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    The State of NJ Non-Profits

    in Current Events

    The Center for Non-Profits is New Jersey’s state association of non-profits. For more than 30 years since its founding in 1982, the Center remains New Jersey's only umbrella organization for all charities in the state. Through advocacy, management assistance and cost-saving programs, the Center provides non-profits with knowledge, insights and tools so they can pursue their missions more effectively. The Center strengthens non-profits, individually and collectively, by:

    Championing and Protecting

    The non-profit community as an essential part of the social and economic well-being of New Jersey and its residents.
    The most comprehensive information about New Jersey non-profits
    Advocating for non-profits in Trenton and Washington
    Communicating the value of non-profits through research and public education
    Uniting our state's non-profits around common goals

    and promoting best practices to foster effective, ethical organizations in furtherance of the public good.

    In this episode of Live Fron Trenton we’ll discuss the leading issues affecting NJ non-profits with Linda M. Czipo, Executive Director of the NJ Center for Non-Profits

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    Exercising Your No in Consensual Non-Monogamy

    in Relationships

    Sometimes it may seem hard to exercise your no in your consensual non-monogamous life. At times, we may have taken one for the team, expecting that our lovers will do the same for us. Other times, we do not know how express our desire for friendship without sex in consensual non-monogamy. Just because we live consensual non-monogamous lives does not mean we have to fuck everyone. Join Devin Kent and Dr. T as we take about exercising our no in our consensual non-monogamous lives. Should you miss this one? No!

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    Bisexuality and Consensual Non-Monogamy

    in Relationships

    “Long term monogamy with a partner of either sex tends to destabilize bisexual identity narratives” - Eadie (1996).

    Bisexuality has an interesting place in society. Bisexual individuals get a lot of pressure to live heterosexual lives or homosexual lives, both groups not valuing the bisexual (or queer for that matter) identity. Individuals in the consensual non-monogamous world often see themselves as more accepting of diverse individuals. However, is this true? Is being bisexual in the consensual non-monogamous community "accepted" Join Dr. T and Devin Kent as they discuss bisexuality and the consensual non-monogamous world.

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    GMOs versus NON GMOs: What is the difference between each of them

    in Politics

    On this August 30th edition of Team Liberty Radio, we will be discussing the difference between GMOs and NON GMOs and what affect they have on the human body.  Also we will be discussing the GMO labeling bill that is currently in Congress. Join us live at 6pm and get your weekly dose of truth.

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    eDiscovery Nuts and Bolts for Non-Judicial Foreclosures (Georgia)

    in Legal

    Non-judicial foreclosures are an enigma.  Most homeowners living in non-judicial foreclosure states are ignorant to the non-judicial process.  In a non-judicial foreclosure, there is no court process.  A Notice of Lis Pendens or suit in foreclosure will not be filed.  Homeowners will receive a "Notice of Default" (NOD) in the mail, then, subsequently, a "Notice of Sale" (NOS) illuminating that the property will be sold on the first Tuesday on the following month (in Georgia...other non-judicial states' procedures will vary).

    That's it and that's all!  Once that happens, your property WILL BE SOLD at a foreclosure auction. 

    To stop the process, there is a method of execution that we have perfected for non-judicial foreclosure states:

    1. Respond to intial FDCPA communication from foreclosure attorney.

    2. Issue a "Legal Hold" or "Litigation Hold" notice to foreclosure attorney.

    3. File a RESPA request with servicer.

    4. Check county records office to be sure that presumptive owner has recorded and filed any ASSIGNMENT at recorders office. (If ASSIGNMENT is not reflected in public records, party seeking to foreclosure will have no authority to do so).

    4. If mortgage is being held in a securitized trust, request PSA, FWP, trust creation documents for Closing and Cut-Off Date(s).

    5. Request loan mod paperwork from servicer.

    6. File Civil Action in federal court requesting a TRO.

    7. Institute eDiscovery Project Management during discovery process.

    For daily Webinars on ediscovery for foreclosure resolution and other topics, visit www.ediscoverynow.net to view our upcoming events.  Send me an email at ajohnson@ediscoverynow.net for more infomation.

  • CAPBuilder Talk w/Marc Parham - Things To Know Before Starting A Non-Profit

    in Self Help

    Join me for this episode of CAPBuilder Talk where will discuss Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Non-Profit.  My special guest this evening is Terrance Ross a Non-Profit expert with Rita-Tech Software. 

    We will discuss:

    Terrance Ross– His Story
    The Non-Profit Industry
    Before Starting A Non-Profit
    Advice for Entrepreneurs

  • Business Blitz with Quenjana Adams, Non-Profit Entrepreneur

    in Business

    We did not want to miss the opporutnity to speak with one of Chicago's hometown heroes! On this episode of Business Blitz, co-host Danielle Wright chats with non-profit entrepreneur, Quenjana Adams, founder of SummerLeagueChi and Pro/Looks.

    SummerLeagueChi is a main source of news and information on Chicago's summer basketball leagues, tournaments, games and more! Pro/Looks provides youth the networks, knowledge and guidance they need to become successful adults working in sports --- on the fields of competition and beyond! Adams has spent her career in athletics and is driven to provide her hometown with programming to build a stronger, safer community.

    Connect with Quenjana:




    Email: summerleaguechi@gmail.com



    Twitter: @ProLooksChi


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    Role Reversals in relationships! Traditional vs more non traditional households.

    in Entertainment

    S and M Radio delves into relationships on our Wednesday show!  Many households are very non traditional when it comes to relationships and that's fine but has these new traditions taken away from the sancity of many mariages. Has society added to these role reversals? Men that work inside of the home are they less than men that work outside. These are just a few questions that we will tackle on this subject! Also tune in for our nightly Entertainment report. Is Serena Williams really dating Drake?  Now Beanie Sigel has gotten into the beef between Drake and Meek Mill by writiing a letter. Tune in as Sasha reads some of the letter and give her opinion on the twitter beef. Don't forget our Sportsreport done by Max! He will give us all the latest news about football and Mike Vick back in uniform!!  To give your opinion on the show or just to listen LIVE, Call in at (929) 477-1332! 

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    The Round Table Ep.18 (Messianic Or Non Messianic:Which Shall You Choose?)

    in Spirituality


    King Yeshiyah (Messianic)


    Moreh Yoel Yisrael (Non Messianic)

    Brother Jason (Messianic)


    Duane Bonton (Messianic)



    Brother Yeshiah (Non Messianic)


    Mitzil EL (Non Messianic)




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    Wilkinson 113 Non-Conference Review

    in Football

    Wilkinson 113 Non Conference Review

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    Consensual Non-Monogamy and Falling in Love

    in Relationships

    Falling in love can be complicated in any relationship;
    however, falling in love in consensual non-monogamy can be tricky, unexpected, beautiful, and trying at the very same time. Whether you are looking for love in consensual non-monogamy or not, love is possible in consensual non-monogamy unless you consciously put practices in place to avoid love (Even then, love can sneak up on you.). Join Devin Kent and Dr. T as they discuss navigating love in consensual non-monogamy. Like always, they tackle the topic with humor, some personal and professional experience, and research.