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    Re-energize your Home for the New Year!

    in Self Help

    Did you know that our homes do have a direct impact on our mind and body and overall well being. Essentially they are a reflection of you! So...how do you want to feel for the New Year?

    This week, your hosts Belina Costa and Nancy Sharbach will help you learn how to:

    · Be more aware that everything is energy and we are all connected

    · How to re-energize our homes for a more positive vibe

    · How this can in turn lead to well being

    Our surroundings impact us  both consciously and unconsciously. They have a direct impact on our well being. Since we spend more time in our homes, the way we experience our homes is crucial and that is what we will focus on.  Join us to find out more.

    About Belina and Nancy: Belina Costa and Nancy Sharbach are co founders of design2HARMONY, a design business that incorporates the system of Interior Alignment with contemporary Interior Design practices. Belina is a long time member of the Association of Interior Designers and a Practioner of Interior Alignment and Nancy is an active member of the Feng Shui Guild and a Practioner of Interior Alignment. Together they have over 30 years experience in all things design and their goal  is to”Create balance between your inner style and your outer surroundings” 

    They can be contacted at: 925.640.4060 OR 510.326.8151 http://www.design2harmony.com

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    "Your Body and U: The Holistic Approach to Wellness"

    in Self Help

    Mind, body and spirit is a known path to wellness and have made a valuable impact on those living with chronic illnesses and diseases.  Holistic Health Practioner Julie Stiles helps people with autoimmunity to walk the healing path and live a live a full life.  She explains our relationship to our body is critical to our journey as a human beings.  Although most of us experience some kind of challenge with our body, whether it is weight, illness, or dissatisfaction with the functionality of a body part or organ, there's power in how we treat and take care of our body.  This show will assist you in taking back the power of your well being and your ability to fully live and contribute to the evolution of your life.  Julie Stiles, Autoimmune Adventures, www.juliestiles.com


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    The Feng Shui New Year

    in Self Help

    The Feng Shui New Year is February 4, 2016.  The Chinese New Year is February 8, 2016 which is the year of the Monkey.  Even if you don’t follow the Chinese lunar calendar, this can be an auspious time of new beginnings, bringing new love or enhancing your current romance in your life.  With the energy of crystals, stones and Feng Shui your environment can be uplifted to support your romantic intentions and goals.

    Join Laura Carucci and Rhonda Rosa as they talk about how to implement Feng Shui, crystals and stones in your home to uplift the energy of your environment
    Laura Carucci is the owner of Zenmetry, LLC, is a certified Advanced Interior Alignment Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.  She assists those she works with by utilizing a very unique and individualized blend of ingredients incorporating Feng Shui, Reiki, Space Clearing, Hypno-Counselling, The Rock GirlÆ Foundation Treatment, Chakra Balancing and Auric Cleansing and more.  Laura has been a Rockhound her entire life and has been blessed to have the ability to incorporate that love into her work.   For more info on Laura visit www.Zenmetry.com.
    Rhonda Rosa is a Certified Interior Alignment Practioner, Certified Oracle Soul Card Reader, Certified Angel Card Reader and Life Coach.  For more information on Rhonda, please visit her at www.harmonylifedesign.com/Rhonda
    Tune in at 6:00 pm Eastern on Sunday, January 24, 2015, to listen to this amazing duo.

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    Psychic Medium will give FREE Readings about Loved Ones who have passed over

    in Spirituality

    The Voice of Change welcomes Jane Seybold to the program. She will talk about how to recognize signs, symbols & synchronicities of communication from loved ones in the Spirit World.  In addition she will be giving FREE readings which will include connecting with a loved one's who has passed to Spirit World or insights in to what's currently going on in your life.

    Jane Seybold is a Psychic & Certified Evidential Medium, Ordained Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher, Level ! & 2 Reiki Practioner.    When Jane was seven years old her deceased grandmother visited her which left a lasting positive impression which later would prove to be instrumental in following her path as a Psychic Medium. A late bloomer, Jane began to develop her gifts in her 40's after she attended her first meditation class.  From there, she began to explore Psychic Development and Mediumship.  Janes's  website is www.janeseybold.com and she can be reached at 480-309-0663

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    Guest: Barrister Barak Obarah "Register Corporation Successfully in Lagos"

    in Education

    Barrister, Barack Obarah, Legal practioner in Lagos, Nigeria has worked on SWACIN's registration in Nigeria for six months after unsuccessful attempt to get approval from the government of Nigeria, namely Ministry of Women Affairs and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.  Barrister Obarah tells us about Do's and Don'ts on registeration in Lagos.  He can be reached at BARAK OBARAH <esqbarak@yahoo.co.uk>

    Hideko Nagashima...Host of the Show

    Misa Kojima...Co-host of the Show

    Be a Member. http://www.swacin.org/#!donate/c1ghi

    Kind donation.  http://www.swacin.org/#!donate-jp/c1hog 

    Japan Office Tel:078-647-7808  FAX:078-647-7920 Cell: (090) 1173-9378  contact@swacin.com  

    Please answer survey and help us improve the show.

    Stay tuned!


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    Clive Swersky- Host and Producer of Alive with Clive TV Show gives back.....

    in Real Estate

         Clive Swersky, Host and Producer of Alive with Clive- The TV Show Where Today's Top Singer-

    Songwriters Thrive! The show has been in existence since 2004, and in its current form since 2007. To date Clive has interviewed more than 270 singer-songwriters, all of whom are shown on the Web site for the show, at www.alivewithclive.tv   A student and practioner of the Law of Attraction, Clive also has created the Web site, www.newlawofattractionsecrets.com, to share information and resources to enable people to obtain as much benefit as possible from the Law of Attraction.

