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    No More Stop Orders Allowed On The NYSE? About Time!

    in Finance

    The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) recently announced that it would be joining the NASDAQ by disallowing protective stop orders. "Good-till-canceled" order types will no longer be allowed as well. This change goes into effect on February 26, 2016. As soon as this news was released, scores of traders sent in questions and various communications to Oliver Velez, seeking his view on the change. Most were distraught and believed this move to be yet another blow against the small or regular, independent trader. The NYSE claims its move is to help prevent excessive volatility during big downward moves in the market, which Oliver Velez does not believe is true. In fact, Mr. Velez believes this move is a blessing for traders and is long overdue.

    In this broadcast, listen to Oliver Velez explain why he could not be happier that the protective stop order, as it has become to be known, is finally dying the death it should have experienced a long time ago. Not only will he explain why it should never have existed, he will delve into the hidden reasons why it lasted so long and how stops were actually used to take advantage of the small investors and trader.

    If you are an avid trader or take your market play seriously, this is one broadcast you will not want to miss. This will also be a show during which Oliver Velez will expect a lot of live engagement. So make sure you call in live with any questions you may have or send them in advance to radio@ifundtraders.com. 

    To trade with Oliver Velez and his trading team, with full and complete funding, email journey@ifundtraders.com. It will auto respond with information.

    To Follow Oliver Velez' trading live, follow him on Periscope: @olvelez007. 

    to view many of his educational trading video, go to www.youtube.com/olvelez007

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    Green Bay Packers report card 2015 - Linebackers

    in Sports

    The Green Bay Packers had a defense that allowed some yards but found a way to create turnovers and keep opponents out of the end zone. Unfortunately, this Packers defense will be remembered for the breakdown in overtime against Arizona, in the NFC Divisional playoff round. That breakdown led to a first and goal and eventual touchdown by Larry Fitzgerald. 

    Statistically, the Packers finished 15th in total yards and 12th in points allowed. Julius Peppers found enough gas to have another productive year leading the Packers with 10.5 sacks. As a unit, the Packers tied for seventh in sacks with 43. Clay Matthews was asked to man the middle of the defensive, and still produced 6.5 sacks. Middle linebacker became and issue once again when Sam Barrington went down with injury. Jake Ryan, a fourth round pick, worked his way into the starting lineup. 



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    Overcoming His Loss of Sight, Entrepreneur Max Ivey Shares His Inspiring Story

    in Entrepreneur

    Maxwell Ivey, is a totally blind business owner, blogger, sometimes podcaster, and newly self published author. His primary business is helping people sell new and used amusement equipment and related items. He started his business after the early death of his father which lead to the closure of his family's small traveling carnival.

    Smart Companies Host Kelly Scanlon discusses his new book, called, “Leading you out of the darkness into the light, a blind man's inspirational guide to success. Learn how Ivey has not allowed his lack of sight to hinder his success

    To hear past shows with host Kelly Scanlon visit our archives.

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    "Your Voices Should Be Heard" w/Empress Michelle EL and Co-Host Sis Misty

    in Current Events

    Empress Michelle EL and Sis Misty visited Flint, Michigan on January 30, 2016. We went to a community forum where Judge Greg Mathis allowed questions to be asked and he gave answers to those questions. He also allowed open dialouge from the community. Find out what he urged the residence of Flint, MI to do. 

    Find out what the residence of Flint had to say in regards to them not having enough water. Call in (914) 803-4571 10pm est-midnight 

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    Super Bowl 50 preview; Manning rides off into sunset or Newton powers Panthers

    in Sports

    The NFL dropped the roman numerals after 49 Super Bowls. Super Bowl 50 will pair future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning against this years potential MVP Cam Newton. Manning has played 17 season in the NFL and this could be his last. Newton was in a horrific car crash last season and is looking for his first Lombardi Trophy. 

    The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers both used powerful defensive units to get to Super Bowl 50. The Broncos were number one overall in yards allowed and the Panthers were sixth. The Broncos allowed 18.5 points per game whlie the Panthes only allowed 19.2. Both teams pressure the quarterback and force turnovers. The Broncos led the league with 52 sacks and the Panthers registered 44. 

    Peyton Manning battled injuries and endured the worst statistical year of his career. Cam Newton lost his top receiver in training camp and proceeded to put up career numbers. The Panthers averaged 142.6 yards per game rushing which ranked second. The Broncos identity was to run first, and they averaged 25 rushes per game and 107 rushing yards. 

    With two dominating defenses, which offense will be able to muster a play to win the game? Will special teams determine the winner? Listen in and call the show with your thoughts.

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    To Weave Or Not To Weave? That IS The Question!

    in Relationships

    Weave has not only become a huge debate amongst people but its become a million dollar industry. 

    Weave has allowed for women to transform into her favorite reality superstar! 

    Why has it become such a phenomenom? Back in the day women used to deny they were waring a wig or a weave, today a lot of women have become Captain Obvious! 

    The million dollar question is why?

