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    Living in a War Zone: Loving Someone Who Suffers from BPD

    in Lifestyle

    Low, rasping moans and screams were escaping her mouth, which brought chills down your spine. You looked at her face and saw dark coal eyes, and as the moment intensified, her eyes turned red. Her transformation let you step back as you heard her laughing like a witch. She cursed and cussed you. Her stern voice turned to the most hideous sound you could imagine. In front of you was a woman with a pure-red face spitting anger and rage. It was scary.
    It may appear to be a scene from the 1973 film "The Exorcist" and the 2005 movie called "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". This scene is common among people with relationships with a person who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). "Life is hell" described literally by NONs or non-borderlines, a person who does not have BPD but has a loved one with BPD.
    Tune in as we discuss life with a son, sister, daughter, mother, father, sibling, spouse/significant other or ex.  If your life has been touched by this illness, you will defintely want to tune in.

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    FAITH TALKS LIVE PRAYER: A Multifaceted Common Sense Approach To Fundraising

    in Spirituality

    The Lord,through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit has dreamed into the hearts of Drs' Jeffrey and Shirley Canniff a vision for a multifaceted approach to fundraising, utilizing the latest in internet social media technology that inspires creativity for only pennies on a dollar. Are you curious well listen to the broadcast and then decide.

    Seek Christian Teaching and Worship Center, Inc. of Greater Boston,a 501-c3 has been a Faith Based Non-profit Outreach since 1984. They will be hosting their first annual multi-media fundraiser endeavor in the month of March for WSCIRO and WSTK-ITV, the respective multi-media outreaches of Seek in hopes of raising monies to support the global fund to eradicate extreme poverty throughout the world ; to acquire teaching materials and software needed to develop curricula needed by other teaching ministries as well as the teaching multi-media ministry of Seek Christian Teaching and Worship Center; furthermore to purchase Sony Hi-definition camera's needed for teaching students in their school of ministry,and developing a borrowers library needed for the filming of Faith Based Movies. Other funds that are generated will also go towards the purchasing of Sony Viao lap top computers, LCD Screens and other multi-media equipment such as LCD's Tera byte hard drives, and a TIVO DVR Server needed for the streaming of WSTK-ITV playlists in order to expand the WSTK-ITV viewership on You Tube and other social networks on the internet.

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    Cory Live's Opening up for Number 50!

    in Fun

    Tonight, is Cory Live's 50th episode of this new version of the produced series. Be sure you're around for it. :)

    We love you all. Thanks for being here for our show.