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    Great Loop Radio: Proposed Law Would Eliminate Many Anchorages in Florida

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    Join us for important up-to-date information on the attempts in Florida to restrict anchoring!

    Florida Senate Bill 1548 titled “An Act Related to Vessel Safety”, addresses many valid safety issues related to the anchoring of derelict boats.  However, it also contains controversial proposals limiting boaters’ ability to anchor in areas “within 200 feet of developed waterfront property” from one hour past sunset until one hour before sunrise.

    The Seven Seas Cruising Association leads a team that includes AGLCA, BoatUS and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in the fight against pending restrictions on the right to anchor in Florida.

    Joining us to talk about SSCA and their efforts in Florida is Dave Skolnick. Dave is a naval architect and marine engineer, a communications professional, and the immediate Past President of SSCA. He works as a member of the SSCA Concerned Cruisers' Committee (CCC) to support cruisers' rights. Dave owns Auspicious Works in Annapolis, Maryland providing communications and navigation equipment services and delivery support to cruisers.

    We'll also be joined by David Doyle, an AGLCA member who is a waterfront landowner in Florida.  He'll share his opinion on the issue.

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    TalkingBOATZ @ Chicago BOAT-RV & SAIL 2015 SHOW

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    The Best in Boating, RVing & Sailing—All Under One Roof!

    The Chicago Boat, Sports & RV Show and Strictly Sail Chicago shows have joined forces to create the Windy City’s BIGGEST marine & outdoors sales event. If you love boating, camping, fishing, RVing, OR sailing, this is YOUR show! There’s no better place to see and buy:

    Boats for every activity, lifestyle and budget
    The latest in RVs, campers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and trailers
    Sailboats, sailing gear, rigging and accessories Marine engines, electronics and accessories
    Camping, outdoor and fishing gear

    Book trips with travel, charter and resorts too!

    Plus, an incredible line up of family-friendly features, boating, sailing and RVing education and hands-on activities that make a day at the show fun for everyone!

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    Boat Maintenance Tips: "Hey! It Works in My Car!"

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    We've invited the experts from Fred's Shed to come in explain why you're favorite tips and trick for car repair may just not work quite so well in your boat.  And sure, we know you want to save money, but cutting corners on the appropriate materials for your do-it-yourself boat-repair project may end up with truly costly bills down the line. Not familiar with Fred's Shed? Get yourself to an NMMA-sponsored boat show! Or take a quick look at the "sizzle reel" right here. If you have questions, send them now to radio@itsmyboat.com.


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    Ann Walks the Floor (at the Seattle Boat Show)

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    Co-Host Ann Avary just spent a few days at the Seattle Boat Show, so listen in to hear her report on her experience there. For at least part of time, she was in her role of "Nancy" from the Half-Way Harbor Boatyard, trying to wind the "It's My Boat" Radio Scavenger hunt, and she also tracked down some new "First Boat" stories to share on later show. This week's episode will also includes some more information from Steve Sprole about compass maintenance, and Barbara Jean will talked about the San Francisco Boat Show in McCovey Cove, especially her boat test out on the bay with Steve Shonk of Velodyne Marine, and meeting Larry Janc, one of the great guys who starting staffing the different "Fred's Shed" desks at the various NMMA Boat Shows around the country a couple of years ago. 

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    John McKnight on EPA Diurnal Emissions Regulations

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    NMMA's John McKnight joins us with a status report on the U.S. E.P.A.'s "Control of Evaporative Emissions from Non Road Spark-Ignition Engines and Equipment" regulations, which include a final-phase compliance date of JULY 31, 2013.
    If you are a boatbuilder who managed to miss every single reminder, the penalties are high, says McKnight, and he urges manufacturers to take steps right now to remedy the situation. Tune in to learn how.

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    Mad Mariner's Madcast: Thom Dammrich, NMMA President

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    Mad Mariner's MadCast covers all aspects of boats and boating. In this edition, we interview Thom Dammrich, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, whose members make about 80 percent of the boating products sold in North America. Thom will address the impact of the economy on the marine industry, what boaters can expect and how the industry is faring.

