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    Episode 130 - Norm Schriever (for realsies this time)

    in Self Help

    Norm! So here we go again. One of the main problems with international guests (especially the ones calling in from the rurals of Southeast Asia) is the internet connection. So this time, we pre-recorded just to make sure nothing gets dropped. Check out our convo with Norm, and enjoy a fresh perspective on the world around you!

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    Sell Your Books! Marketing With Norm Schriever

    in Lifestyle

    My good friend Norm Schriever has been on this show a couple of times before on his awesome books on giving up a 'normal life' and trading it all in for life in other countries. Now, he's written a book that shares his secret sauce for getting some prime time media action that can help all authors, across all genres, really get the attention their books need. Norm has scored some pretty major media in very creative ways. Tune in and find out more about how you to can follow his lead and make the most out of what you do best: write and meet your readers.

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    Episode 85: Norm Schriever (Again!)

    in Writing

    Join us as we interview author Norm Schriever, again! Norm is a PKA favorite and he has a new book out: South of Normal. 

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    Episode 66: Norm Schriever

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    Join Jerry and Jackie as they finally get a much-wanted in-person interview with show regular Norm Schriever. 
    Norm Schriever is a humorist, cultural mad scientist, enemy of the comfort zone and author of "Pushups in the Prayer Room," a wild, irreverent account of a year spent backpacking around the world. He grew up in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Connecticut, where he was never accused of over-studying, and went on to live in North Carolina, Colorado and most recently in Northern California.  Dissatisfied with a conventional existence, Norm sold or donated all of his possessions and moved down to Costa Rica in 2011 to pursue his passion of writing. His first book was written in the sleepy surf town of Tamarindo with the help of his secret weapons: fresh ocean air and Baileys in his morning coffee. He now resides in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua where he is writing his next book, 'Get Happy,' a memoir about life as an ex pat, and writing for the Huffington Post. He sees his words as a way to illuminate the commonalities of human existence, and thereby hopes to leave this planet a little better than how he found it.

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    Episode 32: Norm Schriever

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    We'll be talking to Norm Schriever, author of "Pushups In the Prayer Room."  We'll be talking to Norm about the book and what it's like to literally walk away from it all and travel around the world.  To learn more about Norm and get your copy of the book, check out http://www.normschriever.com.  See you Wednesday!

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    On Fire To Inspire: Surpassing The Norm

    in Motivation

    Join Ms.OnFireToInspire on On Fire To Inspire as we speak on the topic "Surpassing The Norm." We have the knowledgeable Naomi Bradley as our guest. Naomi is an author, founder of Love Bradley Academy. She is the "Queen of Toddler Education." Naomi decided that she, her children, nor any children that she came in contact with were going to be "the norm or the status quo." No they were going to be superb and excel. Take tips from her on how she started pushing and is loving the life she is living in surpassing the norm.

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    Norm Blumenthal, George Karris , Dave Liniger

    in Business

    Norm Blumenthal attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as the one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. Regular contributor on Money For Lunch

    George Karris is a career and executive coach in San Diego, CA. In his professional career he has raised millions of dollars for a startup, set strategy for a multi-billion dollar firm, and led teams of over 200 people

    Dave Liniger  he founded RE/MAX, the real estate giant.  Today, his company has over 100,000 agents working in nearly 100 countries around the world.  He’s been riding a huge wave of success. He’s one of the most respected leaders in real estate.  But in 2012 he landed in the hospital fighting an infection that nearly killed him

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
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    Episode 96: Norm Schriever (Yet Again)

    in Writing

    Join us as we sit down for an in-person conversation with author Norm Schriever. 
    You're probably wondering "why is Norm appearing on the show AGAIN??" (He was just here in May). Well, for one, it's our show, we book who we want to. But really, Norm is a PKA favorite and in addition to his new book out: South of Normal, he told us he was going to be in Sacramento one last time be

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    Episode 46: Norm Schriever Again

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    We love interviewing guests on the Powder Keg of Awesome. A few months ago, we had Norm Schriever, badass author of "Pushups in the Prayer Room" on the show. We enjoyed it so much we are having him back on the show, because Norm doesn't sit around waiting for permission, Norm makes shit go! Norm will be coming to us live via Skype from his current pad in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, where he is writing his next book. He's going to tell us all about it!

  • Norm Blumenthal on Donald Trump, David Lund, Jay Rooke, Glenn E. Martin

    in Business

    Norm Blumenthal attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as the one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. Regular contributor on Money For Lunch

    David Lund  international hospitality financial leadership expert. He has held positions as a Regional Financial Controller, Corporate Director and Hotel Manager with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. He authored an award winning workshop on hospitality financial leadership. David coaches hospitality executives, leads group facilitations with hospitality teams and delivers his Financial Leadership Training workshop throughout the world. He earned his CHAE from HFTP in 2006, and he is a Certified Professional Coach

     Jay Rooke Executive Coach that works with entrepreneurs and business owners who want to bring their company to the next level.  As a former attorney who spent most his career in business development, his business coaching practice provides real-world solutions for growth-oriented businesses. Jay is a Certified Advisor in the BOSI (pronounced “bossy”) methodology, which helps individuals and teams identify how they’re hard-wired in a business setting

    Glenn E. Martin Founder, President and CEO WEED Inc., Former Executive Director of The World Trade Center Tucson. (Twin Towers licensee) Long time member of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. 27 years.International trade & barter specialist, precious metals mining development


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    In HIS WORD GOD calls the Church to be ready for immediate action and to be prepared for

    coming events. The implication is that we will needto draw strength from HIM and that we will

    need to stand in the empowerment of HIS might. Events will be such that the Church will need to

    be fully conscious of her union with HIM. No longer will we be able to simply have theories about the LORD.

    Our very survival, existense and hope will be tested. Recieve HIS strength today. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM,

    Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.