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  • Kaplowitz & Fable Cigars

    in Lifestyle

    Mitul Shah and Sean Kremenetski 'stop by' to chat about the upcoming launch of their new brand Fable Cigars.

    You can read a prior interview HERE at my blog.

    “In 2013, two childhood friends, having grown up around the culture of fine cigars, sparked an idea for an exciting new brand. United through two unlikely stories of immigrant families from opposite corners of the world and a mutual love of art, we created Fable Cigars with the intent of sharing great stories with each series, encouraging you to share yours and offering artfully crafted smokes to bridge them together.

    Our journey brought us to the Nica Sueño, RoMa Craft Tobac facilities in Esteli, Nicaragua, for an unforgettable experience made possible by founders Skip Martin and Mike Rosales. Over the course of one year, we worked closely with master blender Esteban Elias Disla Siri, tested a dozen blends, with forty types of the finest grade tobacco, grown under the best conditions, before finally arriving at two truly premium blends for our first series, Fourth Prime.

    Sean Kremenetski and I became friends with Skip Martin 2 years ago. We wanted to make our own cigar line and we were fortunate enough for things to workout with Skip and the Roma family. After 2 long years of conceptualizing and a year of blending, we have come up with a stellar brand for the market. I promise you it won’t be disappointing!”

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    Interview w/ Jon Huber of Crowned Heads

    in Lifestyle

    A very special treat. Listen as I (Kap) go full-on fanboy.
    Anthony, as always, will remain professional.

    Good stuff.

    Check out:
    Crowned Heads
    Cigars City

    Thanks for listening, gentlepersons!

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    Cigars City Herf Hosted by Kap & Anthony

    in Lifestyle

    Come hang out and chat with us. Why the heck not?
    Bring along your cigar or pipe and let's have some fun!
    Pick up a topic to discuss or BYO.


    Check out:
    Kap's Cigarcentric Blog.

    We;re looking forward to talking with ya!

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    Interview w/ Dr. Gaby Kafie of Kafie 1901 Cigars

    in Lifestyle

    In this special edition we sit down with Dr. Gaby Kafie, owner of Kafie Cigars 1901. 

    If you want informed discussion as to the cigar industry, you'll not want to miss this one!

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    Cigars City w/ Kap & Anthony Narrowcast no. 1

    in Lifestyle

    Having now two (2) dry runs under our belt, we are set to let ourselves loose on the world. Sorry, world.

    Topics will include:

    More on the 'What if?' scenario of an underground cigar black market if prohibition sets in.
    Kap will again bemoan the Flathead's no. 3 slot in CA's top 25.
    A delving into of the Nat Sherman 1930 and how far we've come since that year.

    Anthony's smoke is TBA
    Kap will be smoking an Wilson Adams White Label (Habano) offering.

    Cigars City
    Wilson Adams Cigars
    Kap's Cigar Blog

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    Cigars City w/ Kap & Anthony Narrowcast .5.1

    in Lifestyle

    Kap and Anthony take a further test run in which they pick up on the 54 topics they began in their first test run.

    Kap will be smoking a Fuente Cuban Corona with a natural Cameroon wrapper. Anthony is "leaning toward an AVO no. 5." The boys will also talk about their stick of the week selections, and highlight the show w/:

    A Science Fiction-like post apocalyptic view of the worst case FDA scenario.

    Please make certain to visit Kap's cigar blog.
    Too, to visit Cigars City for all yer premium cigar needs.


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    V8 S Series Live

    in Automotive

    Would you rather talk about your truck than watch grown men play grab ass?  You've come to the right place. Listen in as we take your calls and discuss various topics. Remember to hit that #1 button to talk.

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live - Emotional Intensity In your life

    in Lifestyle

    On The Don S. McClure Show Live tonight – Your Emotional Intensity
    At this time in your life, there is a larger amount of emotional intensity that you normally don’t have -- and you welcome this. Even challenging experiences can have their own satisfaction because you connect with them so deeply. 
    Your inner senses are awakened. Everything from love to fear is a learning experience at this point.  
    Your relationships provide you with wonderful chances to grow and improve. 
    And that's exactly what you love about them. 

    Enjoy this impassioned experience of life, for now, you have gained the wisdom to complete your life task.
    Your search for answers on how to cope has been realized once you examine your strengths. 
    You are the conqueror of your dreams, desires and your destiny.
    The conquest is yours.

    Featured song tracks, Spoken Word: Poems by Walter Benton, born 1907- Died 1976

    Your words are born not spoken, I shall Wish for you, Remembering However when we could be warm together.                  

    This is how I learned the beauty of poetry alongside the films I enjoyed. Filled with romance, adventure, and courage.

    I learned a man could be a soldier and possess the knowledge of art and beauty. 

    Renowned American Author Don S. McClure

    Paying honor to an music Icon: Maurice White: Co/Founder Earth Wind and Fire: Died at thge age of 74

    Featured Film Pick Heist: Staring; (Robert De Niro) (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) (Dave Bautista) (Morris Chestnut).(Gina Carano).(Kate Bosworth) The ending is amazing and one direction you won't see coming. 

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    Cigars City Radio Herf 01172016

    in Lifestyle

    Back for another smoke and kibbutz.

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    S and M Radio asks: Are your relationship requirements a WANT or a NEED?

    in Entertainment

    Friday night instead of the sweet and romantic music S and M Radio will come to you LIVE to discuss relationships WANTS and NEEDS? With the new year in effect it's always a good time to take stock in one's selfe and see it the things you thought you wanted and needed last are the still the same. If you are in a new relationships doesn't matter; taking time to evaluate where you both are going and where you both want to be is still very useful. Are you still single and made a vow to be "booed up" this year, this topic is perfect for you!! 

    Does it matter if your new boo be a reader? Is that a need or a want? Is having a man or woman that is loyal...is that a want or need! What's important to you and what is an automatic deal breaker. These are just a few of the questions that we will ask so join Sasha and Max as discuss our wants vs our needs in relationships! Join us LIVE at 11:00pm to hear the show at (912)477-1332 on your PC, Tablet, or phone!

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    Noah Spence, OLB, Eastern Kentucky 2016 NFL Draft Prospect

    in Football


    Defensive Lineman


    6-3 / 261




    Harrisburg, Penn.


    Go one-on-one with Noah Spence of Eastern Kentucky discusses football and his thoughts on a career playing professionally when his collegiate time end

    Spence will share his strengths and ability to our audience of listeners around the globe who crave the unique setting made available by College2Pro.com who strive to enhance the progress of any college athlete with hops of one day playing professional football. 

    College2Pro.com bringing the hardcore NFL enthusiasts the absolute most detailed interviewed and analysis of NFL Draft Prospects. 

    Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest Noah Spence on the C2P podcast powered by football lovers everywhere.