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  • Pozitively Dee a Discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Social Networking

    If you missed last month's show with the discussion on HIV in the church and communities especially the black community and why it's not discussed. Call in I'll have two guest on, on Saturday September 26th. Pastor William Francis and Evangelist Darlene King. Please join me Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion. Call in at 4:30 pm Mountain Time be a part of the talk 347-855-8118 or listen online at 4:30 pmwww.blogtalkusa.com

  • Pozitively Dee a discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Health

    Saturday 9/19/2015 4:30pm Mountain time. Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion we will discuss HIV and mental health. I will have Colette C'ann Perkins on a Therapist/Health Educator discussing why mental health plays a big part in living with HIV and what one needs to do to take care of their mental health. Call in and join the discussion 347-855-8118 or listen onlinewww.blogusa.com — with Ieshia Advocate'Hiv Scott,Gregory Lewis, Been There

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    Pozitively Dee an Educational discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Health

    Today Saturday 9/12/2015 4:30pm Mountain Time Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS discussion will be open discussion on how different issues affect women living with HIV. Nancy Duncan and Marsha Heflin Brady will be joining me. Call in and join the discussion at 347-855-8118 or listen online atwww.blogtalkusa.com Shawndell Tillery-Finney Angela Murray


  • A Powerful Force: Honoring 9/11 Lives And Liberties Lost To Force

    in Culture

    How will you use your power today?

    In what ways do you feel forced today?

    In the next 10 minutes, listen to Pay Me What I'm Worth author Soul Dancer as he shares his article titled: A Powerful Force: Honoring 9/11 Lives And Liberties Lost To Force

    After the show, click to learn more about how to start your journey to re-awaken your inner power.  Join one of our classes today!  FEEL your sense of power grow one day, one step, one class at a time.

    And remember!  We have over 200 on-demand shows waiting for you!  Click to access our library of ah-ha's!

    Music: Unity by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

  • Positively Dee a discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Health

    Today Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS discussion will be an open discussion with HIV men. It will be nice to hear what our men have to say who are living with HIV. You don't gave to be living with HIV to call in and listen. This show will help many understand the life struggles for men living with the virus. You can call in and not give your name if you have questions. Discussion is open on dating, health and many other things. Cant wait to hear what they have to say.Show is at 4:30 pm Mountain Time 347-855-8118 or you can go on line and listen in at blogtalkusa and press play. Be blessed

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    Khalil and Stevie D of Force M.D.'s stop by #ConversationsLIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Khalil and Stevie D of the group Force M.D.'s to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss what it's been like to share their music with the world and their story as to how they have been keeping the music alive.

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    Will Task Force Protect Pollinators Or Chemical Industry?

    in Environment

    A Presidential Memorandum was issued requesting that all federal agencies work together to develop a cohesive plan for pollinator protection. It was stated, “The problem is serious and requires immediate attention to ensure the sustainability of our food production systems, avoid additional economic impact on the agricultural sector, and protect the health of the environment.” This was the memorandum issued last June. Bee populations continued declining as well as other pollinators such as the Monarch butterfly. On May 19th, it was announced that under the leadership of the U.S. EPA and USDA, the Task Force was releasing its Strategy, with 3 overarching goals: Reduce honey bee colony losses to economically sustainable levels; Increase monarch butterfly numbers to protect the annual migration; and Restore or enhance millions of acres of land for pollinators through combined public and private action.

    As we continue our special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, host June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald talk to Larissa Walker, the Pollinator Campaign Director and a policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety about this new strategy. Stay tuned! 

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    AIDS Walk Los Angeles

    in Health

    Drawing more than 20,000 annually to West Hollywood, California @aidswalkla Communication/Event Director, Ben Fordham joins Build Grow and Enjoy to discuss the mission and purpose of California's largest AIDS fundraising event that has raised more than $79 million for its primary beneficiary AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) and dozens of other L.A. County AIDS service organizations that support the fight of the AIDS epidemic.  



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    Positively Dee a discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Health

    There are many questions regarding HIV/AIDS in the church and why it's not discussed. Even in our black communities. Join us as we discuss part 2 of this topic. Pastor Savalas R. Squire and William Francis will be a guest today at 4:30 pm Mountain Time. Call in and join the conversation 347-855-8118 or register online and listen in www.blogtalkradio.com. I look forward to what you all have to say. Thank you for your support. Be blessed.

  • Admission of a rough day and an admission of a tough task

    in Religion

    Yesterday was a rough day. A very rough day.  A sinful day.  

    As a teacher, I do what a weak human mind can do, God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost do the rest.  

    It sure feels awful when I don't feel like my part was completed.  On that day plus every other day that instantly pops into my mind.  
    Not self pity, trust me.  Somebody died for me.  I want to do the smallest thing to pay him back.  

    I fail then I get angry.  Now that is pretty stupid isn't it.  If I could only realize it at the moment. 

    I'm getting close to figuring the "other" format out. 

    Thought I would butcher this one to try to get a little more rounded.  Going everywhere I can.

    As if I actually do ANY of the lifting.  But I am supposed to try.  There are commands, I'm going to try try try and follow.  Even though I fail fail fail.

    God Bless ya.

    It is all for Christ.  As bad as I am, I am trying my best. For him.





  • Why Ahmen(God) The Supreme Being Is The Source And Only True Force That Will Be

    in Lifestyle

    Why Ahmen(God) The Supreme Being Is The Source  And Only True Force That Will Be With A Select Chosen Few. We Must Know The Difference Source And Force. The Source Of Everything Is Ahmen, And A Vessel Is He Who Houses The Force Of The Source. The Definition Of The Word "God" Simply Means One Possessing Force And Power. He Who HasTechnology Is Looked Upon As A God Beside The Source. He Who Is Setting The Laws, Has The Money, And The Power Around The World Is Not The Source. That Beast That It Was Said In The Book Of Revelation 13:15 That Many Would Worship The Image Of The Beast. The Black Man Was The Original Vessel To House The Source And Weild The Force That Is The Real Source Of Every Thing. The Beast Came After And The Beast Has Become Blind, Deaf And Dumb To That Which They Worship Beside Ahmen.