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  • Legendary WCW/NJPW Manager Sonny Onoo Joins The Wrestling Lounge

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    The Wrestling Lounge Proudly Welcomes Legendary WCW/NJPW Manager Sonny Onoo to the show. Live at 2pm cst/3pm est If you have a question call in at 773-897-6289 press 1 to be in hosts view.

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX: NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2015 Review, WWE & ESPN & More

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    This week on W2M, we headline with a NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2015 Review, discussion on WWE pretty much making the deal with EVOLVE known and also WWE's deal with ESPN as well.

    However, we start with Quick Hits (9:00-39:00), where we do discuss the deal between WWE and ESPN, how it can be a benefit for both companies and if this is going to send WWE bad signals about how RAW is actually doing. Then there's the other deal that seems to be everything but official between WWE and EVOLVE. Sami Zayn will be doing a special appearance on the EVOLVE shows this weekend and let's see how it goes from there. Alberto El Patron is also in the news for something positive and negative, plus a heck of a lot more.

    We move on to our five questions about WWE RAW (39:00-72:30 or 1 hour & 12 mins,) as we also discuss the impact of the TMZ reveal about Lana and Rusev being engaged here too. Towards the end we also discuss whether or not it is good for Roman Reigns to be cutting long promos.

    There's also our review of NXT (72:30- 86:15 or 1 hour & 12 mins- 1 hour & 26 mins) for the week.

    This is where we do the NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2015 Review (86:15-115:15 or 1 hour & 26 mins- 1 hour & 55 mins,) as Sean and Paul cover the thing from the beginning to the end, discuss some of the big booking decisions, the Best of the Super Juniors Tag Tournament that's been announced, and how things look heading into Power Struggle and Wrestle Kingdom 10.

    We finish things out with a look at ROH TV (115:15-121:30 or 1 hour & 55 mins- 2 hours & 1 minute) and the latest episode of TNA Impact Wrestling (121:30-128:45 or 2 hours & 1 minute- 2 hours & 8 mins).

    Then it all ends as usual with the W2M Top 5 Power Rankings and Superstar of the Week (128:45-End or 2 hours & 8 mins to the end)

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX Extra # 22: NJPW Destruction in Okayama & Kobe 2015 Review

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    On our 22nd W2M Extra, we are joined once again by longtime New Japan fan Tom Reese, to discuss and review the big matches on the NJPW Destruction in Okayama 2015 card and to also do a full NJPW Destruction in Kobe 2015 Review as well.

    We first go through the big title matches on the Destruction in Okayama show, discuss how the matches went, we also discuss some of the weird booking decisions in the two main events, and if perhaps NJPW is getting too trigger happy with title switches recently.

    After that, we go through the 9/27 show in full with our NJPW Destruction in Kobe 2015 Review. We discuss how Matt Sydal and Juice Robinson have looked on their first tour, if Gedo's booking is really hurting KUSHIDA, and what's with putting the IC Title back on Shinsuke Nakamura once again? Is it more about Goto not being a draw? Or is there a bigger plan here for Nakamura? All of these questions are answered and more.

    Finally, we finish things out with our ratings for both shows and which wrestler was the MVP of the tour as well.

    Did you know there is a W2M Network Facebook Page? If you "like" the page, you will get any announcements about the podcast, anything the guys write, or other various things as well.

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX EP 164: NXT Takeover Respect Review & NJPW KOPW Preview

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    This week on W2M, we start things right off the top with a NXT Takeover Respect Review and are joined by Wrestling Unwrapped's Patrick Ketza to help us out with that. We also discuss James Storm apparently signing with NXT here as well.

    After that, we head into Quick Hits, where we discuss Undertaker and The Rock possibly doing more with WWE before 2015 comes to a close, New Japan having English announcing for their King of Pro-Wrestling event and that they may have ROH partner with them to bring Wrestle Kingdom 10 to the USA as well. Daniel Bryan maybe going back to the indies, and Cesaro is in the doghouse again.

    Next, is our thoughts on WWE RAW with our five questions about the show.

    Then we transition NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling Preview here too.

    We then go into the back end of the show with our TNA Bound For Glory 2015 Review and our thoughts on the newest episode of TNA Impact Wrestling with our five questions from that show.

    Of course, we finish with our W2M Power Rankings and Superstar of the Week, and also include our September 2015 Wrestler of the Month and Match of the Month too.

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX Special # 13: WWE NOC 2015 Review & NJPW Destruction Preview

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    We headline with a WWE Night of Champions 2015 Review and we finally get back to talking about some New Japan Pro Wrestling as well, when we preview NJPW's first of two Destruction shows, Destruction in Okayama.

    The partnership between W2M & Wrestling Unwrapped continues, as Harry Broadhurst and Patrick Ketza join Gary, Sean, and Chris Lemchi (as he fufills his role as the fourth co-host for once) because Paul had to go to a Garth Brooks concert (no joke.) The guys do a WWE Night of Champions 2015 Review by discussing all the matches, the results, what to expect on RAW and going into the next major PPV in about a month's time. Everyone will also decide on their best moment, worst moment, best match, and MVP of WWE NOC 2015 as well.

    The guys also discuss the main event of WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 PPV being announced, the possibility of Carlito coming back to WWE, and could MVP being backstage mean something?

