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    Explore Your World w/ JD Andrews & Nozin

    in Travel

    Travel and Exploration are the theme for the next #LoveYourNose Live Podcast and Twitter Party!
    Our favorite intrepid traveler, earthXplorer, aka JD Andrews is back at his home base and joining us to share his latest adventures and inspire YOU to Explore Your World!
    Join us on Tues, 8/27 at 8pm EST for a live Twitter Party & LIVE Tweetcast/Podcast that is all about travel!  Tweet into the #LoveYourNose hashtag AND listen live!
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    Diana Arkenstone & Union Road with Nozin

    in Music

    Diane Arkenstone is a multi-platinum selling recording artist who brings life and passion to the New Age genre.  She is a highly acclaimed natural talent and a special favorite for those who favor Celtic, Native American, instrumental, new age, and world music.
    Diane joins us today to talk about her new album - Union Road, life as a Songstress, and how she takes care of herself while touring and prepping for more amazing music.
    Connect with Diane Arkenstone and get a sneak peek of her incredible new album - Union Road, just released in March 2013.
    Nozin is thrilled to highlight the famous fans of Nozin like Diane and her music!
    "Nearing perfection by the casual relaxing atmosphere, Union Road is a brilliant vocal instrumental album with novel lyrics you are sure to love. Keep your eye on Diane Arkenstone, whose sense of freedom when creating original new music is sure to transport you on a route that can only be described as adventuresome."  Review
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    Effective Communication with Karen Pfeffer & Nozin

    in Self Help

    We communicate all day with our children, partners, co-workers, even strangers.
    Have you ever felt frustrated that your kids or co-workers are not hearing you?  Would you like to learn some great tips and techniques to be a more effective communicator at home and work?
    Sharing best practices for Effective Communication is Breakthrough Coach, Karen Pfeffer.  Karen works with individuals, groups and Corporations teaching effective communication and the process of fully engaging with other people.  She is also a facilitator for Fire Walking (who will be brave enough?!) AND she is a Nozin Fan!
    Join us June 4 at 8pm est for a LIVE podcast and #LOVEYOURNOSE Twitter Party!  Click here for more info!
    Karen Pfeffer is Co-Founder of Fire Power Seminars, a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and PSYCH-K®, psychological processes that impact behavior and outcomes. She is also a F.I.R.E. Certified Fire Walk Instructor, a Facilitator and Keynote Presenter.
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    Nozin with Dr. Philip Goglia for Spring Nutrition & Fitness

    in Health

    Warm weather means more time outside and a new focus on food! 
    To get you in tune with Spring, Nozin welcomes Dr. Philip Goglia - Founder of  Performance Fitness Concepts, an elite performance nutrition and rejuvenative clinics. Dr. Goglia has been a certified nutritionist for over 30 years and holds a PhD. in Nutritional Science.  He is the author of Turn Up the Heat – Unlock the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism.
    Join us Wednesday evening for a Live tweetcast with Dr. Goglia and @Nozin on #LoveYourNose hashtag on twitter!  Tweet and Listen Live!

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    Nozin Healthy Winter #LoveYourNose Twitter Chat

    in Health

     Winter is almost here and staying healthy is an important step in a great holiday season and winter! Nozin is hosting a twitter party with a live interview with Dr. Ritu Goel and John Willimann.  Tweeters can listen live and ask questions on twitter and get answers from our Winter Care and Hygiene Experts!  Plus, we will discuss Winter Allergies & Tips for Relief.
    Join us on the #LoveYour Nose on twitter at 8pm eastern Monday night, December 10 and listen live right here on Blogtak Radio!
    We will be giving away Nozin Family Packs with Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® and Nozin® Allergy Master® - Defense that Makes Sense® during the Twitter Chat!
    Dr. Ritu Goel is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist in Rhode Island.  John Willimann is the Chief Science Officer and President of Nozin.
    @Nozin on twitter ~ Nozin.com ~Nozin Blog

