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    From Inside Looking Out: Black Muslim to Muslim American(1956 to Present)P.4

    in Education

    Imam Muhammad Siddeeq historical accounts of the African American Muslim community's continuing evoloution during the late eighties to mid-nineties.

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    Choc'Let FONKIN OUT FOR 2015 with guest Original P, co hosted by Stozo-da Klown

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    Choc'Let FONKIN OUT FOR 2015 with guest Original P, co hosted by Stozo-da Klown!

    The ORIGINAL “P”  is a 13 piece band featuring original, founding member of Parliament/Funkadelic  “Shady” Grady Thomas. From the street corners of Plainfield, N.J. with the Parliaments, a doo-wop, R&B and Soul band and the Motown boom of Detroit in the early sixties when they reached the top 20 on Billboard charts with their single “(I wanna) Testify” to the arenas and stadiums in the seventies with the huge success of Parliament/Funkadelic , to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the late nineties.


     In the mid-nineties Grady decided to create the reunion project ORIGINAL “P”, along with the late Ray “Stingray” Davis, Fuzzy Haskins and Calvin Simon.

    When asked why it was time for this project, Fuzzy said,” It’s time to put the fun back in funk!” Now ORIGINAL “P” is back on tour, playing to sold out venues around the world.

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Rock Band Red Sun Rising

    in Rock Music

    Rock music should be built to last. Since its genesis, the genre has been all about longevity not a “flavor of the month” or a “flash in the pan.” Whether you go back to the seventies or nineties pillars, the goal was to create something that can be lived with for a lifetime. It still can be that way. Akron, Ohio’s Red Sun Rising—Mike Protich [vocals/guitar], Ryan Williams [guitar], Tyler Valendza [guitar], Ricky Miller [bass/vocals], and Pat Gerasia [drums], proudly carry on that tradition with their full-length debut, Polyester Zeal [Razor & Tie]. “It’s not today’s rock, but it’s a new alternative,” declares singer and guitarist Mike Protich. Through tireless gigging, they built up an impressive local fan base, soon attracting the attention of multiple labels. Razor & Tie rushed to Akron in the Fall of 2014 and signed the band following a sold out hometown show.  The band headed to Los Angeles shortly after to cut Polyester Zeal with celebrated producer Bob Marlette [Black Sabbath, Shinedown, Seether]. They managed to siphon the pure, potent, powerful guitar chemistry, towering vocals, and muscular rhythms into the record’s 11 tracks with all of the “grit” intact. The first single “The Otherside” sees thick clean guitars clash with an unshakable refrain that’s as airy as it is anthemic. However, Polyester Zeal will be, and it firmly establishes Red Sun Rising’s place in rock. “The title sums it up,” concludes Mike. “Zeal is something you strive for, while Polyester is obtainable. The juxtaposition is, ‘What’s your obtainable dream?’ Ours is to tell stories through these songs. Hopefully, it makes you feel something. That’s what rock is supposed to do after all.” For more information, visit www.redsunrisingmusic.com

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    #248 Guest Pati Scamacca, Psychic Healer, Reader, Channeler and Author

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, November 2nd at 8PM Mountain Standard Time with guest Pati Scamacca.  Pati has been working in the healing field since 1990 and uses her skills in service of the awakening of humanity. Beginning as a massage therapist she delved into the world of energy both within the body and in the many dimensions of spirit. She’s developed a close relationship with a team of spirit guides over the past 21 years and assists others is accessing their spiritual resources. She freely converses with other people’s spirits guides and loved ones that have passed over, and assists them in making these connections.

    In the early nineties, Pati studied at the Kona Psychic Institute to learn to use her psychic abilities with greater awareness. Her skills been developed through direct personal experience, working with clients and following her intuitive guidance. She has learned to acknowledge a person as a soul and encourages the body, mind and emotions to follow its leadings. She is called to assist others in recognizing their gifts, clear the way for spirit to lead and to help bring forward our full potential from the foundation of love.

    We will be discussing her new book Love is the Path Home. Spirit Messages for Awakening your Soul

    Pati has read for me and I found her information to be very helpful.  Pati will be providing five minute mini-readings in the second half of the show.

    Pati can be reached at:

    (303) 621-6884

    SpiritCommunicationServices@gmail.com  (Visit this website to order the book or go to Amazon)


    Dave the Mystic

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    Bowling for Soup (Grammy-Nominated Punk-Pop Band), Tammy Blanchard(Tony Nominee)

    in Pop Culture

    BlazinRy Radio host Ryan Holmes welcomes punk-pop legend Jaret Reddick from the band Bowling for Soup (1985, Girl All the Bad Guys Want, High School Never Ends). Enjoy this encore episode as Reddick and Ryan discuss the band's departure from Jive Records, their recent switch to their own independent record label, new music and old classics, and their mutual love for Jaret's former labelmate R. Kelly. Plus Tammy Blanchard!

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    Holly Stephey and Rose Hartman ; INCOMPARABLE COUPLES!

    in Photography

    Rose Hartman, whose work has been published in Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and Vanity Fair, has been granted the kind of celebrity access in her 35+year career that most photographers can only dream to have. The "social historian" shot Jerry Hall and Diana Vreeland in the seventies, Jackie Onassis in the eighties, and Anna Wintour (smiling!) at Christie's in the nineties, to name a few of her widely circulated images. In 2012, a solo exhibit of photos from her book, INCOMPARABLE WOMEN of STYLE, opened at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

    Her latest book, INCOMPARABLE COUPLES,(ACC Editions) features more than 150 photographs, including the famous shot of Bianca Jagger kissing Mick Jagger at Studio 54 for her birthday party in 1977. 