    Finally, Gary and Sean stick around to do their preview of NJPW Destruction in Okayama. The guys give their thoughts and predictions on each of the matches on this show, so you won't want to miss it.

    The W2M guys will be back on Friday morning with W2M EP 162 where they will review the aforementioned NJPW show and also review ROH's All-Star Extravaganza VII, as well as the post PPV RAW and preview the second NJPW Destruction show, NJPW Destruction in Kobe.

    Did you know there is a W2M Network Facebook Page? If you "like" the page, you will get any announcements about the podcast, anything the guys write, or other various things as well.

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX EP 162: NJPW Destruction in Kobe, WWE RAW, NXT, TNA, ROH

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    We headline today with a double dose of ROH discussion, as we do a ROH All-Star Extravaganza VII Review, discuss the return of NJPW stars to ROH TV and we also do a NJPW Destruction in Kobe Preview, which is the show happening on Sunday morning.

    We start with Quick Hits (9:00-54:30) as per usual, where we get to happily talk about Lucha Underground returning for a Season 2 in 2016, but will it be with Alberto El Patron in toe? We also discuss if WWE finally does something with SmackDown when it comes to the USA Network, Eva Marie possibly being hit with a dose of reality, an update on Sting, possible Wrestlemania 32 opponents for Undertaker and more.

    Then we let Paul have time to talk about WWE Night of Champions 2015 since he wasn’t on the Review Special on Sunday Night. Next, we get into our review of RAW (54:45-88:00) by storyline and discuss this week’s NXT (88:15-107:45) episode as well.

    After that, Paul hits on ROH’s All-Star Extravaganza VII PPV (108:00-121:45) and we also touch on this week’s ROH TV (121:45-127:00) that featured the return of some NJPW stars to the program.

    Speaking of NJPW, this is where we do the NJPW Destruction in Kobe Preview (127:00-142:25).

    Finally, we finish things off with TNA Impact (142:30-158:00) post GFW Invasion and do our W2M Power Rankings (158:00-End) as well.

    We will be back on Sunday Night with another W2M Special reviewing both NJPW Destruction in Okayama and Destruction in Kobe with a special guest.

    Did you know there is a W2M Network Facebook Page? If you "like" the page, you will get any announcements about the podcast, anything the guys write, or other various things as well.

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX Extra # 18: NJPW G1 Climax 25 Night 12 Review

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    New Japan inches ever closer to the finish line as we are at Night 12 of the NJPW G1 Climax 25 tournament. Hamamatsu is the location for this show and it also served as the final single camera shoot of the tour.

    How did the B Block fare on night 12? Were there any standout matches? Did Ishii vs. Okada deliver? Sean tells you everything you need to know.

    Sean also discusses the latest in the NJPW pick'em too...

    Sean: 38-22 Paul: 43-17

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX Extra # 21: NJPW G1 Climax 25: The Finals Reviewed

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    We headline tonight with a NJPW G1 Climax 25 Finals Review

    Sean is joined by Gary, 411mania.com's Robert Cooper, and a special guest who has been watching New Japan Pro Wrestling since 1984 named Tom Reese. The guys hit the highlights of Nights 17 and 18, discussing some of the great matches on those shows.

    Then they go match by match doing a G1 Climax 25 Finals Review. Everything from the opening tags to the epic closing encounter of the entire tour.

    Finally, everyone gives their standout things from this G1, their thoughts on the format, what to expect for the rest of the year, ROH saying they will wrestle in Japan in 2016. There's also their Top 5 matches and wrestlers of the tournament as well.

    *Just in case for those wondering, Sean covered Nights 15 & 16 of the G1 Climax 25 on the regular episode of W2M that was just released. Go to W2M EP 156 and fast forward to the 184:00 for coverage of that and a preview of what we talked about tonight. *

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    VOC Wrestling: Wrestling 2 the MAX Extra # 12: NJPW G1 Climax 25 Night 2 Review

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    Sean is back again with a look at Night Two of the NJPW G1 Climax 25. What were the matches to watch? What are the pro's and cons of having a one camera show? Did we have our first upset of the tournament already? Sean answers all of these questions and more.

    Then Sean finishes things out with a look ahead to tomorrow's Night Three action and he talks about how he's doing in the pick'em as well.

    Hint: Sean is 7-3, Paul is 8-2, and Gary just didn't submit the form.

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    VOC Wrestling: Wrestling 2 the MAX Special # 8: NJPW Dominion 7/5 Review

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    Our 8th W2M Special is all about Japan. We are joined by Christopher Hale to do a NJPW Dominion 7/5 Review.

    We discuss what we thought about all the matches, where the storylines could go from here, the blocks for G1 Climax 25, and of course a full show rating as well.

    Then we spend time giving out our Top 5 current NJPW wrestlers

    We end things with a review WWE's live Beast in the East special from Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

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    10/14/15 NXT and ROH Recap, plus NJPW, Evolve and more!

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    Hosts Mike and Joe are here for an action packed weekend edition of the All Night Long Wrestling Podcast.  They recap the 10/14/15 episodes of NXT and ROH TV and discuss the latest NJPW ppv show.  Also, they try to make sense out of the Lana/Rusev/Ziggler/Summer Rae storyline, and promote the upcoming Evolve show on Long Island featuring an appearance by Sami Zayn!