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    Matthew Kaplowitz Talks "Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story" Documentry

    in Sports

    The world of Muay Thai has opened up to female competitiors worldwide and in some places are more popular than MMA.

    Prairie Rugilo, who has been a guest on this show, is someone looking to make her mark with a revolutionary gym "The Girl Fight". The all female gym helps develop talent, like DeAna, to feed their hunger for compeition. 

    Matthew Kaplowitz, the editor and cheif of FightNerd.com, has started an Indie go-go campaign to get help document their story.

    We will talk to Kaplowitz about the documentry and growth of women's muay thai.

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live - Author Conversations BOOK TALK Segment

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show Live- Author Conversations, Book Talk Segment.

    Featured Author: Eva J. Brock

    Each month we feature an author to our show to discuss their work and what event they will participate in as upcoming.

    Ms. Eva J. Brock is our featured Author on our segment of Author Conversations in Book Talk. She is one of the featured authors at this coming weekend event (The CAPS EXPO) which promises to be well worth the visit.

    This event is being held at the Chicago Land Area Ford City Mall located on the South Side, the event takes place from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. In front of the APS Books and More, Book Store.

    Ms. Brock will discuss her books and why she writes in her exciting way for the general public.

    So join us on Friday as we welcome Author Eva J. Brock to our show and our special segment BOOK TALK.

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    in Christianity

    People prepare the STORM IS ON THE HORIZON......


    Hebrews 11:7" By faith Noah being warned of God of things not seen as yet moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world and became heir of the Righteousness which is by Faith."

    Four Blood Moons, Earthquakes, Last Days, Tribulation, Jesus is Coming Again, Theif in the Night......

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live Celebrating 4 Years Being On AIR

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show Celebrating 4 Years being On Air.

    For 4 years I have been on the Air on the World Wide Web through the Blog Talk Radio Network.

    It has been an amazing four years. Sharing the air waves with some of the best recording artist

    the music that brings joy, reflection and direction while with every beat, full class entertainment.

    The Book Section entitled Author Conversations, Book Talk has been with out a doubt one of the best

    lifestyle segments of my show. Featuring new and up coming Authors. To those that have made a name

    for their work and efforts. I appreciate  all those who listen, support and share my show.

    For without them this would not have been the amazing show it has turned out to be.

    Truly one of the best LIFE STYLE Radio shows on the planet.


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    V8 S Series Live Episode 2

    in Automotive

    On this episode we will be talking to more sponsors and be taking more of your calls. 

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    V8 S Series

    in Automotive

    This is a open lines show. Help give us some ideas on what you would like the show to be.

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live- Our Fathers & The Honor We Give Them

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show Live- Our Fathers & The Honor We Give Them.

    Words from the Book of Inspiration, A Mind At Peace. Our Fathers are the guidance and foundation of our being. 

    Our relationships with others sometime will bear the fruits of our thoughts from the foundation from our fathers.                  

    It has been said from a great KING, a great Prince will follow.

    What we see, learn, and take in will become guiding points for our son's and the sons of their sons. For within that one special and founding relationship.The Prince will become a King and he will have son's that his teachings will bring witness to what he feels is good in his life.

     My father was my King, and he taught me well. Through exposure and by his experiences.

    I learned to be a good King, not perfect, but a good, wise and strong King.                                                                        

    I wanted to have many of the ways I saw in my father.

    As he wanted to display like his father and his father before him. In one of my favorite movies (The Man in the Iron Mask,) d' Artagnan replies to the King," The King states " I am a young King, but I am King" d'Artagnan turns and replies, "then be a good King for that is what your subjects see." 


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    The Don S. McClure Show Live- EXPECTATIONS FOR YOUR LIFE

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show Live - 


    What are your expectations for your life?  
    Have you looked at where you truly want to go in what could be a long journey?
    We ask ourselves various questions about what direction our life has taken after birth. 

    We wake some mornings filled with that nagging question. 
    Did I make the best choices for my life at this very moment in time? 

    Sometimes during the day we think about what we could have been or had a desire to be,                                             what was the right direction for our total happiness in life.  

    The answers to these questions, we will not find in a dictionary or explained away in some lecture.

    And you won’t find that answer by asking others what you should have done in life with your talent.

    Your conversation with self-based on a real review of what steps you have taken during this journey                                     up to this point.  

    You will reflect on what decisions you have made and which ones you should make now.

    For it will be up to you to see where you are and if you are truly happy with some of the decisions you have made. 
    And for those that you did make that were not the best ones for you will be clear in your eyes. 

    There will be those that you did select, and they were solid and gave you joy.

    For no life is perfect.



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    Chat With Kat Shares Bible Stories That Are Not Stories – More About Noah

    in Family

    Welcome to another broadcast of "Chat With Kat!" Join us as we tell Bible Stories that are so much more than stories! 

    Join us as we share Bible Stories for children and those young at heart with a different kind of look. If you think of them as real people it is so interesting and exciting. Come join us for a fun time packed with truth!

    Want to know more about experiencing peace in your life? Why not just follow this link and find out more:

    More About Peace

    The Piano Dogs

    We welcome your comments and questions, please send us your questions to:

    Comments at Chat With Kat

    Don’t forget to join us again next Saturday as well!

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    All Music Sunday: 80's Rock, Rap, and R&B. RAD!

    in Radio

    The BEST Decade of Music ever? Quite possibly so. We are going to kick it Old School with a Gumbo of EVERYTHING 80'S! Join us at 1pm to revisit, relax, and remember. And hopefully hear something that you haven't heard in 30 years that'll take you to a SPECIAL place. You know me, I stay away from the Mostly Top 40. I tend to go off of the grid to put you in my Groove or just maybe, put you on to something Old but New to you. Let's go Back to the Future!

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