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    PERFECT VICTIM-Carla Norton

    in Entertainment

    Hitchhiking from Eugene, Ore., through northern California in 1977, 20-year-old Colleen Stan thumbed a ride into hell. Her kidnappers a sadistic lumber mill worker, Cameron Hooker, and his battered wife Janice subjected her to seven years of torture and sensory deprivation. She was made a sex slave, kept locked in a wooden box and brainwashed into believing that an underground network of sadists would recapture her if she attempted to escape. Did Colleen fall in love with Cameron and make herself a willing partner in a love triangle, as the Hookers' defense lawyer asserted? The jury found otherwise, convinced by the evidence marshalled by coauthor McGuire, state prosecutor in the case, a trial that journalist Norton attended in 1984. Not for the squeamish, this harrowing tale shuttles between the courtroom and the grisly doings in the Hookers' basement. PERFECT VICTIM-The True Story of "The Girl In The Box" by the D.A. Who Prosecuted Her Captor-Carla Norton

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    Prophetic Voice with Prophet Bill Norton

    in Spirituality

    Prophetic Voice with Prophet Bill Norton
    Listen to the voice of God brings you into the supernatural experience with God 



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    The Undergroundlings Railroad w/ Jim Norton, Keith Robinson and Rachel Feinstein

    in Comedy

    An incredible crew of comedian guests are in the studio this week. Jim Norton, Keith Robinson, and Rachel Feinstein talk about Kurt's experience at the Emmy's, abortions, Colin Quinn bombing at Robert De Niro's birthday party, the UCB diversity controversy and more. Plus Bob DiBuono is back as racist Norm Macdonald, Rich Vos and Matt Dillon.
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    The story begins with Bert, a gentle, unassuming street person who mumbled to himself and talked to trees. He wasn't an alcoholic, but he hung out at a detox center in Sacramento, where a volunteer named Judy took an interest in him. Judy was overjoyed when she found a home for Bert with a silver-haired grandmother, Dorothea Puente, who ran a tidy boarding house in a blue-and-white Victorian. Little did Judy know that Puente (just one of the woman's many aliases) would soon become her obsession. By the end of the story, Bert has disappeared, and the cops are digging up seven corpses from the backyard of the boarding house. Author Carla Norton (Perfect Victim) skillfully unfolds the many-layered character of this classic Arsenic and Old Lace-style serial killer: "At the pinnacle of her fame and glory, Dorothea was like a junkie with a philanthropic habit... Everyone dipped into her pot and benefited from her largesse." She was ultimately tried on nine counts of murder, and sentenced to death. DISTURBED GROUND-Carla Norton

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    Dinklage Swagger w/ Jim Norton

    in Comedy

    Jim Norton is in the studio to promote his new comedy special, Contextually Inadequate. Also, musician and host of We Know Nothing podcast Anya Marina joins.
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    Interview With Fitness Authority, PhD, and Natural Bodybuilder LAYNE NORTON #327

    in Fitness

    LAYNE NORTON describes himself as a physique architect, natural bodybuilder, powerlfiter, coach, and scientist. During this podcast interview, you'll discover that he's much, much more than just those impressive sounding titles . He's an influential leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Norton earned a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and created an effective "step-by-step model for success" within the bodybuilding and fitness industry that has influenced legions of people around the world to follow.

    Layne shares many of the amazing life lessons he learned from his parents and the man he calls his hero, his grandfather. These success strategies that were passed down not only helped make him into a successful fitness authority and entrepreneur, they helped shape him into the man of purpose, passion, and integrity with a tremendous work ethic that he is today. So, if you weren't fortunate enough to have positive, supportive influences in your life growing up, you have the unique opportunity to learn from the elder Nortons too.

    Dr. Norton offers his thoughts on who you should take advice from, priorities in life, work ethic, passion, risk taking, balance in life while attacking your ambitious goals, the importance of measuring balance in life over longer periods of time, working toward the life you want with a sense of urgency, how you are judged by the people you associate with, and the importance of speaking your mind.

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    Greatest Fights #15: Chacon-Lopez-74; Holmes-Norton-78

    in Sports

    Recorded: 1/29/12

    Bobby Chacon vs Danny Lopez (1974)




     Larry Holmes vs. Ken Norton (1978)







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    042: Rehabbing Remotely with Jean Norton

    in Real Estate

    Jean Norton is a corporate refugee, who used her years solving problems for others in the corporate world to solve her own. Tired of working hard for someone else…she took per passion to the real estate industry, ready to stake her claim. After some quick wins….she discovered that deals may be few and far between…and there was no “secret sauce” to an easily repeatable model. Most real estate investors purely focus on the cities and markets they live in…or perhaps…a second nearby sister market. Jean realized that geography was limiting her ability to achieve her goals…so she simply eliminated that obstacle! Seems so obvious, right? Unfortunately, this is surprisingly unconventional wisdom for real estate investors! Don’t miss this great show! Jean doesn’t hold back (and never does).

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    in Education


    Unlike  in Vegas, what happened in Columbus doesn't stay there.

    A post-conference report from the officers and Executive Director of AASL , Audrey Church,

    Terry Grief and Sylvia Knight Norton.

    Presented by FOLLETT LEARNING

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    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Found Its Tigris in Eugenie Bondurant

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Eugenie Bondurant. 

    Her career began gracing the runways; from New York to Paris and has now landed the fan favorite featured role ‘Tigris’ in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.


    At 6’-1”, with knife-blade cheekbones, Bondurant, was “discovered” after a bout with cancer left her looking especially exotic and androgynous.  She was soon a working model in the U.S. and Europe. During her career as a model, she was promoted by her agents as androgynous which then followed her into her acting career.  She’s played male transvestites, a bio-mechanical warriors, Dominatrix, to a quirky unemployed rodent lover.  She created a string of bizarre characters in TV and film – including Fight Club (with Ed Norton), Saturday Night Live(with Madonna and Mike Myers). She tossed around comedian Gene Wilder while playing Alice Cooper’s favorite Dominatrix on the TV series Something Wilder. And on HBO’s Arliss, she played a transvestite who lured a strait-laced athlete into a night of sin. In the indie feature, Donald and Dot Clock, her character bonded with a house-full of rodents. 


    She is also a cabaret singer, appearing in the American Songbook Series with Paul Wilborn and Blue Roses and a founder of The Radio Theater Project (www.radiotheater.org).

    A well-known On-Camera and Meisner acting coach, Bondurant, is a staff member at the prestigious Patel Conservatory in Tampa, Fl. 


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    Sunday's with Dr Shawn - 2 VERY Special Guests TODAY!!!

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    This is a broadcast you simply CANNOT MISS!!!!  Center for Self-Governance Founder and President, Retired Air Force Mark Herr and Master Trainer, Author and Successful Small Business Owner Bill Norton will blow your mind and stoke the brushfires of FREEDOM and FAITH in this powerpacked hour!

    Commercial FREE!  High Impact!  This one hour just might save the country!

    This IS the Secret Sauce!

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    Rev. Dr. Shawn M. Greener 'The NInja Pastor!'