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    Taking Pictures with USMC/Director of THE NOVEMBER WAR

    in Film

    Host Paul Booth with discuss The November War with USMC Garrettn Philip Anderson as he tells us about the battles, mking the films and what his Platoon for K-BAY in Hawaii did for us, in FALLEJUAH. 

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    6 More Great Websites For 2015

    in Business

    Here are 6 more great websites I personally recommend for 2015.  Sure there are millions of websites on the Internet…but these 6 I personally recommend for projects, professional research and personal development.

    And send us your favorite website and why you like it:  Send your favorite picks to carole@mssconnect.com. We’ll send you a special E Report detailing some of the websites covered in today’s program.

    Grab a pen and paper or log in today’s information straight to your computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone.  We’ll give you the websites that will move you forward straight throughout the months ahead!

    For the complete list visit http://www.tellcarole.com/caroles-blog/6-more-great-websites-for-2015

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    matthew 6

    in Religion

    Join me as we go through matthew 6 and learn about what jesus taught about giving, praying, and fasting and also about how to trust in the lord for all our needs and not worry about them.

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    Spring 2015 (Week 6)

    in Sports

    Spring 2015 (Week 6)

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    Khairi Price Saturday S1 Episode 6

    in Sports

    Khairi Price  Saturday S1 Episode 6

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    Hebrews 11: 6 -- How to Diligently Seek God

    in The Bible

    Some time ago, a trusted prophet that I know received the following word from the Lord: “There are more people going to church now than ever before, yet, there are more people lost now than ever before.”  That is a heart-wrenching message that brings to mind the following question:  What is our faith really about? Politico-business acumen, popularity, reality TV shows, or God?                                                                       

    One of the byproducts of a church filled with unregenerate people is an oversaturation of worldly sermons.  Preachers want to feel validated from the pulpit, so they develop messages purposed to garner responses from the masses, which tend to be more carnal than spiritual.

    In 1 Kings 19, the God of Israel told the prophet Elijah that he had 7,000 other prophets who had not bowed their knees to Baal.  This BlogTalk show seeks to minister to those “7,000” by addressing their greatest desire—knowing God.  This BlogTalk show will answer the following questions:

    Is God hiding?
    What does it mean to diligently seek God?
    How do I seek God?
    What are the rewards for seeking him?

    Prepare to hear and share your own personal testimonies about how one may seek God and the rewards God bestows upon his people when we do so.   

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    From Broke Healer Mindset to Invincible 6-Figure Healer!!

    in Business

    There is a pattern with healers that causes overworking, over-giving, and under charging.

    You may have even heard the expression of being a ‘broke’ healer. In fact, so many healers are not making a great income, so they go back in the closet, get a job, and never get to live their life purpose.

    But you can change that so you can be fully expressed as a healer AND make a good living doing the work you love.

    In this call Therese Skelly will share the top 3 reasons you may be hitting that income plateau and how to change those patterns.

    Discover what you will explore on this pathway:

    Why you can’t charge what you want to

    How to step in and really own your healing gifts

    How money can be a mirror for hidden blocks

    Mindset and money tools to help you grow your practice

    Speaker Bio. Therese Skelly has the insider’s edge on how healers and heart centered business owners relate to their money and growing a business. She helps them own their value and charge more by helping clear hidden blocks and knows what it’s like to take a flat-lined business to a 6-figure one.

    As a former psychotherapist Therese knows how the unconscious can work against you, as well as how to flip that to be more successful.

    Be sure to catch Therese on the upcoming Invincible 6-Figure Healer Telesummit, starting June 2! Register here!

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    Language Development Birth to 6 Months: Building Skills, Relationships, & More

    in Parents

    Welcome to Kids AtoZ with Dr. T, bringing you information about the five areas of child development so parents can empower their children to thrive.

    Today’s “Brains in Toyland” segment is called Language Development Birth to 6 Months: Building Skills, Relationships, & More

    Melanie Feller, MS, CCC-SLP is returning to talk to us about speech and language development in children birth to six months of age, what to expect, and how to foster great development. You can listen to our last interview called Floortime Play: Fostering Intellectual, Motor, & Emotional Development

    You can also learn more about Melanie and the services she provides at her website Alphabet Sour Speech Consultants

    Enjoy. The KidsAtoZ Team

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    6 ways to build your home business fast

    in Entrepreneur

    Fast is a relative term! In terms of traditional business, home business entrepreneurs can build much faster and get into profit sooner than a traditional brick and mortar business. Use these tips to build consistently and it won't be long before you are looking back on a successful business! Join us for 6 ways to build your home business fast!

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    Candid Conversation with Myself: 30 Day Program Day 6

    in Motivation

    This is indeed a remarkable day as it is the first weekend day of my 30 day program and I have successfully completed my meditation, family time, word of the day as well as journaled my expansion.

    Effective day 6:

    Add daily hair care & grooming time with children by example
    Add implementation of cleaning schedule
    Add daily meal variety and menu planning
    Add positive math equation approach to program = record in terms of add & multiply


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    Khairi Price Saturday S1 Episode 6

    in Sports

    Khairi Price  Saturday S1 Episode 6

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