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    THE DETECTORS RADIO NETWORK on homeless elder america and I need your help

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    This is my plead for help. I am asking for assistance as tomorrow at 11am I will be on the street and I am very sick with chf high blood pressure hernied disk sleep ap and asthma I have no housing no money and no aid available via social agencies other than nursing homes where you give up everything to live. One of those places I went into out of the hospitsl before which is on the side of chicago was dirty and caused me to have a bruised kidney because of over medication I was not in there long and still had a working car which was parked outside a suburban hospital and on the day they told me I could go out I fled from to end up back in th er as my kidneys were messed up. I am still dealing with the kidney issue today. So if you can help with any donations via paypal please I need help asap danne.burley@gmail.com if you have housing I need somewhere as my condition is such I have to be somewhere witu ac because I have issues with asthma I can be reached by calling 630 863 9971 as the woman in the church stated she said the following to me;" I am way older than you and i have friends and family I can stay with and yiu can go to pads as we offer no help to you, in addition you are not in our parish area therefore I can see why you called us. " I was in tears as I hung uo the phone because I have no other family my father had no brothers and sisters if they were alive they would be over 100 yrs old I have no one nothing.

    We  talk about the issues that impact on your life and cover the news stories not shared in the mainstream about issues such as politics religion entertainment justice system dating in the movies developing business and more

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    Curtis Harwell and Kim Duke Interview IFBB Great Pro Stan McCrory

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    Tune in to AMERICA'S #BEST and #MOST LISTENED to Worldwide Fitness Radio Show The Curtis Harwell Fit Talk Radio? Show with over 1.4 #MILLION LISTENS with guest host Kelli Richardson?, Kim Duke? and Super Cook and Friday partner Sarah Kingston? at 6PM EST Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s every week from the CHF Broadcasting Studios "LIVE" in Austin, Texas for the best Fitness and Diet information available on the internet by clicking here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/harwellfit

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    Understanding acronyms: Let's spell it out

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    For our first broadcast, we will discuss the meaning of the multiple acronyms and abbreviations health care providers use, when providing discharge instructions.  With the Tea of Knowledge, it is our goal, to eliminate the mysteries of our health care conditions, and open up the windows of clarity and understanding.  This is the first step we will take, in providing the strongly needed information which will explain the rationale of prescription schedules, medication effects, and why it is important to take medications "as prescribed".  As a health care provider, I have witnessed many accounts of patients returning for emergency room visits, with the very same symptoms as the last hospitalization, because they didn't quite understand what they were required to do at home, and even more so.....why. 

    Also as a health care provider, it is clearly my responsibility, to make sure all information is provided in a manner, which will allow EVERYONE to fully grasp the impact of their health condition and the necessity to follow their home health regimen as directed.

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    Kelli Richardson and Kim Duke NPC Athletes and Motivational Speakers

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    The Curtis Harwell Fit Talk Radio? Show is live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during your evening drive at the CHF Broadcasting Network at ” http://bit.ly/13VVk1p “ at 5 PM CST. It's the only Fitness show that will give you the real truth about Fitness and how to achieve it from the CHF Fitness Studios Dungeon.

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    Ron Siegel Radio Aug 9 2013

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    Ron Siegel is joined by Melissa and Raul to discuss: Mortgage Minute: Fannie Mae reports $10.1B profit in Q2 Real Time Real Estate: Asking prices slip for first time since November 2012 Word on Wealth: Obama set to sign student loan deal What does Big Brother / Big Sisters do? What is a Big and What is a Little? Melissa shares some success stories How much does the Big program cost CHF Platinum Program allows for a home purchase with ½% down payment? What are the guidelines to get a home with NO MONEY DOWN? Does everyone qualify for the NO MONEY DOWN programs? Featured Guests Melissa Beck – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County Raul Camaligan – New American Funding Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.
    Reach Ron at 800.306.1990 Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com www.RonSiegelRadio.com www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio www.SiegelLendingTeam.com Twitter: @RonSiegel

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    Life As An Obese Person

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    You are sitting on a couch getting ready to watch a movie.  You just made a trip to the fridge. Now, with all kinds of stuff to eat, you settle in for a great afternoon of TV.  You wake up at 2 am, empty food containers all around you, and you realize that you fell asleep watching a great movie.  Sound familiar? Now you don't have the energy to get up from the couch, so you sleep there for the remainder of the night. The only good thing about this senario is that you wake up not to far from the Fridge!

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    The Truth About Why Some People Stay Fat, Continued

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    This episode is a continuation of last weeks show.  This episode will focus on the real reasons why some people don't lose weight. If you wonder why nothing has worked for you, tune into this show.  Perhaps you will walk away with a better understanding of how you can finally lose weight. 

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    Managing CHF with Nellie Wosu & Single Mothers in Norfolk

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    Meet the Encouraging One !
    Nellie Wosu has not just survived heart disease, she is thriving with the diagnosis.
    Several years ago she was diagnosed with CHF Stage IV.( Congestive Heart Failure )
    Nellie founded Encouraging Word Ministries International to encourage others each and everyday. She has flatlined more than 3 times and was placed in a coma to save her life. Praise God, she is still here to tell the story of God's Grace, Mercy & Love.
    Listen as host, author and speaker, Nicole Cleveland chats with Nellie about CHF and her ministry.
    2nd Segment
    Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins stops by to chat with Nicole about her upcoming Single Mothers Conference in Norfolk, VA  
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    Want some real "reality radio"? Guess how I started this past week off;  with CHF: CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE!! I can't wait to share this story with you;  I didn't see it coming, maybe you will!
    It's Saturday morning, so get up, grab your coffee, tea, juice, or whatever and join the BTCT crew at the "virtual" kitchen table!
    Talk, music, information, and every now and then, a "special guest"!
    Log in or call in @ (213)769-0900
    We'll be at the table waiting for you!

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    CHF - Custom Home Furnishings Academy

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    Custom Home Furnishings Academy is the only teaching facility of its kind dedicated to educating people with professional skills necessary to the home decor industry. CHF began as a Professional drapery school more than ten years ago and today offers training in a wide variety of home based businesses focusing on all aspects of the window treatment and decorating industry. Listen as I talk with Jeanelle Dech Director of CHF, and Michele Williams Communications Director. http://www.chfindustry.com

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    DSMA Live

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    DSMA Live: continuing the coversation with Mike Durbin (@MyDiabeticHeart). Co-Hosts Scott K. Johnson, George Simmons and Cherise Shockley, Founder of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA).    About Mike
    Mike was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on December 29, 2008, and congestive heart failure the very next day. Talk about a double whammy for anyone, let alone a 24 year old. Mike is very open about his fight with type 2 diabetes and CHF, and welcomes any opportunity to share his story. He blogs about it at My Diabetic Heart. Mike firmly believes that there is no shame in having diabetes or CHF, and hopes that by sharing his story, he will inspire others to fight on, and live their life to the fullest.