wife, Whore, Goddess is a Secret Women only group I created on FB, after I did a blogtalk radio show on the topic last year, September 3rd, 2014! Just over a year later the women of this group who come from all walks of life, love and whoredom will share their message and sisterhood that's been created by being in this Group! The women appearing on this panel tonight (Brandi Auset, Carole Smith-Rea, Jhoselyn Catalina Thomas, Montsho Gallardo, Kitu Umm Saalih Kito) will join me Rev. Goddess Charmaine and share their meaning of Sacred Wife, Whore, Goddess and how they've developed the courage to be Goddess in their own right! Sensuality, Beauty and Spirit are just parts of the ingrediants that bring a woman into her Power, Spiritual Advancedment, Wife in Love and Sacred Whoredom!!! This is an Explicit, Real Talk Ritual Gathering. Join the Goddesses (and hopefully some of the other Goddesses in our group will call in and join the discussion) of Sacred Wife, Whore, Goddess and maybe dip into this world for a moment and perhaps achieve enlightenment! Goddess Blessings 

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    Stephen Michael Shearer talks "Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr"

    in Entertainment

    Stephen Michael Shearer, best selling author, returns tonight to talk about Hollywood legend, Hedy Lamarr!  His book, "Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr" shares stories fromt he early days of Hollywood and Stephen tells all of the juicy stories you'll want to hear before buying the book!


    Buy all of Stephen Michael Shearer's books on Amazon here!


    Hedy Lamarr's exotic beauty was heralded across Europe in the early 1930s. Yet she became infamous for her nude scenes in the scandalous movie Ecstasy. Trapped in a marriage to one of Austria's munitions barons, a friend of Mussolini's who hid his Jewish heritage to become an "honorary Aryan" at the onset of World War II, Lamarr fled Europe for Hollywood, where she was transformed into one of film's most glamorous celebrities. As her career faded, she went from one husband to the next, her personal troubles and legal woes casting a shadow over her phenomenal intelligence and former image.

    Stephen Michael Shearer separates the truth from the rumors regarding the life of Hedy Lamarr, and highlights her astonishing role as inventor of a technology that has become an essential part of everything from military weaponry to today's cell phones.


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