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    Hemp Coffee Filters are Changing the World with Jeanne Baker

    in Lifestyle

    Enjoy this hempisode  of HempAware Radio with very special guest, Jeanne Baker, creator of Mr Naturals. Learn about this awesome coffee and tea filter company that utilizes the benefit and value of hemp cloth for their antibacterial, anti-fungal reusable coffee and tea filters! Jeanne has been in the hemp and cannabis community for more than 20 years and is a true pioneer of the hemp revival in the United States, Thailand and around the world!

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    Aquarium Keeping: Discussion on Aquarium Filters and Equipment

    in Pets

    On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Oscar Alex and his co-host Discus Man William T will be discussing some of the equipment you will need to have in your aquarium.Believe it or not, there are certain equipment you need and then there are certain equipment that you really don't need!!!!

    Oscar Alex and William T. will be discussing the types of filters (canister, HOB, sponge, and Sumps), heaters, air pumps, and all the aquarium equipment you will need!!!

    Call in at 1 347-989-8142 to join the discussion!

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    Truth Without Filters. 2015-The Year in Your Ear and 2016-Obama's Last Stand

    in Current Events

    With John Miller out this week, Doug Simpson and Mark the Producer get to relive what was 2015. Quite the year and the beginnings of what looks to be a very interesting 2016. From ISIS, to the Presidential Campaigns, to the Global Climate Change Initiative, this should be another good one. Like us at Truth Without Filters on Facebook where we post some good stuff from time to time and keep up with the latest happenings with TWF.

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    Hemp Coffee & Tea Filters are Changing the World with J. Baker

    in Entrepreneur

    Enjoy this awesome hempisode with Hemp Entrepreneur and Pioneer J Baker of Mr. Natural's Coffee and Tea Filters. We share the amazing benefits of hemp, especially as it relates to coffee and tea filters and bringing hemp to the people! Get awesome insights and wisdom from one of the original hemp entrepreneurs that helped bring hemp back to the United States! Discover more about Mr Naturals and Jeanne at: www.MrNaturals.net or give us a ring today to place your order for a box of 100% Hemp Tea or Coffee filters! 805-410-4367

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    The truth without Filters

    in Current Events

    John Miller and Doug Simpson

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    Truth Without Filters-What The Upcoming Election Really Means For America

    in Current Events

    We are at a pivot point in the history of the United States of America. The election of the next President will not only be the most important in the last century, but will dramatically shape the future for our kids and grandkids. John and Doug will give their personal thoughts on what they believe will occur and bring the actual events that will occur in those 4 years following the election out on the table. We will have some week in history to begin and interesting debate along the way.

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    Truth Without Filters-Bobby's message. The truth about Valerie Jarrett.

    in Current Events

    Bobby releases some plans that will help save the Republic. He and John Miller will have the first hour as Doug Simpson and Mark Beuerlein attend Church council meeting. Doug and Mark will be on in hour two to bring some light into the darkness that is Valerie Jarrett. You will want to hear this! Incredible

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    Truth W/O Filters. Wonder No More. Why Donald Trump is Doing Well in the Polls.

    in Current Events

    This show will pull back the vail on the top 10 GOP Blunders for 2015 that rocketed The Donald to the front of the class so far in the polls for the 2016 Presidential race. John and Doug will go down the list on the issues and at the end, we all will know for sure why Donald is ahead. This ties in perfectly with Bobby Beesinger's plan of action for 2016 in visiting our elected leaders offices and start holding them responsible for what we want done, not what is popular with those that have the wrong agenda in mind, so we can just "get along". The time for action is NOW America! The time is now in that we HAVE to start hanging up the phones, quit typing emails just to get back "canned" responses, and start knocking on doors of our elected officials from Local, to State, to National. I think we will call it "No Elected Official Left Behind". LOL.

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    Discovering Filters

    in Lifestyle

    The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. - Robertson Davies
    This past weekend, Angie attended her high school reunion and learned the truth about how her classmates had experienced her then and how they are experiencing her now. This class reunion helped her to uncover her filters from long ago and provided the opportunity to transform herself. This week she will be sharing about the filters she had adopted, as well as how filters work, the ways they warp your life and how to remove them.
    You are invited to discover the “one thing” you can take with you from this show to incorporate into your daily life – whether that be a new skill, a new tool, a catchy phrase or a new and curious way of looking at things. Come join the Moments of Awakening tribe and share a few minutes together basking in love.
    Be Touched. Be Inspired. Be Awakened.

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    Avoid the Spam Filters & Staying in Compliance with Emails

    in Management

    Build Your Tribe is brought to you by: www.CourageousConfidenceClub.com.

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    ABOUT TODAY’S SHOW: Avoid the Spam Filters Plus Staying in Compliance with Emails

    An email to your potential customers is one of the most important tools you have as an entrepreneur. What happens when your emails go straight to recipients’ Spam folders? Chalene explains how to maximize the chances that your email will land directly into your customers’ inbox. She also explains some of the legal issues around managing and using your email list - remember, knowledge is power and you want to keep everything related to your business above board. She includes some useful online tools that will help analyze your emails and determine the chances that they will make them through the spam filters. 

    To see Chalene’s post-oral surgery video (it’s more fun than it sounds), visit

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    No Filters

    in Entertainment

    Open Mic