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    The End of Time

    in Poetry

    Do you want to hear the truth the end of Time by the Prophet Theophilus McPherson Sr

  • The End of Time

    in Poetry

    What does it take for us to know of our salvation? Jesus Christ is coming again but the answer to all these questions surrounding his coming again. People have decide to give up on their salvation and going to church. Look at our nation with rain over flow and storms around us. If we are bible student not so much going to church but student of the word of God.

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    End Times -- Are we in them now?

    in Fun

    World events have put everyone on edge.  Some say that we are in the end times as foretold in the Bible.  Global economies are in deep trouble.  The environment is on the verge of collapse.  Militant terrorists are rising up everywhere.  Earthquates, floods, pestilence, war.  Are these the harbingers of the end or has the human race always suffered from these things?   How do we sort fact from fiction? Join Ken and Beth as they attempt to wade through the muck to find the truth.  Call in (347) 215-9971, 9:30 PM PST Thursday 2/11/2016.

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Honor Your Mother

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Founder and CEO of Miclknight. I am an Educator, Author, Speaker, Nurse, and passionate about healthy living.

    May 8: Mother's Day. How can we honor our Mother? Who is our Mother? Own blood, person who raised us,

    Being respectful, loving her, helping her when and even before she asks for help, appreciate all the sacrifices she made for us, 

    Look back at when you were a child - what did your mother do for you?

    Look back now at what you are doing for your child(ren). Do you see a resemblance?

    Do you want to be loved, cherrieshed, respected for what you do?

    So, on this Mother's Day, May 8, 2016, I encourage you to love your Mother, who ever and wherever she is. There are plenty of wonderful gestures we can do: send a card, make a phone call saying "I love you", taking her out to lunch, or just spending some special quality time with her. I am sure you can think of many more things you can do to maybe even rekindle some of the fun times you had. The presents we give do not have to be expensive at all. What my Dad always said: "I love something that you made, whatever it is"! Just spending the time together was so much fun. (Poem)

    For this Sunday, I encourage each one of you/us to reach out to someone who is/was special to us. As AT&T used to say: Reach out and touch someone!

    Free Gift: http://www.abrightandbeautifullife.com/mother







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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Attitude

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Founder and CEO of Miclknight. I am an Educator, Author, Speaker, Nurse, Fitness Trainer and very passionate about healthy living.
    Follow me on my journey: meeting, yesterday at 11 AM; on time, doors closed, checked invite, 11:30 AM. Now what? First, I felt frustrated, waisted 30 min, two deep breaths, sat on the bench, used time wisely.
    What would you do in this situation?
    How would you react?
    How would it affect you Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically and Mentally?
    Just thinking about it, do you feel a shift in your body and your mind?
    Now what are your options:
    frett over it, get angry, frustrated, walk away, wait patiently and use the time efficiently, get some work done, take notes..
    This is how this BTR came about, as this exact episode happened to me yesterday. I was at the destination on time only to find out that the Restaurant did not open for another 30 min. 
    Used time efficiently, writing my BTR and lovely conversation with guests. I felt that big shift within me from frustration to peace, serenity.
    We can quite often change the outcome just by accepting it, taking a deep breath, and thinking positive, doing sth that soothes us and we feel good about getting it done. It's like getting twice as much accomplished than first intended. What a great feeling.
    Free Gift:  https://www.pinterest.com/explore/serenity-prayer/  

    Be Happy, Healthy Blessed and Stay Empowered!


  • Apostle Debra Deanes and the End Time Men and Women of War

    in Religion

    Good evening, I am Apostle Debra Deanes and The End Time Men and Women of War!  We greet you in the Powerful Name of our Lord and Savourio Jesus!!! Welcome to our worship Service!!! We invite you come let your hair down and join in the service with us.  You are welcome to clap your hands, stump your feet,  shout if the Hy Ghost lead you.  We have our worship service every Sunday evening at 4:00 pm eastern time.  See you soon!!!

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    End time Men and Women of War Bible study

    in Religion

    We are still in the book of Daniel and we are discussing the beast

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    The Insurgency Begins!!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    The Insurgency Begins!!!!!!!!!

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    I am Apostle Deanes with the End Time Men and Women of War Global Ministry.

    in Religion

    Good evening, I am Apostle Debra Deanes with the End Time Men and Woman of War Global Ministry.  Welcome to the Prayer Room. On tonight, We will have our praise or testimonies, we will have our prayer part of the service and prophecy.  Everyone can tune in and request prayer.  If you want us to pray for a certain thing, we will do that too.  If God gives us a word for you, we will release the word. We have faith together with you that God will move mountains in the Name of Jesus.  This Service is call the prayer room. Everyone Is Welcome!!!!

  • Q&A The End of Time. Let talk about the end of time. The Mark of Rev.13:18

    in Poetry

    If you have a question for the prophet ask him now. Do you want to know your future through the scripture let us talk about it. How do you know that you are saved. How you know that you have the Holy Spirit? I ssuffering part of being a Christian. What do you know about the end of time. Are we living in the last days. Question and Answer time what do you want to know about the Bible . Is the Bible a man made book or should we be looking for another book to read. What verison of scripture shoul I be reading? What about the NIV verison what mistakes is in the book that make you jnow its not God breath in it.

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