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    "Yub Nub"

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    In the 1980's Lucasfilms decided. To spin off, our favorite fuzzballs. The Ewoks had two. ABC, Telemovies. And a Saturday Morning Cartoon. That the least we discuss the better. Hey it's better than the Jar Jar spin off series.

    The Thoughts and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.

    The discussed properties are that of Lucasfilms, The Estate of George Lucas, 20th Century Fox. Disney and all respected affiliations.

    The opening and closing song Yub Nub was written by John Williams and Ben Burtt.

    No infringement is intended on any of the discussed intellectual properties. And their respected affiliations

    The Spreaker.com Podcast Artwork is that of Kendra Hale and Erik Mullins. The Itunes Podcast Artwork is that of Jeff Batista.

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    Bragging About Blacking Out Is Just An Excuse For A Shitty Night

    in Comedy

    Jared's guest this week on The TFM Podcast is comic and host of the You Know What Dude Podcast, Bob Kelly. The guys sit down to read your emails and answer questions about knowing when a guy is actually into you as opposed to just wanting to "smush", how to deal with being a lightweight drinker, how to be single at college for the first time without blacking out every night, how to get with your friend's hotter twin sister, making girls comfortable with your arm-nub, and questions about bachelor parties from a girl who accidentally slept with a married man. All that, plus Hypotheticals and news from http://totalfratmove.com with ManSamp. Check it out!

    Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/JTrain56 ... twitter.com/robertkelly ... twitter.com/ManSamp ... twitter.com/StandUpNYLabs

    Watch live on DailyMotion, Mondays at 3:30pm:

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    Pot Eating Abusive Cops Raid Dispensary & Patients Storm California Capitol

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    “California cops eat marijuana edibles, play darts, joke about kicking amputee’s ‘f---ing nub’ during Santa Ana pot shop raid” blared the headline in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. UPI, CBS, NBC and FOX News issued stories of pot brownie eating verbally abusive and castigating cops caught on video. The story broke June 12 when Orange County Voice and attorney Matt Pappas released a video tape of the raid by a camera the police overlooked when they stormed into the Sky High Dispensary and dismantled what they thought were all the video cameras.

    The show’s first guest is Marla James, a volunteer at the dispensary who is a legally blind amputee, who was there when the cops burst in with masks on, guns drawn and ordered members and employees to the ground. The brouhaha that has ensued with nationwide attention over the abusive pot eating cops has triggered an internal investigation. Hear the story behind the story as Marla recounts what happened that fateful day.

    Citizen Lobbyists for medical marijuana is the name of the game in Sacramento on June 15 as Americans for Safe Access brings hundreds of medical marijuana patients and advocates from all over the state of California to lobby their state legislators for safe, reliable and local access to their medicine. With 13 bills touching almost every aspect of medical marijuana, patients want to let their lawmakers know how these bills will affect their lives.

    Every year the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project rents a 15 passenger van to bring patients to ASAs Citizen Lobby Day. For this show the second guest are six of these patients in a free-spirited discussion on why they are in Sacramento, what it’s like to be there and what they hope to accomplish.

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    TSTH It's Thirsty Thursday bitches!!!

    in Entertainment

    Join Furby and possibly Beat tonight, Snatch has the night off for his birthday, getting some nub love from is crippled girlfriend! SOLOING this one? I am not sure yet! I got to tell ya about this "Super Pot" I saw, I LAWL at what America tries to throw at us now a days. Well for all time for that matter. Maybe we should have left the British in control I mean things weren't that bad right? I mean put it this way, at least we are not Canada right?! Right! :P

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    21: Strung Along, Nippin The Nub, Kitten Sparks

    in Music

    Music From Strung Along, Nippin The Nub, the Kitten Sparks. Punk, rap, psych rock.

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    Nub Stands and Victory Beer

    in Culture

    We will be broadcasting live from Link Beverage in Coopersburg, Pa this Thursday. While we bring the lounge to this great location we will be having a little competition. We will be doing Nub Stands - smoking Oliva Nubs and seeing who can get the largest ash and stand the cigar up on it.
    We will also be drinking and reviewing beer by Victory Brewing Co. We look forward to sampling their beers!

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    The Chub Nub Special

    in Entertainment

    Character Assassination : Target The Chub Nub! Glen and I are compelled to unlease mounds of disgruntledments towards the Genetic cess pool that  is Jacob Koleszar. The Hungarian Mafia is in Flames with his commentary tonight, We pour Gasoline.

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    Children's Corner - The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle

    in Family

     The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle by J. L. Kimmel & David Ceccarelli
    This magnificent, three-part tale opens in a once-idyllic forest where the creatures fear for their survival amid a drought so long-standing that none recall ever seeing a river and the dangers of hungry hunters. So desperate are they that a lightning-fast jackrabbit thief undertakes a quest to find the mythological river goddess, Violet, and race her for the river. As he departs, the forest librarian owl reads Violet s story aloud from a very special book. Part two occurs many years later on the estate of absurdly conspicuous consumers, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, the latter of whom hates rain and nature sounds. Their children are twins purchased at a bargain price the loud, aggressive Ash, deemed boyish by parents who discount the sensitive, thoughtful Dusty. A mishap with the past makes Ash evil and infects the Miller house with soul crawlers, parasites of hate that thrived where evil lurked. Twenty years later, in the adjoining township, part three brings thirteen-year-old Nub Begley, a farmer boy, and female classmate Nil Turner.  This story will make life-long readers of youth not previously committed to reading.
    Doting adults will do well to gift copies to beloved youth. Adults who take the time to explore these pages will be reminded of the important titles of their youth, the ones that originally hooked them on reading.
    For more information visit: www.TheYawningRabbitRiverChronicle.com
    To purchase from Amazon.com click here: The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle

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    Father and Sons in the Cigar Industry

    in Culture

    We will be visited by Cigar.com tonight and they will be bringing their vast knowledge of the cigar industry. We will be talking about how the traditions of cigars have been past down thru many generations to provide us with the great cigars we have today.
    We also want to apologize for last weeks lack of a show. We will get into that mess on the show as well.

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    The Talk

    in Education