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    Interview with Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards-Balance and Harmony

    in Spirituality

    Join me for another conversation with Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards! We love her energy and we are chatting about creating more balance and harmony in our lives. How important is seeking balance and and can we create more harmony by choosing balance in our lives?

    Call in! The energy is going to be flowing as we upgrade our frequency and begin to consciously remember our own truth, power and our purpose!

    Rev. Norma has some exiting news to share! http://www.reporgramyourlife.com

    Join my tribe by downloading your free E-book The Simplicity of Spirituality http://www.lisagiroux.com

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    Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa ( Norma Flores López )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa, welcomes

    Norma Flores López, Director of the Children in the Fields Campaign at AFOP and Chair of the Child Labor Coalition’s Domestic Issues Committee. She is an advocate for migrant farmworker children’s rights raising awareness of their issues. Norma has testified before Congress and appeared on national news including, 60 Minutes, presenting issues related to child labor in agriculture. She has been consulted by international governments on strategies to reduce child labor.


    Norma has firsthand knowledge of the migrant farmworker life as she began working in the fields at the age of 12, in Southern Texas where she was born. She continued working until she graduated from high school. Norma holds a Master’s of Public Policy from George Mason University, B.A. in Communications, University of Texas Pan-American in Edinburg, Texas, and studied abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.

    Tonight’s show will focus on child labor law issues and the disconnect between what we eat and the high price other’s pay for our sustenance to arrive on our dinner plates.

    Contact Norma at: 202-828-6006 ext. 106; email flores@afop.org

    How to listen to the show? You can access the show by clicking on the link below:


    Tuesday November 25, 2014

    8:00 pm EST to 9:00 pm (5:00 pm PST to 6:00 pm)

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    Record Talk Radio with Norma Manigan

    in News

    On a day when we remember the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, our guest on Record Talk Radio was Norma Manigan, a former senior public relations manager for the Port Authority.

    Manigan, now a part-time assistant to Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan, talked about her experiences that day and of the importance or remembering the victims of those attacks.

    At the Port Authority, Manigan worked on a program that enabled governments and uniformed police and fire agencies to use shards of the World Trade Center as part of their memorials to that day.

    We also discussed the photo exhibit currently on display in the lobby of the County Administration Building in Hackensack, that shows the various memorials that were created in Bergen County's 70 towns. The exhibit will remain on display for the rest of September.

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    Norma L. Jarrett, Bestselling Author, Blogger and Speaker

    in Writing

    Norma L. Jarrett is the author of Randomhouse novels Sunday Brunch, Sweet Magnolia (Essence magazine national book club selection) and The Sunday Brunch Diaries (Essence Bestseller) and other published works: Bridal Brunch, Brunchspiration, Christmas Beau, Valentine’s Day…Again???, and Love on a Budget. Her work has gained attention in Ebony, Essence, Publisher’s Weekly, Rolling Out, Southern Living, Upscale, and USA Today. Norma has been a featured guest on ABC 13’s Crossroads, the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, and other media outlets. Among other honors, Ms. Jarrett has received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for her literary work. She has appeared at national literary conferences and served on numerous panels, including the Baltimore Book Festival, Faith & Fiction Retreat, Harlem Book Fair, Miami Book Fair, and others. Ms. Jarrett is a graduate of North Carolina A & T State University and Thurgood Marshall School of Law.  She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and a founding member of The Anointed Authors on Tour.  Find out more about Norma and her work at www.normajarrett.net.  

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    Choppin It Up with Norma T. Hollins

    in Entrepreneur

    Introducing Norma T. Hollins. Norma is an entrepeneuer in the speech profession and develops programs and services that help individuals and organizations expand their view of themselves and what they can make possible. Thousands of people have benefited from her perspective and tools, while she continues to expand her current business. Tonight we meet Norma to find out where she is from, how she got started and all about being authentic. You can call the show at 718 664 6025 you can join our chat room live on the page of the broadcast. You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com

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    Author Norma Yaeger stops by Conversations LIVE

    in Entertainment

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Norma Yaeger to Conversations LIVE to discuss the strides she has made in her life that led her to write the book BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS.

