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    Breaking Down Social Norms in Relationships and Gender Roles

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    Living in a world where society chooses to live by arbitrary norms seems contradictory to a generation that has produced self-made millionaires and billionaires under the age of 30 in addition to having such a major influence on brands by just being themselves. Yet I question why most aren’t playing by their own rules as it relates to gender roles, the way we behave [especially in romantic relationships], and how we easily allow ourselves to be influenced by media and music. My guests join me to break down their perspectives and personal experiences, and the idea of ‘playing by our rules’ coming into play.

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    A war against the Bible

    Due to both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible being the inspired, inerrant Word of God, it has been and remains under the most virulent and sustained attack from Satan and his agents. Its inspiration, historicity, canon and scientific accuracy have all been questioned by ‘higher criticism’, the theory of evolution and many other opposing forms of critique.

    War against moral values

    Satan continuously questions, challenges and breaks down the moral norms which God has established through His laws and precepts, and which the human conscience should acknowledge as right and good. Moral decline is promoted by demons. This is done with a view to replacing God’s morality in the world with the opposing values of a satanic immorality. These two sets of values can be contrasted as follows:

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    Healing Black Communities Part 6 & 7 | Culture: Norms, Values, Beliefs Oh My!!!

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    Real Talk Live Family, the live recording from last night, Thursday, January 22, 2015 was accidently deleted.

    We are doing a two hour show as a special recapping the last show:

    1st Theme: Healing Black Communities Series | Culture: Norms, Values, Beliefs Oh My!!!

    Culture is defined as learned behavior shared amongst people; people ways of life, how they live, are reflections of their norms, values and beliefs from their culture.   How should we be living?  Vs. How we have been living?

    2nd Theme: Exploration of a Lost Rich Black American Holistic Culture to The New Progressive Black Power Culture!!!


    Call in#:                     (347) 989-0382

    Studio Tickets:          www.realtalklive.eventbrite.com | Seats are limited RSVP is a must!

    Website:                     http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ntheloop-org/2015/01/22/healing-black-communities-series-culture-norms-values-beliefs-oh-my

    ***We ask our call-in guest to please mute their phones when calling in, we want to make sure the live recording is clear and free of background noise.  We do not: Edit, Cut, Beep out so your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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    Social Norms

    in Culture

    Interview with Gerard Bianco
    Topics of conversation:
    Social Norms Sexual overindulgence Society's treatment of people with an affliction Role of women in society The Persona - advantages and disadvantages of a personal belief system Discipline: A Play Gerard Bianco
    iUniverse (2012)
    ISBN 9781462070220
    Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/12)
    Read the review on ReaderViews.com

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    Thaddeus Barnum: Finding Identity Outside the Cultural Norms

    in Current Events

    Americans have always felt valued by what they do. It is ingrained in us. We think we are what we do. “The world around us teaches us that purpose come first,” Barnum says. “Find purpose, find identity.” But that is exactly what Jesus taught against. People need more than just what is true, they need real.

    Join us on The River today as Jeannie and Maxine chat with Thad Barnum, author of Identity; How Americans Value Themselves at Work and Home, about how to find identity outside the cultural norms.

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    Men: Characteristics that make or break relationships

    in Self Help

    Success in one area of life does not guarantee success in all areas.  What happens when you are actually failing in another area that is equally important such as yoiur relationship? There are men who are predisposed to be emotionally present in a relationship and others who are not. This predisposition is an intrinsic part of personality or may be borne of earlier experiences, including the models men grew up with, their previous positive or negative relationships, their temperament,and social norms.

    How do you determine what is sabbotaging your relationship? Tune in as my guest Baron Samuel, author of Best Days, Worst Nights discusses characteristics that impact relationships from the males perspective.

    This will benefit men and women so set your calendar reminder.

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    DC RealTalk Radio Show - "A PEPPERMINT PATTY SPIRIT"

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    “A PEPPERMINT PATTY SPIRIT” – Peppermint Patty was created by Charles M. Schulz in response to the women’s liberation movement back in the late 1960s as part of an attempt to have a character deify gender norms. She was the one who approached Charlie Brown on a number of occasions. She was even so desperate to have a man that after Charlie Brown ignored her she started pushing up on Pig-Pen. It’s also interesting that Peppermint Patty grew up in a single parent household so there was no father around to instill in his daughter how she should be treated by a man and not run after a man.

    This is a special episode tonight for our radio broadcast, you don’t want to miss this. Ladies, we are coming down your row for this up front, in your face, no holds barred, truth about women in their desperation approaching men.  Join us this evening with Kelsi M Arceneaux, David Massey Sr., Storm Harris, Latoya M. Newton, and others as we discuss this topic. You’re more than welcome to call in and share your specific situation with us. You can listen to our show by phone at (646) 721-9565 or anywhere in the world by internet.

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    American Patriot Radio, Saturday Night at the Movies

    in Education

    Saturday Night at the Movies presents

    “Serenity” The pilot that launched the very popular Cable TV SiFi cult classic docudrama  “Firefly”

    The pilot, though never aired prior to the first season of the series had the same cast of colorful characters and the familiar wisecracking crew as the TV episodes.

    There are several themes in the pilot that help explain many of the futuristic cultural and sociological events, norms,  conventions, and institutions that were never really fully explained all that well in the TV show.

    If you are a “Firefly” Fan you will want to catch this broadcast for sure!


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    Life: It's Just A Conversation

    in Technology

    What are you thinking?  Look around you and there you have the product of your thoughts.  Experience follows thought as surely as night follows day.  And like it or not, when we are attached to thoughts, habits or norms, when things go differently from these patterns we automatically enter into the state of stress.  Change, is the prime example; we most often resist change even when it is for the better! 

    Whether we choose to label a person, place or thing good or bad, we have to re-examine and rethink our perception of it.  In doing so, automatic pilot is switched to off mode to allow opportunities we never imagined possible to emerge.

    Our guests, Maxine Fuller and Carrie S. Hansson, are both seasoned personal trainers and Conversation Coaches.  On this segment they will share some of their findings on the life we experience as a factor of the internal conversation that we constantly are having with ourselves.  They will also offer tips on how to literally rethink our life experience.

    Join the conversation to express your thoughts! 

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    The New Elephant in the Room: Spirituality

    in Business

    The global business world is evolving at a break-neck pace, creating an environment in which outdated norms and practices are routinely challenged and set aside. One compelling benefit of this evolution has been the creation of more open and welcoming workplaces – in which people from all walks of life can be true to themselves while at work. At the same time, spirituality is one topic that all too often remains taboo while on the job. In this episode of their popular radio show, Daniel and Johnnie lead a frank, engaging discussion on why your spirituality can and should be a visible component of everything you do in life – including going to work. 

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    Relationship Resolutions: I Don't Trust My Man To Be The Leader in our Home

    in Romance

    Join me and Heath Wiggins of His Leadership Her Trust as we talk about Trusting our men to lead. With his roots in the Christian church, Heath learned that the bible teaches, and cultural norms affirm, that men should be taking on leadership roles in their relationships. It’s not that women can’t lead — nor is it that a woman shouldn’t lead. But it’s that men should know how and be able to lead too. 

    But just because the bibles says a man should be able to lead…doesn’t mean he knows how.

    Heath's created the Family Bootcamp to deal with the broader issue of inspiring and empowering men with the knowledge and skills necessary to earn the trust of their woman and take on leadership roles in their relationships.

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