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    Capital DC Presents... the Link Episode 1 Let's Start the Show

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    Capital DC, Michael D'Mitri and Stunning Actress discuss where listeners can go for art and entertainment. The dating scene is rough if you want more than "wham bam thank you maam" or "how much money do you make?". This evening we discuss what's going on in Western New York where you can take a date to fill those first two hours before the main course nyah mean? Our featured song of the day will be "Del Haze - Down to Go" @Del_Haze716 which focuses his perspective of the dating scene. Tune in to hear about what's happening in theater, music, dance, art and entertainment in Western New York!

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    Wolfpack presents oxyMORON vs GTL No MAAM edition

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    Kelley Bostick and James Timmons sit down to discuss things effecting men today. In episode two of our NO MAAM edition of the oxyMORON show

    May cause you to Man Up
    May get you laid

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    OxyMORON pt 3 No MA'AM edition SDE

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    Lola takes a breather so the fellas can go in on SDE (sports drugs entertainment). So listen in as we go hard as cinder blocks on relationships, sex, entertainment, sports and WOMEN.

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    Come Here Chile

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    Come here Chile and ask Sistah Maam; What you wanna know!

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    "Just the Facts Maam", What We Can Learn From Shirley Sherrod

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    Don't Get Anxious - Get Prepared

    Attention to Detail
    Fact checking
    Brand control
    Decision making skills based on data not emotion

    Are these important career/business skills? You Betcha!! Let's see how these important job skills were lost...and created HAVOC for one woman's job and "big oops from the White House, Civil Rights organizations...and more

    STOP Living, Breathing and working BENEATH Your Purpose! Join TCE's Career Talk Radio a we share employment, economy & e-business tips, solutions with special guests to you BEAT this & ANY economy! Career talk radio is focused to YOU do ALL that you can to Make Monday Mornings...BETTER! and earn the life of your dreams.

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    Tope Con Coolio - A Wrestling Podcast for Dorks - Episode 12!

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    Episode 12 is in the books, and we'd like to thank everybody that listened for supporting the Coolio! We also want to thank former IWA Mid South referee Salty Travis Young for hanging out with us for nearly an hour, discussing the life of an indy referee and IWA Mid South with us including topics such as the Mike Levy incident, Mickie Knuckles' injury, Diehard Dustin Lee and much much more!

    In addition to our discussion with Salty Travis and the wrestling topics of the week, the Con Coolio Crew (patent pending) also discussed:

    *Steph getting felt up by a transvestite at a Katy Perry concert
    *Dusty Rhodes' comments on vagina, meatspins and the Hogan family
    *The bizarre online diaries of Matt & Jeff Hardy
    *Ungodly amounts of Dusty Rhodes impressions

    All this and oh so much more! If you would like to listen to the latest Tope Con Coolio podcast, the episode is already available to stream and/or download at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/topconcoolio. Joining us next week will be Mike Rotch, promoter of Inter Species Wrestling! ISW's next show "Wham Bam Thank You Maam" is this Sunday in Montreal, and we will be discussing all sorts of nonsense with the one and only Rotchy. If you'd like us to ask him your questions, send them in an email to topeconcoolio@gmail.com and we'll ask!

    So join us Thursday at 7pm for a completely fresh episode of Tope Con Coolio complete with new topics, new guests and hopefully, a new way to distract you from everyday life.

    Tope Con Coolio - A Wrestling Podcast for Dorks
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