    Why do we care so much about what other women look like? Why do we argue with those who choose to wear a weave or those who still contiue to relax their hair? . 

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    Meet Ms. Katrina Walker EPK

    in Spirituality

    Katrina Walker is an outstanding example of how to beat the odds when they are stacked against you. As an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivator, she took being a witness to cultural, domestic, and financial tumult and converted what she learned into a motivational tool to fight victimhood. Walker went from being a struggling teen bride, to a divorced mother of four, to a trailblazer who has over the past 25 years built thriving enterprises; including a 24-hour day care center, multiple real estate holdings, a record label, and state-of-the-art recording studio-all while becoming a self-made millionaire.

    Her renowned Tennessee based RainbowKidz Learning Center is currently expanding into a national brand, while Walker is being busily pursued as a motivating life coach, with personal stories that demonstrate that anything is possible.

    The experience of being in an abusive relationship, both mental and physical, allowed her a keen sense for spotting those in similar crisis, and out of this has grown yet another community supportive enterprise at Walker's helm: the BE (Blind Eye) Foundation, whose mission and motto is to "BE the difference and not turn a Blind Eye to society." With the impact of her encouraging words and motherly guidance-often delivered through her sassy, tell-it-straight, southern style-she is using the BE foundation to launch ongoing, nationally aired PSA's that will weave a true picture of domestic violence-chronicling the cycle of abuse from male and female perspectives. Not only will her media campaign shine the light on often undiscussed areas of abuse, she will narrate solutions, encouraging a way out of victim-hood.


    Walker is writing her memoir with award-winning journalist Clarence Waldron, former Jet senior writer and editor, who was mentored by the late best-selling author and poet, Dr. Maya Angelou.

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    Green Bay Packers report card 2015 - Defensive Line

    in Sports

    The Green Bay Packers defense failed when it mattered most. While the offense struggled to find an indenity and put points on the board, the defense did all they could to keep the Packers in games. They finished the season ranked 12th in points allowed, and 15th in yards allowed. 

    When an outsider looks at the 119 rushing yards allowed per game they could assume that the defensive line was ineffective. The Packers faired well against some of the top running backs in the league. During the 6-0 and start, the defense was winning at the point of attack and eliminating the opponents running game. 

    The Packers will have a decision to make regarding the defensive line. B.J. Raji and Letroy Guion are both free agents. Guion had some off the field issues that could reduce the number the teams interested. Raji may generate some interest on the open market and may have played his last down in Green Bay.

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    Dreaded Sports Talk Super Bowl Special 2016

    in Sports


    Dreaded Sports Talk returns with Captain Frankendread and Ken from Jersey with potentially segments with former Dreaded Sports Talk co-host Darrell Russell.

    This could be the last hurrah for Dreaded Sports Talk after 18 months off the air, but who knows. 

    Tune in 9-11pm est for a live Dreaded Sports Talk originating from Key West, FL where tourists are too drink already to care if Peyton Manning retires.

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    Self Value - Falling In LOVE With YOU!!

    in Pets

    Have you noticed that for animals EVERYDAY is Valentine's Day? A day in which they BASK in Gratitude for and willingly take full advantage of the Depth & Breath of Love, Healing, Caring and Nurturing,Joy, Generation, Creation, Expansion and ALIVENESS Everyone and Everything (including themselves) conspired together to actualize as their Reality?

    Is it possible that animals have allowed themselves to KNOW something we are refusing or denying we know?

    Hmmm...I wonder ... Is it possible that the Universal "law" of "You can not Receive what you are NOT Willing To Be" is the KEY to having and being what the animals innately choose? 

    Join Charlie Yesdog & Suzy Godsey as they delve in and explore what it would take for YOU to choose to HAVE what animals live, this Valentine's Day and beyond!

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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM Featuring Rockin Randy Rhodes

    in Wrestling

    It's that midweek time which means Sean, Steve and Katie are ready to spend another two hours with you and the wrestlers you may or may not know, but we guarantee you that you will be informed as well as entertained.

    First off we will have joining us "Rockin'" Randy Rhodes. Randy is a Floridian who has been around the business for many years. He was an enhancement talent for 1980s WWF, where he worked a number of name stars, including a just starting Undertaker. His circle includes Bob "Blackjack Mulligan" Windham and Dirty Dick Slater and Joel Deaton among others. We are pleased to present Randy to our audience.

    We have said our motto is "We Embrace Controversy" and in our second (and possibly third) hour we will most definately embrace controversy. Two different wrestling promotions in the Midwest are being called out, each for something different. In one promotion, a couple of fundraisers that one promotion ran are now rife with accusations that the money did not go to the causes it was intended for. Also, at a show in Minnesota, a manager chose the WRONG way to get heat on himself. We will discuss that as well.

    Comments and questions, which will be screened for content, and allowed based on time will be taken via our chat, through Skype or via phone at (347) 826-9418. Due to the very real possibility of us going over we encourage our listeners to call or Skype early in the show to avoid missing show content after 12:00 Eastern.