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    "Traditions In The Urban Household" - AFROCENTRIX on KLJN 107.7 with Ed Smith

    in Culture


    Host: Ed "Real Tauk" Smith

    We will discuss how the 'Traditions', & 'The Religious factor', influence the 'Urban Household'...  Including Relationships between couples, parents & children, relatives & friends, marriages & divorces...affecting the lives of those that grow into these 'systems'...


    Let's delve into the impact, of religious & traditional thought & guidance, within the Black community; and the division’s thereof...in family relationships...


    CALL (914) 205-5481 and press "1" - To Join In On The Discussion - 


    Dedication - Talking Dead Music Memoriam

    NATALIE COLE - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

    LOU RAWLS - Early Morning Love

    LIONEL RITCHIE - Say You, Say Me

    MICHAEL JACKSON - Butterflies

    STEVIE WONDER - Love's In Need Of Love Today


    Thank you for listening to AFROCENTRIX on KLJN 107.7.

    Visit our Website   KLJN 107.7


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    Football Garbage Time: NFL Week 13 Edition!

    in Football

    EIC Ha Kung Wong and Senior Writer Ryan Whitfield discuss highlights from Week 13 of the NFL on the Football Garbage Time Podcast including:

    "Somebody stop me!": Are the Carolina Panthers going be undefeated?

    Trouble in Beantown: Are the injuries finally catching up to the New England Patriots and is their season in jeopardy?

    He was only Hu-Man(ning): Is Denver Broncos QB Brock Osweiler for real?

    Best of the Worst: Who will win the abysmal NFC East?


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    Ning Layouts

    in Social Networking

    Ning Layouts is a new Social Network on Ning offering Free Graphics, Themes and Layouts for MySpace and Ning. We well be going over the basics of how to use these layouts on Ning, as it is somewhat different than MySpace.

    We will also go into how you can contribute your designs to the network. This requires basic knowledge of HTML and PhotoShop. If you design themes, you should already be familiar with this so we will just go over how to make your designs available on Ning, for free or for profit.

    We will also take calls with general questions and comments concerning the network.


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    Tha keep it real morning show

    in Radio

    Tha Keep It Real Morning Show is LIVE from LAS VEGAS NV an hosted by "PHATMAN DERTROITD FINEST" an this sis a morning show like no other . We cover mor ning news topics an local news jus to name a few things but its a morning talk show

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    Anne Driscoll of Ning

    in Marketing

    Anne Driscoll is the Vice President of Business Operations at Ning, where she is responsible for Marketing, Communications, Creative Services and Human Resources.
    Prior to joining Ning, Anne led communications and brand initiatives at Google, creating programs to support culture, establish it as a great place to work and drive the global talent strategy. Anne led several cross-Google brand projects including the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, Google Code Jam and Innovate or Die. In addition, Anne worked closely with Google’s international offices developing go to market strategies and support the hiring of talent worldwide.

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    in Women



    Ladies get ready for a night of fun fun, fun... Our goal is to Empower the Superwoman in YOU!!

    You will experience a host of activities including Spoken Word, Blood Pressure Checks, Speakers, Food, Massage therapy, Belly Dancing, Self-Defense Class, Voter Registration, Financial Education, Legal Education, Networking, Raffles, and oh my goodness, the ultimate SHOPPING experience with the most remarkable entrepreneurs in the city. 

    And to top it off we are expecting The Hardest Working Man in Radio, Mr.Kerry Hines from Brooklyn NY, The Host of The HaiRadio Morsning Show http://www.hairadioshow.com/


    Added Guest: Yancey II The Host of Who Has The Power Radio Network http://www.whohasthepowershow.com/ will Broadcast LIVE from PRETTY AND PAMPERED.

    First Place Event and Multipurpose Center 16536 Broadway Ave, Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

    Have Questions? Email us at prettyandpampered1@gmail.com 

    Check out our Face Book page: https://www.facebook.com/events/755308054567926/

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    Creators Radio - Use Ning

    in Social Networking

    What is it like to create a Network on Ning? Watch us do this live and talk about it.

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    in Current Events

    Remember friends...The only thing that is constant in life is CHANGE!!!
     Be prepared fpr it.

    The same ol'hosts presents tonght a new 40 minute gabfest of "TomONTheRadio" at 11:00pm/eastern on #BlogTalkRadio:. Join me and Steve "The Baxman" Baxley as we digest the following a la cartes:

    Is there really a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

    My birthday is in 18 days...never too early to celebrate!!!Happy 

    How's your Plan A going?

    Happy 35th birthday to CNN.

    Bruce Jenner released his/her first photo to Vanity Fair as a the woman Caitlyn...Kris turned him out that much?

    Kimye announces the arrival of their second child...will this one be called "South West?"

    Job well done Bob Schieffer!!!

    Party and fireworks on my Riverfront this weekend...it's the 40th anniversary of HarborFest.

    Two NFL players got to experience homelissness on the street first hand. For them, it was a one day experiment...for me it was 241 days of real life.

    The homeless shelter I stayed at gets a brand new home this Saturday.

    My friend Sharron Melton (1993 Miss New Mexico) was a beauty pageant judge this past weekend...IN HAWAII!!!

    Stanley Cup and NBA Finals start this week. I like the 'Ning and Cavs...WHAT SAY YOU?

    Join us on the InTown Suites CallLine at (347)850-8891. Remember. the internet talk show party starts tonight at 11pm "OnTheRadio!!!"

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    Noah's Legacy: Peopling of the World

    in Religion

    2nd in the series on Noah's Restoration of the World, we pick up with the angst rising between families which leads to war among the children of Cham, shem, and Japhet.


    It hath been alreadie specified, how Noe deviding the

    universall earth unto his children, and how Cham aboun-

    ding in all vices and detestable courses, notwithstanding

    was not deprived of his portion, but had his right of in he-

    ritance justly allotted unto him, which was the third part

    of the world, and particularly Affrica to the hether part

    of AEgupt; for which countries he was commaunded by

    his father to depart, with his wife Naegla, and five and thir-

    tie rulers (which is as much  to say, as the cheefes of fami-

    lie of his bloud and house) as also with all their children

    and issue which was accordingly performed, and present-

    ly he established himselfe as king and Saturne of Aegypt,

    where he erected and build a citie called Chem-Myn: and

    among them also he himselfe was called Pan, and Silva-

    nus, which people likewise (so engendred and issued of that

    familie) to honour and worship him the more, and to

    shew their love unto him, lived in all impious and ungra-

    cious manner, perpetrating most odious and soule-dam-

    ning villanies, affirming publickly that men ought law-

    fully to have the companie of their owne mothers, sisters,

    and daughters, in all lusts and concupiscence of the flesh;

    and other many most inhumane and shamefull acts, not

    to be recited. 

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    in Current Events

    Join me and my Mid-Michgan compadre Steve "The baxman" Baxley for another 40 minute dialogue on most things life. Some of the things we will digest tonight at 11/eastern are:

    Britt McHenry retuens to ESPN...now what and for how long?

    Will the Red Wings order take out on the "Ning tonight?

    Here in Hampton Roads...for the May sweeps, one station is giving away station coffee mugs while another station is giving away a cool $1.000 a day just to watch a primetime court show...I could use that money!!!

    Game 7 in the Nations Capitol tonight, with interesting repercussionsWWE Extreme Rules and Raw review.

    And whatever else that can be brought to the table. That's where you come in...the InTown Suites CallLine is (347)850-8891.

    See you tonight..."ONTheRadio!!!"