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    E3 Nintendo Hype and More

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    I go over yesterday's e3 announcements from Sony and Microsoft and predict some Nintendo stuff!

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    E3 - Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo

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    Tonight's show is full of analyzing the big three. After Microsoft showed plenty of games, Sony responded with what gamers wanted - a region free, cheaper console, that won't restrict used games or require an online connection. Meanwhile, Nintendo is hoping people don't notice their lack of stellar first party titles.
    We discuss it all - Call in and share your thoughts.

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    I Got Gameplay Ep 71 - Nintendo Retro Spective Part 2

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    Join Michael Burhan, Xander Skullion, Travis Goss and Zack Latour as the group discuss all Nintendo's future with the 3DS and Wii U and how the company as a whole is catering to it's audiance, is nintendo helping their cause or letting gamers down?


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    Call in on (718) 664-9265

    or by clicking on the skype button!

    Tweet us @michaelburhan

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    or by visiting our chat room

    And remember guys that we've got gameplay, have you?


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    G3 Podcast 02/05/2014: Source 2, Nintendo, Bravely Default

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    Tonight on the 79th Episode of The G3 Podcast we invade your ears with our usual shenanigans! As always we will start off our podcast with the WAYP Segment! 

    Next up we have some #BEAUWATCH going down. Valve may have possible have had Source 2 leaked. Yes please? We also have to touch on games that have been "leaked" recently. Remember the Fallout 4 leak? What other games have you heard about?

    Next up NINTENDO! Why is everyone trying to tell Nintendo what to do and how to do it? If you look around everyone and their mother is trying to "fix" Nintendo. Do you think Nintendo is even broken?

    Then we will discuss Bravely Default. A turn-based game for the Nintendo 3DS Platform which will be released February 7th, 2014 in North America. Davix has played the Demo and we are excited to hear his thoughts on the game.

    Lastly Humble Bundle news! Audio books and Bitcoins? Yeah, you read that correctly. 

    We'll also touch on Eve Online's latest news and publicity surrounding the massive war that occurred in-game last week!

    Remember you can tweet us your thoughts and comments on the topics or just the show in general @TheG3Podcast We always love to hear what our listeners have to say.

    Follow us on Twitter @TheG3Podcast like us on Facebook and join our Steam Community at the same. The G3 Podcast is presented courtesy of Coffee Bean Direct - Fresh Roasted will blow your mind!

    So come check us out tonight at 8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern!

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    MegaShow Ep. 5 - Nintendo Talk w/Chris

    in Video Games

    FINALE!!Guest - ChrisThe show format will be changing from here on out and this will be the finale of the MegaShow as you currently know it. Details will be detailed in detail at the beginning of this episode.After the formalities, Chris will offer up him expert opinions on the state of Nintendo, the Wii U, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario and a few other franchise favorites. Have a listen and be sure to join me in whatever the future holds. 

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    Wii Balance Board on the blink and what I have to do next

    in Fitness


    If you've been following the saga of the Wii Balance Board then you will want to tune in to this segment. I actually speak to a Nintendo Customer Service representatitive.

    And I sneeze; I need to learn how to edit a show for real...

    Questions asked and answered

    Does Nintendo repair Balance Boards?
    How much does it cost?
    What's the process?
    What did I miss when I was troubleshooting the Balance Board?
    What happens if your Balance Board cannot be repaired?
    How to spell my name and my email address.

    Even though I'm disappointed that my Balance Board has to be repaired, I'm okay with packaging the Balance Board and sending it in. Will, of course, keep you posted.

    In case you are wondering, I purchased the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board accessory package at Burlington Coat Factory. Less than $20!

    Connect with me:


    Wii Fitness Examiner on Facebook

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    G3 Podcast 12/05/2013: Steam Sale, Lawsuits, Nintendo

    in Video Games

    On the 74th episode of The G3 Podcast! We start off our WAYP (What Are You Playing) segment! Want to know what games we have been indulging in? Tune in to find out! Just prepare for some Battlefield 4 and maybe more GTAV discussion!

    First up the Autumn Steam Sale has ended! We will check in with our hosts to see if they purchased any new games.

    Then since we all know some of us have still been playing GTAV we will discuss Lindsay Lohan suing Rockstar for using her image in the game. How many times have we heard celebrities claim their "likeness" has been used before? Many, but sometimes you can see the celebrities have a true reason to sue. 

    Then we will move into how the former President of THQ says that Nintendo is "irrelevant" in the console business. Do you think Nintendo should move into multi-platform development? 


    Remember you can tweet us your thoughts and comments on the topics or just the show in general @TheG3Podcast We always love to hear what our listeners have to say.
    So come check us out tonight at 8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern!

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    Nintendo - get it together

    in Video Games

    Cyrus and Raven talk about the things Nintendo has done wrong throughout history.  Sorry we sound so tired!  We recorded this at around 3:00am.

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    E3 Part 3: Nintendo DIrect Conference!

    in Entertainment

    Night number 3 of our E3 coverage is under way! Tonight we single out and go in depth on the Nintendo Direct conference!
    Was it a good decision for Nintendo to not show up to E3 this year? The games they had were pretty good!
    Tonight we talk about all the games that they threw at us during their Direct Conference!
    If you want to check out the Nintendo Direct Press Conference go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rC8l1RKcBw
    All this and More on SupaFi64!

  • My Take Radio-Episode 262

    in Entertainment

    The final MTR of 2014 heads your way with gaming and entertainment. 

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    The Weekend Review w/ Vixen J (Special Interview with Spencer Platt)

    in Hobbies

    Vixen J gives you a indept look at the world from the people.

    Special Interview with Mr. Spencer Platt a artist. Spencer has been published in Hope: The Hero Initiative Anthologu "Sacrifice, competed twice in DC Comics Zuda Competition, and has done many sketch cards for 5Finity and Crypyozoic Entertainment.  He is currently finishing up a chilrens book about dealing with Nightmares.

    Whether its Cosplay, Comics, and Conventions we give you the full details of all the new Conventions coming up.

    Wrestling: What happened at Ronin Pro Wrestling this past weekend, CM Punk joins a new company, and Who WWE Superstar got married this past weekend.

    Did You Know Segment is back Weekly.  Got to tune in to see what its about! 

    TV: What do we think of Flash and Arrow crossover. 

    Video Gaming: Best games coming out this week,


    Make sure to Follow Vixen J on Twitter @jllorens17 and on Instagram @VixenJ0601

    And Follow the Network on Twitter & Instagram at @eon_network

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