    Her photos have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum, the Museum of the City of NY, Experience Music Project, Staley-Wise Gallery, the Library of Performing Arts, the Dia Foundation, Serge Sorokko Gallery, the Dean Project, Pucci Gallery, the Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam (selected list). 

    Website: http://rosehartman.com 

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    The Stars Align: Episode 2: Sandrick, Dez, some QB and wrap sheets.

    in Football

    Orlando Scandrick and his contract situation. 
       ---How does this effect the teams off season plans? Should he be paid? Enough depth at position not to worry?

    Dez in the house.
          ---Does this show that he is all in for this season? Will a long term deal get done/should it this season? How will Dez play without a big contract?

    Romo Replacement.
        ---Dustin Vaughan, the next QB in Big D? Similar to Romo. Better college stats. How does his development effect Weeden?

    Convict team. 
        --- the convicts team, or so they were called in the nineties was the dynasty team and super successful. a lot of people are giving a lot of flack to Dallas this season for bringing on so many players with questionable off the field issues. Could this years "convict team" be just as successful?

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    We chat with the OH SO FUNNY comedienne, Kyle Ocasio @ocasiokyle

    in Music

    Cleveland, Ohio native Kyle Ocasio has been entertaining audiences ever since moving to New York City in the early nineties. Originally trained as a dancer, she has performed and toured with several major companies before taking up acting and eventually standup comedy. 


    She has been seen on AXS TV's Gotham Comedy Live as well as been the subject of the popular web series Women Working where her life as a comic and mother were chronicled.


     Her comedy is thoughtful, observational and extremely autobiographical. She hits on original topics like trying to raise a family while being a performer and being afraid of turning into a Republican when she's older. No matter where her mind takes the audience, they will always end up laughing and thinking. 


    Her jokes have been featured in Time Out New York, AM New York Newspaper, and Fine Living Magazine. She has been a guest on numerous podcasts, most notably a regular on the hilarious duo Epstein and Hassan's "The Black & The Jew". She also contributes regularly to the cable show "Spic & Spanish". 


    She can be seen doing her stand up in most major clubs in New York City and regularly performs around the country. She currently lives in New York with her husband and three kids but if you have a better offer, let her know. 






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    Guest Speaker Scott Hensler

    in Religion


    Scott Hensler has been dedicated to the Deliverance Ministries for over a decade. In his dedication to understand the demonic issues that influence behavioral disorders has uncovered the true root cause. He has made this informational available at Amazon Kindle Books that explains the spiritual influences and was released in 2012. His second book titled “Second Heaven Invasion - Field manual for end of days” is soon to be available.


    Scott entered the deliverance ministry in 2001 after experiencing first hand demonic possession of a loved one, and the destruction it caused on all including himself. Deciding to search for answers shockingly found that the Christian churches were not able to assist or help. Much less willing to even address the demonic realm issues Christians are facing. He finely discovered a deliverance ministry in Phoenix area that knew exactly what to do to eliminate the evil spirits, and remove the curses. After seeing how God worked in his life he has been dedicated to setting others free ever since.


    In the mid-eighties, he gained an interest in Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue with a local agency in the Phoenix area and served for fourteen years. In his community service Scott was awarded two US Patents for his inventions relating to improving communications with Rescuers and the Command Post during rescues and emergencies. Including augmenting pagers used in the eighties and nineties for dispatching of emergency personnel. During his service, Scott became an instructor in man-tracking, map and compass, communications, search techniques and desert survival.



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    Born In The Nineties

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to a special edition of That's Entertainment as I play R & B slow jams from the 1990's. Join me tonight as we go back in the day to some of the hits that made the 90's one of the best decades in R&B music.

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    Chad & Alta Dillard ~ 01/22/15 ~ Experiencer's Network ~ Host Janet Kira Lessin

    in Education

    Host Janet Kira Lessin interviews contactee/experiencers Chad & Alta Dillard on the Experiencer's Network. Chad & Alta met and married in the early nineties in the city of Little Rock Arkansas. The marriage was one of destiny and as Alta would say, arranged. What they did not know is that from that moment on the couple would partake in a journey into the world of unknown and High Strangeness.

    From aliens to ghosts, to a shape shifter, from meeting people who have been seen, and some unseen, this is a story for the open minded. In 1995 Chad & Alta experienced their first UFO, a massive sight in Hammond, Louisiana. This experience opened their eyes and led them to the well-known French Quarter in New Orleans where the high strangeness continued.

    As they tried to take day by day to understand their place and purpose of these unusual events, they met a young lady, a co-worker named Jacqueline. Little did Jacqueline know this would be the most unusual bond of her life.

    In 1997, a night that would live with them to their last breath, Chad, Alta and Jacqueline were taken from a street corner in the French Quarter. Alta calls this “the night of missing time” where the three have shared their own individual  experiences. Everything from Chad’s blue being encounter, Alta’s blond female interaction, and an implant found in her arm and four digit prints. Their story will take your breath away.

    The High Strangeness continued when, in 1999, Chad and Alta moved to New Mexico where Chad went face to face with a black eyed adult and other anomalous happenings. The couple moved to Denver, Colorado for their jobs, and found themselves in the middle of the infamous Columbine High School massacre which occurred on April 20, 1999.