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    'Many Shall Come in My Name' with Ray Yungen

    in Religion

    Ray is starting a series on Awakenings. Today young people are saying they are spiritual, not religious. What do most of them mean by that? Ray examines this trend.

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    Unchurched On Purpose: Why People Are Leaving the Church

    in Religion

    As we begin this New Year, I have noticed that there is quite a bit of talk lately about Christians who are leaving church.  Today I will share with you some articles and ideas about why many Christians are leaving church and we invite you to join us with your comments and questions.

    Can you be a real Christian and not attend church?

    Is the American church the only way to do church?

    What are some of the reasons you've heard from others about why they have left church?

    Visit http://www.biblenewsradio.com for show archives and follow Stacy's personal thoughts at http://www.stacylynnharp.com 

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    FSL25: Church is a field hospital, Pope says; Dr. Tim Weldon

    in Christianity

    Dr. Tim Weldon joins Sean for their weekly conversation about faith and culture (The "Nones" opting for religion-free funerals, and why most science fiction seems to assume there's no religion in the future); Pope Francis repeats his admonition that the Church is a "field hospital;" He also compares vain Christians to peacocks and soap bubbles; "Christian Swingers" claim their alternate lifestyle is a way to witness to their faith.

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    Steadfast in the Faith with Guest Pastor James Wheeler

    in Christianity

    Join host, Charlana Kelly, and her guest, Pastor James Wheeler from Toms River New Jersey as they have a conversation about the "Culture of Christianity" and how we can impact this generation with the TRUTH of God's Word. The program is meaningful, insightful, and maybe even a little shocking! Did you know many researchers and scholars believe we are living in a Post-Christian world??? Listen and find out why.

    James is a local church pastor, writer and speaker.  He currently serves as Worship Pastor at The Church of Grace and Peace in Toms River, New Jersey, where he lives with his beautiful wife Christine and equally beautiful 4 year old daughter.  James has a bachelor’s degree in music and a Masters in Worship Studies from Oral Roberts University.  He has extensive experience in creative production, media and worship in the local church. James is passionate about helping church leaders stay focused, effective and founded in the faith. He is an inspiration leader who loves leading, and leads what he loves. Everyday! He is an Early Adopter / Box Polker / Creative Thinker / Blogger / Ideator / Inputer / Strategic Thinker / Life Long Learner and a Loving Leader”

    #TRUTHmatters #SPEAKup #BeAVoiceForOurTime See More

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    CULTURE WARRIORS: What is Wrong With 'Co-Existence'?

    in Politics Conservative

    Debra Rae and Audrey Russo join Sharon to talk about the growing trend toward 'co-existence' -- the 'tolerance' and merging of all religious beliefs promoted by one-world religion proponents, politically-left churches, and beginning to be seen in some evangelical churches, such as most noteably Rick Warren's Peace Center. What can be so bad about this? Plus, how are today's aggressive atheists, and Hollywood, facilitating the growth of the "Nones"? We've got stats, and some good news, too, as we each name our hero or villain of the month, and more. Join us for a lively and provocative time together. We're not afraid to say it like it is!

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    SuddenlyHuman: The Decline of Religion and Rise of Secular Spirituality

    in Lifestyle

    Join Stephen and Jon as they discuss the growing trend towards self-directed spirituality (nones and SBNR) and the decline or traditional, orgainizational religion.

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    Why do people remain believers?

    in Religion

    The "nones", the non-religious people in the nation continue to grow at a huge pace.  But these people are not atheists.  They are a few steps away.  What keeps them there?  So many people are leaving churches, leaving faith, but keeping hold of religious ideas.  They want the identity of a chuarch without attending.  They claim membership to a group, but they don't agree with basic principles of that group.  Why?
    My take on this, plus your calls.

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    Facing our Demons

    in Spirituality

    Religious texts are filled with fights between good and evil. What does that mean for those of us who are "spiritual but not religious"? Dayna and Ashley invite you to join them for a lively conversation about facing our demons in the 21st century. Listen in to hear what spiritual practices can help you face your demons.

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    Eduardo Quezada - Se Vende Mi Pais: Mexico

    in News

    Letra de "Se Vende Mi Pais"
    Se Vende mi Pais y da coraje Se Vende mi Pais es un ultraje Se Vende mi Pais y su Petroleo Y los santos obviospos y sus Oleos Se Vende mi Pais por todas partes Se vende antropologia y Bellas Artes Se vende su historia y su destino Se vende desde el principio su camino Yo no lo vendo no, porque lo quiero Yo no lo vendo no, mejor me muero... La patria se volvio, nones y pares Se vende hasta el fondo de los mares Se venden sus montañas y sus rios Se venden sus calores y sus frios Se venden sus oasis y sus flores Se vende el amor de sus amores Se venden las arenas del desierto Se vende todo lo vivo con lo muerto Yo no lo vendo no, porque lo quiero. (Escucha la cancion completa aqui en este programa) -Protestas anti-EPN en Mexico y EEUU 
    -Mexico importara muchos huevos para combatir la fiebre aviar
    -Mexicanos lanzan satelite experimental   -Mexico uno de los favoritos para ganar en futbol en los Olimpicos de Londres Recuerda:
    Tu puedes participar en mi programa como invitado como comentarista o como co-host en su programa de noticias platicadas a las 10pm de Lunes a Viernes
    Noticias y Deportes alrededor del mundo.

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