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    in Self Help

    Author, America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma T. Hollis will be our guest speaker today speaking on how we can bring out the spiritual genius in our children and help them stay grounded in their own spirituality. Norma helps people find, live and share their authentic voice which she refers to as the seed of purpose that lives within. Her focus is helping experts and authorities acknowledge their authentic voice and cash in on it. She’s a 17 year veteran of the speaking industry and is author of The Process to Become a Professional Speaker, Ten Steps to Authenticity, the Authenticity Assessment, Authenticity Grid and the Authentic Voice System. Her work with children's spirituality is to help parents acknowledge the natural gifts and talents of their children to raise them toward those gifts so the child can live an authentic life. Schools focus on mental health and churches on religious education. Children's spirituality focuses on the spirit of the child - who the child is and who the child can become based on the energy that lives within.

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    Walkabout to Find Clarity About Work, Service and Personal Direction

    in Work

    The Talent2Work show today explores the value of a Walkabout.  Lori hosts a conversation with Dr. Doug McConnell, and talks about how the Aborigine utilized the Walkabout in their culture and how we might adopt the ideas and create experiences for ourselves within our culture to receive benefit.  We’ll talk about Dr. McConnell and his wife's experience in Australia with the Aborigine and look at American culture, discussing talent, work, service, community, ritual, and tradition.  Lori will share about her experience on an American Continent version of a Walkabout she experienced this year.  Join us for a rich discussion.

    Doug McConnell is Professor of Leadership & Intercultural Studies in the School of Intercultural Studies, and is currently serving as Provost and Senior Vice President of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.  The McConnells spent 17 years in Australia and Papua New Guinea as teachers and pastors. McConnell teaches and writes on issues in culture, leadership, and religious understandings.

    Lori Sortino and Norma Owen are members of the Future Working Together Guild, connecting with the wisdom in the world and sharing some of it through conversations on Norma Radio.

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    Stiletto Spotlight Series - Norma T. Hollis - Authenticity Coach/Leader

    in Radio


    Norma T. Hollis helps people find, live and share their authentic voice. As "America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor", she defines authentic voice as the “person you were born to be” and “the voice you were sent to the world to share”. She has developed the ‘Authentic Voice System’ and is transforming lives worldwide with a focus on helping people align their gifts and talents within fulfilling and sustainable career paths. 



    Stiletto Spotlight Series™ is a opportunity to share information to a broad audience on the air radio!  Are you a Woman-Owned Business with an expertise in growing small business?  If so, and you are an expert in networking, success mindset, management, challenges/solutions, and marketing and branding strategies — WE WANT YOU! 

    Join us on Monday's at 1pm CST 


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    Regional National Issues feat. Norma T. Hollis

    in Training

    Have you ever been to a conference or a seminar and while listening to a speaker thought to yourself, this person can't be real or this has to be a joke? Have you ever walked into a business, turned around and walked back out the door? Have you ever been asked to speak or had something to say, but you didn't have the confidence to do so? Tune in as Mr. Yancey speaks with Norma T. Hollis America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor and author of Ten Steps to Authenticity and The Process to Become a Professional Speaker. Feel free to call in with your questions and comments at (914)338-0665.

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    Norma Martinez Joins us on the Brian Sandell Show!

    in Christianity

    Norma is a servant at heart, and she spends her time working with a non-profit

    Its a youth program for youth ages 16-24 who have an opportunity to earn their high school diploma at our charter school and be able to join our job training programs while getting paid. During their stay in the program they learn all types of environmental work (recycling, planting tress, graffiti removal, trail building and maintenance). 


    For our recycling program we offer a free complimentary service to businesses where we provide recycling bins in exchange for their CRV beverage containers. This puts our local youth to work and promotes the green movement.

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