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    Rips&Raps: The Whistlin' Diction Show Episode 050

    in Hip Hop Music

    WARNING -- Parental Discretion Advised
    Tony Robbins esque rhetoric and rhyming rushes forth like a river of rational rapscape reshaping the very ground we walk upon. Ride along with Furious and his savage band of... Um, savages. BEHOLD
    This week: We return from hiatus after Furious took a week of to be a character in a feature movie... It was freaking AWESOME! Featuring: Local emcee/producer/promoter Lumpz One! The1RX, 2013 recipient of the NMMA BEST RAP category for 2013. Nice work homie! Actor/filmmaker Mark Vasconcellos joins Furious for an interview on the set of a feature movie. The interview is compelling.
    Catch us every Wednesday at 10 PM MOUNTAIN time at
    www.ripsandraps.podomatic.com and www.blogtalkradio.com/theliteraryunderground
    For questions, ideas or submissions hit us up at ripsandrapsshow@gmail.com

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    Social Networking at IBEX 2013

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    Josh Chiles joins us to talk about social networking before, during, and at IBEX 2013, with tips that will pay off for anyone who is making a presentation before a group and wants to maximize participation. What are the best ways to encourage people to attend your specific talk or event?  And how do you involve social media during your presentation, and afterwards?    Chiles is founder & CEO at Engaged!, a social media marketing company with a niche in the marine industry. He is passionate about boating, likes politics and some say he's an excellent cook. He is on the board of directors for the Marine Marketers of America (MMA) and helps support the Discover Boating campaign by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).   A frequent speaker on social media for business at top marine industry conferences and shows throughout North America, Chiles also travels to different dealer meetings and 20 Groups throughout North America to help educate marine dealers on the latest in social media and digital technologies.   Engaged!, is an official Brunswick Dealer Advantage (BDA) provider and Boating Industry magazine lists it as 1 of 8 tools companies should use to succeed on social media.   The company's mission is  to help businesses successfully use social media and digital technologies to grow and strengthen their business.   While at IBEX, Chiles will be managing the Social Media lounge, offering one-on-one tutoring for those of you are new to this world. 

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    TalkingBoatZ & RVZ LIVE Chicago Boat and RV Show

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    REALLATV Announces "LIVE" TV & Radio show at Chicago Boat Show Jan 13th
    TalkingBoatZ & TalkingRVZ! LIVE @ 930am another "1st" quotes Steve Tomaszewski CEO  "We are so fortunate to be a part of this group where 84% of these products are right HERE .USA remains 44% of domestic and international $30 Billion dollar Market. Wholesale shipment of boats up 33% and 23% up in Dollar$ in 2011.
    REALLATV See tides turning in favor of BoaterZ! Recreational boating industry reports ten percent increase in new power boat sales in 2012, sees first signs of healthy growth since recession; Small, versatile boats leading the recovery CHICAGO – January 3, 2013 – The U.S. recreational boating industry began to see the tide turn for new power boat sales with an estimated ten percent increase in 2012, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Early p

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    It's one of the largest trade shows in town folks.  Starting Feb 14, the GFGR crew will be at the Miami International Boat Show.  Show and Tell is for our captains who are attending the show to tell us what a must see and do is there and also the Vendors or Sponsors boooth where they will be. 
    Come find us and give us your great story of fishing.  We will also find some vendors to play around with as well.

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    IBEX 2011 Innovation Award Winners

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    This week, our show is a walk around the IBEX 2011 trade-show  floor with Ann Avary and Pat Kearns, who was one of the judges for this year's  industry innovation awards.  Organized by NMMA and judged by Boating Writers International, these awards recognize those products that show the most benefit  in terms of practicality, cost-effectiveness, and availability to the consumer  within 60 days of award receipt. A total of 65 new products were entered in this  year’s program, of which 13 were honored at IBEX. We'll give you a commentary on  several of the winners.