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    And now for something completely different- Life the universe and everything

    in Culture

    Expanding the length of the show to prepare for the following weekends live broadcasts from KAB townwide garage sale!  The warm up show!

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    My Life Now

    in Family

    Guest James Cannon

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    Be the Alchemist in Your Own Life: The Time for Healing is NOW!

    in Self Help

    Alchemy is rooted in a complex spiritual worldview in which everything around us contains a sort of universal spirit.  H.J. Sheppard describes alchemy as: 

    The art of liberating parts of the Cosmos from temporal existence and achieving perfection which, for metals is gold, and for man, longevity, then immortality and, finally, redemption. Material perfection was sought through the action of a preparation (Philosopher's Stone for metals; Elixir of Life for humans), while spiritual ennoblement resulted from some form of inner revelation or other enlightenment (Gnosis, for example, in Hellenistic and western practices and metals were believed not only to be alive but also to grow inside the Earth.

    Put simply, you and only you are responsible for your actions, the consequences that are derived from your actions and creating happiness in your world.  Alchemy attempts to expand your spirit into realms of awareness previously hidden from consciousness, so you can ultimately experience free-will and manifest whatever you’d like in this world. 

    Join us, today, for a discussion on how you can use alchemy to heal and manifest greater joy in your daily life!

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    Now What Do I Do To Get My Life Back On Track!?

    in Spirituality

    What happens in the aftermath of a life altering situation or event that has occurred in your life?  What happens now?  Where do you go from here?  What next?  In the aftermath how do I get my life back on track?  These are questions that people find themselves asking and struggling to find the correct answers.  In today’s show we’ll look at self coaching techniques that can support you in finding clarity for what’s next.

    Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we look at how to take the next step in your life’s journey. 

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    It's Never About The Food…Take Control of Your Weight and Life Now

    in Weight Loss

    Have a cookie you’ll feel better as you join me, Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio as I welcome Jill Fischer CEO of Mind Reset Hypnotherapy to the show. On this episode of Life Interrupted Radio Jill and I share:

    How to change your thinking about food, 

    How to stop soothing and squashing our emotions with food 

    How to breakthrough what’s stopping you from taking control of your weight.

    Jill's Life Interrupted Breakthrough Moment came in 2005. It was at that time “in trying to make everything okay” that she saw how she was enabling destructive behavior from others and soothing her hurt feelings and raw emotions with food. 

    In a light bulb moment she recognized that the “current” limits of her life were directly correlated to the limits of her thinking – and most importantly, that she could create new thinking. Now, she helps others reset their thinking and behaviors.

    Join us to take that first step now because no matter where you are, you don’t have to stay stuck. I know Jill’s story will inspire you that you have a brighter future waiting for you.  It’s time to reset your mind!

    Learn more about Jill Fischer and her free weight loss program called "A Week of Weight Loss” at www.AWeekofWeightLoss.com and visit www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com for more.

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    The Best of The Best guests on Your Life Now radio of 2014 part 1

    in Self Help

    Today, we are featuring 2 of the best of the best guests on Your Life Now radio show! If you are one of those guests, I'd like to thank you for your contribution to the show. I am always grateful and happy you chose to be part of our show. Wishing you love, health, joy and prosperity now, and every moments thereafter. Happy Holiday.

    Our first special guest for today is Beverly Fells Jones the author of “Christianity, The Law of Attraction And The one Command”. Ms. Jones is living a blessed life. As a Life Coach, trainer, presenter, and author of two successful books, Beverly helps others to learn and apply an active meditation technique to their lives desires, enabling them to realize real change, mentally and physically. Using a proven process that taps into the Alpha and Theta Brain wave states of mind, you learn how to become the master of your own destiny.

    For more information please visit Beverly’s web-site at: http://www.commandingyourlife.com

    Our 2nd special guest for today is Patty Kogutek the Author of “A Change of Habit”. “A Spiritual Journey from Sister Mary Kateri To Sister Mary Vodka”. Patty has a doctoral degree in educational administration, however the most valuable lessons she has learned came from the school of hard knocks. “A Change of Habit” has won worldwide acclaim with 14 awards, both nationally and internationally. And for more information please visit: http://PattyKogutek.com



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    Life: The Journey!?

    in Lifestyle

    Lets talk about life and how to make it a wonderful life and accepting the path that we are on!

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    The Secret to Everything: Manifesting the Life you Desire Now with Dr. McGeorge

    in Energy

    "Great things come in little packages: Do yourself a big favor and leapfrog any reluctance about what may seem wu-wu or esoteric on the surface. McGeorge is all about making it real. Her brief book, focused on raising frequency, contains valuable practical techniques to instantly improve and access the life phenomenal. The moment you start practicing what McGeorge preaches you will "tune in" new channels that will bring you all the good things you desire"

    Amazon Review by Grady Miller, July 11, 2013

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    Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Now What?

    in Lifestyle

    On Monday we began examining the fact that God "delivered" unto us various "goods" that He expects us to use. Our study continues with the question, "Now what?" Now that we know that the "goods" are given according to our "several abilities what do we do next? Our study takes us to 2 Corinthians 3:16-18. We'll discover keys to arrest fear and release the freedom to do and be what we're called to be and do.

    In this study we will see that we need to

    Turn to the LORD
    Understand what God is saying.
    Realize that it's a growing process.


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    IN LIFE NOW RADIO LIVE from Harmony Brewing Company!

    in Lifestyle

    Well family, the day has finally arrived. In honor of celebrating being "your premier platform in inspirational lifestyle talk radio" for the past 3 years, IN LIFE NOW RADIO is kick off our city wide promotional tour!

    First stop, Harmony Brewing Company located at 1551 Lake Drive in Grand Rapids, MI. A neighborhood brew-pub for Eastown. A comfortable place where conversation is the primary entertainment. Offering our own beers, as well as a full bar. Our menu consists of wood fired pizzas that will knock your socks off! Cheers!

    Coach TMB is honored to have the support and backing from Team Harmony! We will have an opportunity to listen and learn from the brewery owners, which is a family affair of two brothers and a sister who are absolutely phenomenal trend setting people.

    Then we will have a opportunity to listen and learn from the Executive Directors of Wide Open Wings who will be at Harmony hosting a fundraiser for work they're doing in Cambodia. Join us Sunday to give your support! Harmony Brewing will be donating a $1 a pint all day--there will be a 50/50 raffle and they will also be accepting donations of gently used children's clothing on behalf of Wide Open Wings!

    Make sure you are TUNED IN while WE are LIVE soYOU can get in on the FREE GIVEAWAYS and find out how you can be a HARMONY "GROWLER!"


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    Favor Life, The Process Of There...................

    in Spirituality

    Favor Life  is a 15 minute radio empowerment segment designed to encourage the Christian Believer in their walk of faith and trust everyday through life situations and circumstance. The goal of this radio broadcast is to spiritually empower each believer in their process of growing and maturing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ daily. For the Christian Believer ,who is in this world but operate and live in a different system of faith , we learn to manifest the glory of the Lord in our everyday life by faith , trust and obedience to God's Word. The journey of faith and trust is one that is to be enjoyed as we walk in the victory, purpose  and destiny of our process to "there". Our "there" place is the place of our making that expresses the identity and character of Jesus Christ to a world who does not see or know Christ unless we show Him even in the conflicts that we face in our everyday life. So join in as we go through the process of "there" and see the favor of our King in everyday life on "Favor Life".

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