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    Leonard Paul Kaine - Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

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    Leonard Paul Kaine was recently nominated for the second time as a     Laureate for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Mr. Kaine has selflessly dedicated his time and his efforts as a non-paid volunteer for more than 42  years in the pursuit of two primary life goals: world peace and improving the lives and the opportunities of people the world over.  Mr. Kaine believes that through the Golden Rule of treating people the way you want to be treated, we take a significant step closer to  world peace.  http://www.goldenrulesociey.org

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    Reach For The Prize part 2

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    Reach For The Prize part 2

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    Reach For The Prize

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    Reach For The Prize

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    "I lift up my mind to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good." John Randolph Price

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    Shifting Peace with Susan Johnson of the World Peace Caravan

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    Susan Johnson is Director of Operations for the World Peace Caravan 2015. As Director of Operations, Johnson is responsible for overseeing all operations and logistics pertaining to the World Peace Caravan, the World Peace and Health Conference, and the World Peace Concert. 



    DECEMBER 15- 26, 2015


    World Peace. A dream so big it hardly seems achievable. With wars raging constantly around the globe, we need a voice for peace so loud it can drown out the guns. The World Peace Caravan believes that voice can come from our youth.  Beginning December 15, 2015, the caravan will embark by camel, horse, and foot from Petra, Jordan on a 12-day journey for peace. It will be anchored by two landmark events, the World Peace and Health Conference at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre on the shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan on December 21 and 22, 2015 and the blockbuster Concert for Peace, which will celebrate the end of the caravan in Jerusalem on December 26, 2015. The caravan will create a delegation of young people from around the globe to begin an important conversation about the future that these youth have the power to create.


    The WORLD PEACE CARAVAN is founded by the international D. Gary Young Foundation, a 501 © (3) non-profit organization. The foundation is looking for like-minded partners who share in the vision of a world at peace.



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    The Secret Realm of Divine Peace-encore-Host Daya Devi-Doolin

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    Join Daya for this encore presentation about the secret realm to the door of Divine Peace;  Your mind is a portal through which you can leave behind trouble, fear and worry and embrace the eternal principles of love, peace and harmony.

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    Unveiling "The Infinite Power of Inner Peace"

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    The Infinite Power of Inner Peace Can Be the Key to Everything! All We Really Need to Do Is Ask the Right Questions of the Universe; Clear the Blockages of HIstorical Programming and Learn to Live in the Question of "What Else Is Possible? and How Does It Get Even Better Than This? As We Do We Open the Portal to Endless Possibilites, Unlimited Joy, Peace, Prosperity and Total Fulfill. Come Travel with Me As We Explore these Endless Possibilities as Noted in My New Book of the Same Name "The Infinite Power of Inner Peace!"I

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    Scary World & Scary Times - What Can You Do? Len Kaine

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    We are living in a very scary world.  Times are fraught with danger, like never before in modern times.  We should not be living in fear.  We should rejoice at being an American and know we will be safe somehow.  We have to have faith in our government and homeland security.  We have to trust we  will be divinely protected so we can enjoy life to the fullest.

    If you see something, say something.  Wherever and whenever possible, do something.  Len Kaine, two time, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, is here to encourage you and inspire you to stand up and be counted.  Stand up for what's right; stand up for helping others less fortunate than you; stand up for making the world a better place.  

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    The Power, Peace, and Omniscience of This Life, Final Episode

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    The Holy Spirit is the power, the peace, and the Omnipresent God of our lives.  For the past 5 episodes on this topic, we have explored the importance of His place in our lives - as individuals and as a people of God.  Today we want to hear the testimonies of hope from our brothers and sisters as they tell their own stories of His power, peace, and Omniscience in our lives. Join us for this celebration of the God we serve, love and adore.

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    Retro: TwinServant Of Peace, The Pearls of Women, For Your Holistic Health

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    RETRO: Twinservant, The Pearls of Women, For Your Holistic Health

    RETRO: Twinservant is where Thomas Abdul-Salaam aka Twin Servant of Peace brings you motivation, inspiration and a positive message of being in pursuit of your dreams.  Cast Your Bucket Down Where You Are!

    The Pearls of Women with Niamat Shaheed introduce you to people who embrace sisterhood and spirituality to rise above their environement and succeed.  Niamat has a passion for men and women who have faced the challenges and found ways of giving back to the community.

    For Your Holistic Health with Dr. Abdel J, Nuriddin speaking about nutrition, eating to live, and wellness.


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