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    Winter Health Tips with The Full Belly Sisters and Nozin

    in Health

    Winter is here in all of its deep chill & frozen glory.  Staying healthy during an active Cough& Cold season is a challenge.  The Nozin Web Team sits down with The Full Belly Sisters to talk about Winter Health Tips & their recommendations for maintaining optimal health.  The Full Belly Sisters, Justine and Flannery, are real life sisters who share a passion for women's health. The Full Belly Sisters blog offers useful tools so that you can be healthy and informed.
    Flannery Fontinell is a RN, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, & Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  Justine Fontinell is a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  She is board-certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Justine is also a freelance journalist and writer

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    Healthy Winter Survival Guide with Dr. Ritu Goel and Nozin

    in Health

    Cold temperatures, fluctuating weather patterns, snow, and the Cough & Cold Season are just a few of winter's challenges.  
    Join Dr. Ritu Goel (Board Certified Laryngologist), John Willimann (Chief Science Officer) and the Nozin Web Team on Monday, January 28 at 8pm eastern for a live Tweetcast on the #loveyournose hashtag on twitter.
    Listen Live - Ask Questions about Winter Health - Tweet with Nozin - Win Nozin Family Packs with Nozin products!
    RSVP & Get More Info at Nozin Blog!
    @Nozin on twitter ~ Nozin.com~

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    Healthy Body Balance w/ Nutrition & ph Expert Maraline Krey

    in Nutrition

    Families are juggling a lot - school schedules, afterschool activities, careers, home life, family meal time and quality family time.  Add in the approach of the holidays and Cough and Cold season and we may feel like we are headed straight for overload!  Don't feel overwhelmed - make time to tune into the Nozin #LoveYourNose twitter party and live podcast on Wednesday, October 23 at 8pm eastern!
    Maraline Krey, Healthy Body Balance Expert, is joining us with some tips to get our lives and our family's lives back into balance with good nutrition and wellness tips!
    Maraline's mantra is "Small changes make a big difference" and we are going to talk to her about nutrition, hydration, health and wellness tips and ph body balance on the live podcast AND simultaneous #LoveYourNose twitter party!
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    Travel Adventures with JD Andrews and Nozin

    in Travel

    Join us on February 18th at 8pm EST for a live #LOVEYOURNOSE Twitter Party and LIVE Tweetcast/Podcast with JD Andrews - all about travel!
    JD Andrews aka Earth Xplorer is ready to share his best travel tips, favorite places to travel and some of the not-so-favorite, recommended travel gadgets and more.   Many of you know JD as the power Travel Tweeter @earthXplorer where we get daily peeks of some of his amazing Travel Adventures!
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    Interview with Isabel Laessig Family Foodie

    in Food

    We are gathering around the dinner table on Tuesday, June 25 for a Live Podcast and Twitter Party with Isabel Laessig, Family Foodie and the Founder of #SundaySupper!
    We are chatting LIVE about Food, Fun, and how to get your family aournd the table more often.  Isabel is a mother of four and has great experience in feeding a big family and providing a nurturing and supportive family meal environment.  Tune in for some tips and recipes!
    Listen Live on Blogtalk Radio and Tweet LIVE on the #LoveYourNose hashtag on twitter.  Go to Nozin Blog for more info and to RSVP!

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    Healthy Back to School with Dr. Goel & Jackie Wilson

    in Health

    Join us on 9/23 at 7:30pm eastern!
    In the whirlwind of all of this activity, a seasonal change from summer to fall is also happening.  To ensure a Healthy Back to School season and weather change, we are turning to one of our favorite physicians to get some Healthy Back to School Tips - Dr. Ritu Goel!  Dr. Goel is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist and a Mom.  She is sharing some tips to keep the family healthy.
    Jackie Wilson from Monkey Do Project and Prime Parents Club will also be joining us on the live podcast to share some Back to School Mom tips and update us on Monkey Do Project happenings.
    Tweet @Nozin on #LoveYourNose hashtag and listen live!  RSVP NozinBlog.com to enter to win prizes.

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