          Today Clive is going to share and discuss several  powerful metaphors to provide you with the resilience you need to overcome challenges on your path to fulfulling your dreams.

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    High Performance Life/Relationship Coaching

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues with Lauren Jawno with her guest Janelle + Rob Alex and Kelly Lee Bennett:

    Janelle & Rob Alex - Experts in relationship and intimacy dynamics, Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. are mentoring couples around the universe. As best selling authors, their newest releases are the Mission Date Night Adventure series. They also cohost the Mission Date Night podcast. Passionate about married dating, Secret Animal Powers, and Transcendent LovemakingTM Rob and Janelle are obliterating long-standing relationships myths.

    Kelly Lee Bennett is ICF certified and is an International Elite High Performance Strategist & Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach, Master Life Coach, Speaker, Author and Seminar Leader. Kelly is a results driven coach, trainer and facilitator with over 20 yrs. of international business experience and a solid track record for transforming lives, building businesses and improving revenue.
    She has spent her career working with global industry leaders in North America and the Middle East. Before incorporating Kelly Lee Bennett Inc. she held Global VP Positions with three International Executive Search and Human Resource Mtg. firms. Kelly is also a certified NLP practioner, hypnotherapist, personal trainer, nutritionist, image consultant and Stand Up Comic! She has direct business experience as a serial entrepreneur; she has launched several successful businesses in varied industries.


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    Celebrating Anniversary Month With STEPHANIE CARTER, Lightworker, & Healer

    in Self Help

    MADAM COACH celebrates 1st Anniversary on Soul Sister, Go Sister show. As she has invited soul friends to join her show to share their experiences throughout the year. Friday, guest will be STEPHANIE CARTER, "Lightworker" with the Angeles, Herbalist, certified Reiki I & II Practioner. Madam Coach, plans to have fun as she speaks with her friend about the show's successful accomplishments, and the impact on communities-at-large in to inspire health, wellness, and of course LOVE. 

    In addition, join them as they talk about their personal work in 2015, world events, and other changes neccessary to support humanity to work through obstacles to help them learn how to heal, become whole, and evolve on a soul level.

    Don't miss this show. Everyone welcome to connect with Madam Coach @:http://www.facebook.com/madamlifecoach.

    Or visit her website for more info @:htttp://madamlifestylrcoaching.org


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    Wealthy Wednesday Joelle Amouroux-Huttner Burn-out expert, EFT Practioner & Coac

    in Women

    Wealthy Wednesday Radio show hosted by Luci McMonagle, an Abundance Success Coach, is for Empowered Professional Woman like you that is ambitious, conscious and are determined to make a difference in the world. Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WealthyWednesdayRadio

    Joelle is the Burn-out expert. She is an EFT practitioner as well as a coach. After a successful career as a Top Executive in the big Pharma, she suffered a Total Burn Out. After her recovery, her two sons were diagnosed with Autism and she used her new coping skills to deal with this new reality. She realised then that she needed to share her story to help others avoid Burning-Out. She trained as an EFT practitioner and a life coach with Tony Robbins and created her own company over a year ago. She helps people avoid Burn-out or recover from it, by helping people regain their self-confidence when their life is out of control. Joelle guides people through steps to help them re-define their own personality, their likes and dislikes and what makes them really happy on a daily basis. From them, people can define their purpose and then can decided what are the steps needed in order to never go back to this dark space. Joelle runs a 12 week program called “12 weeks to self-confidence” combining tapping and life coaching techniques to create the most effective transformation for her clients. You can find Joelle at www.joellespractice.com or on Facebook www.facebook.com/joellespractice.com.

    Listen today to find out how to receive 2 FREE tapping (EFT) sessions from Joelle!

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    The Financially Fit Entrepreneur with Kevin Duffy

    in Entrepreneur

    Join Wendy Manganaro of Social Abundance Marketing and Kevin Duffy, Vice President Investments and financial advisor with Raymond James for this week's Love, Light, and Passion.

    Kevin has been working in the industry for more than thirteen years and works for Raymond James and Associates. He has lived and worked in the area for most of his life. He serves Business Owners, Professionals, Retirees and Pre-Retirees. He has a unique step-by-step process that allows him to determine which services and solutions will help his clients meet all their financial goals.

    Kevin Duffy is a Vice President of Investments and financial advisor with Raymond James & Associates, Inc in Louisville, KY. Kevin was born and raised in Southern Indiana where he currently lives on a 23-acre farm with his wife, Lisa, of over 32 years. Kevin is a retired Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy where he served his country for nearly 20 years. Kevin earned three college degrees, including an MS in Computer Science from the Naval Postgraduate School.  In his downtime, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys reading, writing and the great outdoors.

    Kevin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ PRACTIONER and has acquired the Investment Management Consultant and the CRPC® designations. These designations are a testament to his integrity and commitment to his clients. Kevin views every client relationship as unique and develops individual solutions to address individual goals. In today’s challenging market, Kevin uses his knowledge to help retirees and pre-retirees like you plan for lifetime income, while minimizing the devastating effects of market risk.

    ***  Call Kevin at (502) 569-4120 for a FREE Consultation.

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    Author Linda Flanders: Crisis Intervention 101

    in Books

    Linda Flanders has been a San Francisco police detective, a prevention program designer, an educational videographer, a long-time Feldenkrais Practioner and she's a trained crisis intervention (CIT) class facilitator. Linda's hobby is stand up comedy and she has a dog named after WWII heroine, Rose Valland. Linda's website is www.taprootinc.com.