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    NipTuck Talk : Hot Trends and Celebrity Talk

    in Lifestyle

    LIVE. Friday, Feburary 6, 2015

    TIME: 1:00PM/PDT 4:00PM/EST

    Melinda Farina, The Beauty Broker joins me as a special Co-host from New York City. Listen in as we NipTuck Talk the hottest beauty trends on the East Coast and West Coast.  Plus celebrity talk. Whose open about talking about their procedures, who looks fabulous and who should have stayed away from the knife.

    We'll be tweeting LIVE. Join us #niptuckcoach #beautybroker #niptuckcoach

    Melinda Farina, also known as "The Beauty Broker" is the President and Founder of Integrated Aesthetics Consulting a practice management consultancy and corporate network for top doctors across the U.S., as well as, Beauty Brokers Inc., in which she and her team launched after 20 years in the industry to provide the best aesthetic health and wellness coaching solutions for patients. She runs a successful Women's Mentor group in NYC for aspiring female entrepreneurs and is featured weekly on Fox News- The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson and The Working Women's Report, discussing ethics in healthcare and entrepreneurial business matters. Melinda serves as the President for BeautyFix Medspas in NYC, NJ and Chicago and can also be seen periodically on CBS Morning News, Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight.




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    NipTuck Talk: Enhancing Male Masculinity with Cosmetic Treatments

    in Health

    Men are getting Botox and fillers, its a growing trend.

    Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Dr. Jason Emer talks with host Michele Garber about the newest trends in aesthetic medicine for men, from facial contouring to body contouring. 

    Dr. Jason Emer is a Beverly Hills dermatologic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation and body contouring.  His specialty is in lipocontouring, cellulite and skin tightening procedures.  He has a particular interest in the aesthetics of men and enhancing masculinity through subtle cosmetic improvement procedures.  While in New York, he began an HIV treatment clinic where fat transfer, facial fillers, and other cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures were used to enhance facial features and address body disproportions.  Currently, he is an investigator for many pharmaceutical and medical device companies focusing on new and innovative face and body cosmetic treatments including lasers, radiofrequency, and fillers.


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    NipTuck Talk: Rejuvenate Your Smile with Dr. Claudia Cotca

    in Health


    Friday,February 13, 2015

    Time: 12:30PM PDT/3:30 EST

    Aesthetics Starts With Health.

    Dr. Claudia Cotca,DDS, MPH discusses with host, Michele Garber the relationhip of a healty smile with facial aesthetics and aging.

    Dr. Claudia Cotca, an international lecturer and aesthetic restorative dentist founded the Washington Institute for Dentistry & Laser Surgery in Washington DC Metro, a private practice Institute with focus on technology and interdisciplinary smile reconstruction. 

    She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Oral Medicine, and is a member of the International College of Prosthodontists. Dr. Claudia Cotca serves on many national Boards and Committees. She holds memberships with the Academy of General Dentistry, American Society of Laser & Medical Surgery, International Team for Implantology, and many others.  

    Dr. Cotca has appeared on online portals, SiriusXM Doctor’s Radio, ABC News, NBC News as Dental and Oral Health Expert and a guest contributor in New Beauty Magazine.  

    Twitter @dclaserdentst @niptuckcoach  








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    NipTuck Talk: The ABC's of Choosing the Right Breast Implant

    in Lifestyle

    DATE: Friday, October 10

    TIME: 3:00PM PDT/7:00PM ET

    Confused over the diffferent types of breast implants? Silcone vs Saline vs Round vsTeardrop?  

    Michele Garber, host of NipTuck Talk talks to Dr. Michelle Spring about the different types of breast implants available in today's market. If you are considering breast augmentation, you won't want to miss this epsoide chock full of valuable information.

    Michelle Spring, MD, FACS, is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, CA. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and helps direct the USC-Marina del Rey Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship. 

    Dr. Spring is on the Advisory Board of the Busted Foundation, which aids women suffering financial hardships due to medical expenses from breast cancer treatment.  She also works with organizations dedicated to providing training for plastic and reconstructive surgeons in underserved countries. 

    A mother of two, Dr. Spring is very knowledgeable about plastic surgery issues affecting mothers, including breast feeding and breast implants, as well as mommy makeover procedures. 




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    NipTuck Talk: A Plastic Surgeon's View of Beauty

    in Entertainment


    A plastic surgeon's job is to refine one's looks, so that you look the best your can look. A more attractive you.  Plastic Surgery a combination of science and art.

    Have you ever wondered about how a plastic surgeon defines beauty?  Does a plastic surgeon view beauty differently in his patients than in his personal life?

    Joining me to discuss this provocative topic is New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Steve Fallek.

    Dr. Steve Fallek is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery  with expertise in the fields of cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and body. He is a past  president of the New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons. His views and opinions on plastic surgery have been featured in publications including the New York Times, the New York Post, New York Daily News, Glamour, and In Style Magazine.  He has written many articles for both the general public as well as the cosmetic and beauty professional world.  He is a frequent invited  contributor to multiple fashion, beauty, and style blogs.  Dr. Fallek has also been seen on national television outlets such as CNN, NBC, and Fox affiliates discussing some of the newest techniques in cosmetic surgery.  He has offices in New York City and New Jersey.


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    NipTuck Talk with Guest Jan Marini, "The Derma Diva"

    in Lifestyle

    "When shopping for skin care products, shop for products that address your concerns and have clincial research to back them up", says Jan Marini, an icon in the skin care industry.  

    Jan Marini is a pioneer in the skin care industry and one of the most well-respected names in skin care. Jan is founder and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research. 

    Michele Garber, host of NipTuck Talk Radio talks with Jan Marini on how she got started in the skin care business, to the latest technologies, and why shopping for professional skin care products is so important for healthy skin.

    Jan Marini pioneered medically-validated skin care preparations and has formed associations with some of the world's leading physicians and research scientists. Today her products are used worldwide to treat common skin conditions such aging and sun-damaged skin, acne, and rosacea, and as complementary adjuncts to many popular medical procedures.

    Jan Marini pioneered the use of Glycolic Acid to improve the skin's appearance and texture. She was also the first to market a stable topical Vitamin C technology to promote healthier skin.

    Jan is  a sought-after speaker for medical conferences and beauty industry events. Jan has spoken at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, Dermatology Nurses Association, Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the British Association of Medicine.




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    NipTuck Talk : ABC's of Revision Rhinoplasty

    in Health

    DATE: Friday, Oct 17th 

    TIME: 3:00 PDT/7:00 ET

    Beverly Hills, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jay Calvert joins host, Michele Garber to discuss why revision Rhiniplasty is on the rise, and safe guidelines to consider. 

    Dr. Jay Calvert is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with practices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California. He is the creator and founder of Rox Spa, a state-of-the-art medical spa for non-invasive aesthetic treatments. Dr. Calvert performs specializes in both primary and revision rhinoplasty.

    Dr. Calvert is an international speaker on plastic surgery attending conferences and seminars all over the world. He has been seen on national television on shows such as The Tyra Banks Show and The Doctors TV show.

    He is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Rhinoplasty Society, and a variety of other medical/surgical associations.


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    NipTuck Talk: The Anti-Aging Prescription for Men and Women

    in Lifestyle

    EPISODE #48

    The Anti-Aging Prescription for Men and Women with Guest Andre Berger, MD.

    Michele Garber, host of NipTuckTalk uncovers some of the causes of aging, and discusses how to "Clean Up Your Dirty Soup" with Beverly Hills Anti-aging doctor, and author of "The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription" Andre Berger, M.D. 

    Dr. Berger will also discuss the role of male hormones and the reality of Male Andropause. 

    Andre Berger, MD is board certified and the founder of Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, a premier cosmetic and anti aging practice in Beverly Hills. Specializing in cosmetic surgery and anti aging medicine, he is recognized for his masterful abilities to combine western medical technologies with Eastern holistic philosophies to achieve beautiful natural results, inside and out.  Named “Top Doc” by Vanity Fair he is a sought after expert and has been featured on many news stories and magazine articles and authored the acclaimed book “The Beverly Hills Anti Aging Prescription” !

    Dr. Berger has been board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, for 20 years, and is a diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and the American Board of Holistic Medicine. He received his Medical Degree from the University of Ottawa and completed his training in both Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at McGill University.

    Dr. Berger has more than thirty years of experience in the medical field, with specific experience in clinical and medical management, pharmacology, nutraceuticals, emergency medicine, cosmetic medicine, anti-aging medicine, holistic medicine and regenerative medicine.


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    NipTuck Talk: With Beauty Guru Dermatologist Dr. Hedi Waldorf

    in Lifestyle

    SHOWTIME: Friday, December 19, 2014

    TIME: 12:00 PM/PDT 3:00PM/EST

    What's your Non-invasive LIfestyle Beauty Plan?

    BEAUTY GURU New York Dermatologist, Heidi Waldorf M.D.  joins Michele Garber to discuss what you need  in your beauty toolbox throughout your years and how to develop a lifestye beauty plan for your whole body.

    As Director of Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center and Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Dermatology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dr. Waldorf is an internationally respected expert in the field of skin rejuvenation including the use of soft tissue augmentation, botulinum toxins, topical cosmeceuticals, lasers and other devices,

    She is the author of over twenty peer reviewed articles and seventeen book chapters.  

    Dr. Waldorf was chosen as one of NEW YORK MOVES Magazine’s 2006 Power Women.  Quoted in magazines such as VOGUE, ALLURE, ELLE, O: THE OPRAH MAGAZINE, INSTYLE, and more.


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    Safe Anesthesia : What Everyone Should Know Before Going Under

    in Health

    Eposide 69

    What eveyone needs to know before going under anesthesia.  Dr. Barry Friedberg discusses The Friedberg Method of Goldilocks Anesthesia and what we all need to know before we go under the knife, with host Michele Garber.

    Anesthesia is scary.  Dr Barry Friedberg discusses the importance of brain monitors in the OR and how it can save your life. 

     Dr. Barry Friedberg talks about the need for brain monitors in every OR across the country.  A Board Certified Anesthesiologist for more than three decades, Dr. Friedberg is the author of "Getting Over Going Under 5 Things You Must Know Before Anesthesia" . He has developed "The Goldilocks Anesthesia" addressing all your fears about anesthesia.

    Dr. Barry Friedberg has been interviewed extensively on the subject of anesthesia and propofol by FOX, CNN, True TV, and People Magazine during the Michael Jackson murder trial. Dr. Friedberg developed the Friedberg Method for administering anesthesia in 1992 and the Goldilocks Anesthesia protocol in 1997. He has been published and cited in several medical journals and textbooks and was honored with a U.S. Congressional award for applying his methods on wounded soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.